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December 19, 2006:

This is not how I wanted it to go.

I pictured myself, like I (perhaps foolishly) do at the start of every season, turning over a new leaf and keeping myself on track to deliver my reviews in a timely fashion — which is to say, the week after the shows have aired — so that I wouldn't be buried by the cumulative pileup.

Obviously, that has not happened during the first half of Battlestar Galactica's third season. I have seven outstanding reviews at it currently stands.

Part of it is simply my fault, as I've not been keeping on top of it. My personal life allows little or no time to write on the weekends anymore, which means I have to write during the week, after work in the evenings. Honestly, I haven't been disciplined enough to stay on it. Part of it is my own necessary squandering of my free time (watching too much NFL during football season), and part of it is general post-work evening malaise while trying to manage my life without going nuts. Part of it is pure laziness; I just haven't felt like it.

And part of it is the fact that I have indeed been writing some, trying desperately to catch up. I have a number of the outstanding BSG reviews already written, and I'm determined to finish almost, if not all, of the remaining seven reviews for a major site update before the new year. Some of them may unfortunately not be my usual thoroughness, and I think I'm willing to accept that as a means to get back on track for 2007. I say it now, and I hope I can mean it. We'll see.

Sorry for the delays. Rest assured, I will return.

November 3, 2006: Finally, here's my take on the opening of season three: "Occupation/Precipice," "Exodus, Part 1," and "Exodus, Part 2."

October 6, 2006: I'm ending my hiatus with an early kickoff to the BSG season three reviewing season with a review of the webisode series, "The Resistance."

August 17, 2006:

I just thought I'd give a quick update on the status of things in my neck of the woods, seeing as it's likely going to be some time before I write anything new.

First, thanks, everybody, for the feedback on the main index redesign as well as general comments about the reviews. As always, I appreciate your thoughts, even the negative ones. (Possibly my favorite e-mail of the month is the guy who wrote me my first hate mail in a long time: "I have read several of your reviews and find them funny. I pretty much disagree with everything you say. I think your reviews suck. That is my review of you with about as much insight as you give in your tainted and very sad rhetoric." I guess you can't please everyone.)

Some of you mildly questioned the wider format of the redesign, but, overall, even those who wondered about it thought that the site looked better.

One thing I thought I'd put to rest is the implication that my redesign work had any bearing on my TNG reviewing, or more specifically, current lack thereof. It really didn't. The redesign only took a few days. My life in general has been very busy, and I've been swamped with work- (and therefore web-) related stuff that has made it tough to find the motivation for review writing. (It did, however and ironically, give me the motivation for some web designing.)

Anyway, for the next month and a half I'm on a massive web site redesign project at work, which, due to my obssessive focus, is occupying not only a ton of my time (putting in long hours at the office, etc.) but also most of my creative/mental energies at the moment. The question of whether I will even attempt to think about TNG reviews in the next month is a good one. My honest prediction is no, so expect the long periods between updates to continue for a while, possibly all the way up to BSG restarting in October. I know this is not what the TNG fans want to hear, but it's the way it's probably going to be for a while. Thanks for your patience.

August 1, 2006: Time for a limited redesign! See the redesign notes.

July 18, 2006: Finally, the behemoth of a BSG season finale gets a behemoth of a review: "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2."

July 11, 2006: Here's the long-delayed review for BSG's "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1."

June 12, 2006: Major update! Here's TNG: The Complete Second Season.

May 25, 2006: Trying to get back in the swing of things, here's TNG Season 2, Episodes 1-5.

May 21, 2006: I've revamped the Overview page a bit, making some updates, removing some of the useless information, and streamlining it a bit.

May 18, 2006: Finally, I've returned, and here's my review for BSG's "Downloaded."

April 25, 2006: Welcome to Jammer's new home at About this move.

April 20, 2006: My delays in reviewing have been caused only partially by The Shield.

March 3, 2006: Here are reviews for BSG's "Sacrifice" and "The Captain's Hand." The review for "Downloaded" will be along next week.

February 22, 2006: And here are the last three episodes of TNG season one.

February 21, 2006: Here's a major TNG update, covering Season 1, Episodes 12-22.

February 10, 2006: I'm back, just in time to play catch-up. Here are three reviews for BSG's "Epiphanies," "Black Market," and "Scar."

February 2, 2006: TNG review update: Season 1, Episodes 8-11.

January 26, 2006: I've posted reviews for BSG's two-part mid-season premiere, "Resurrection Ship, Part 1" and "Resurrection Ship, Part 2." Also, I've posted TNG reviews for Episodes 1.2 through 1.7. All that notation means is Season 1, Episode 2 through Season 1, Episode 7. (I'm counting "Encounter at Farpoint" as only one episode.)

January 9, 2006: Milestone alert — The hit counter on the main index passed 3,000,000 today. It was installed on March 1, 1997.

January 7, 2006: Today I'm officially kicked out of the twentysomething crowd with the inevitable and undeniable arrival of my 30th birthday. That's not going to stop me from imbibing plenty tonight and having a legendary send-off. After all, you know, 30 is the new 21. That's my story, anyway.

January 6, 2006: Here's my first posting for 2006 and for the newly opened Star Trek: The Next Generation section — a review of TNG series premiere "Encounter at Farpoint."

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