Star Trek: Lower Decks

Reviews of Lower Decks are written and posted as the series airs. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 1 (2020)

  • 8/6/2020. Second Contact 1.5 stars. — Four young ensigns aboard the USS Cerritos prepare to do their part in a follow-up mission to a world recently contacted by the Federation, but things go awry when an alien virus infects the crew.
  • 8/13/2020. Envoys 2 stars. — Boimler and Mariner escort a Klingon general to a planet for a conference while Rutherford considers a series of career changes aboard the Cerritos.
  • 8/20/2020. Temporal Edict 2 stars. — Captain Freeman orders a new policy aboard the ship that forces everyone to meet strict new productivity standards.
  • 8/27/2020. Moist Vessel 3 stars. — Mariner's pervasive insubordination becomes a topic of Freeman's concern during the investigation of a relic generation starship. Meanwhile, Tendi tries to connect with a fellow officer on a spiritual journey to ascend to a higher plane of existence.
  • 9/3/2020. Cupid's Errant Arrow 1 star. — When Mariner meets Boimler's long-distance girlfriend during a rendezvous with another Starfleet ship, she becomes convinced the girlfriend is really an alien up to no good.
  • 9/10/2020. Terminal Provocations 2.5 stars. — As the bridge crew tries to avoid a violent confrontation during a standoff with hostile aliens, the ensigns must contend with an unfolding crisis below decks.
  • 9/17/2020. Much Ado About Boimler 3 stars. — A transporter mishap leaves Boimler in an altered state of existence. Meanwhile, Mariner is reunited with an old friend from her academy days who is now a captain put in temporary command of the Cerritos.
  • 9/24/2020. Veritas 1.5 stars. — The ensigns are forced to testify by aliens who have put the senior staff on trial.
  • 10/1/2020. Crisis Point 3.5 stars. — When Freeman orders Mariner to therapy for her most recent transgression, Mariner retreats into the holodeck where she commandeers a program re-enacting life aboard the Cerritos where she can get revenge.
  • 10/8/2020. No Small Parts 3 stars. — After an attack on a Federation starship, the Cerritos investigates the distress call, upon which they are drawn into a deadly encounter.

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