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April 19, 2007

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This is where I go public with a blog, one of those things that's mandated by what the marketing gurus in the online industry call "Web 2.0." Apparently, Jammer's Reviews was so Web 1.0 until today.

First of all: What is IDWID? You could say it's a way of life. Or an inside joke. Or a blog based on a whim. Or a license for rampant pointlessness. Or all of the above. Basically, it's an acronym for "it do what it do," a name that hopefully sets the tone for this blog — a tone that's still being set. Read about what IDWID is and where it came from.

Over the past week and a half, I've been writing blog entries in the tone of what I think this blog will be. As the tagline at the top of the page says, we're still figuring out what that is. And when I say "we," I mean me, at least for right now. That could change. I might add bloggers if the concept of IDWID is embraced by the world zeitgeist. We'll see.

But basically, this is my space to write about pure nonsense, current events, inside jokes, popular culture, TV, personal anecdotes that I find amusing, rants that I want to get off my chest ... whatever. The list of categories could very well be expanded. I've got a few right now, but it's just a start.

Why a blog, and why now? Well, why not?

The concept of a "blog" is simple but compelling. Essentially, it can be a short column. But it's not beholden to that standard. It can also be a few brief paragraphs that simply point out a link that amuses me. I think that's part of why blogs have become so popular in recent years. They have a free-form structure that's equally conducive for quality writing and total dreck. Of course, the hyperlink nature encourages ADD, and the commenting feature can allow a simple posting to turn into a full-fledged discussion/argument/flamewar.

How often will I write in this blog? That remains to be seen. I'd like to say that I can keep it up and write a few times every week. (I think every day would be pushing it.) Jammer's Reviews readers will probably quickly remind me that I have TNG reviews to write, and they are correct.

So, the frequency and quality of the postings in this blog will likely vary widely. Some topics you might not care about. I try to keep a general audience in mind, but I'm also planning to make this more informal and scattered than what goes on over at the other site. Some things in here may only amuse people who know me or are privy to certain inside jokes. I'll explain the jokes for everyone else, but that doesn't guarantee to make them funny.

So, call it an experiment. Feel free to comment at the end of postings. After all, that's what a blog is for.

Cross-purposing an audience: It do what it do.

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    Jammer, I've been a reader of your review website for, hell, a long time. I've always looked forward to reading what you've written, and I'm very excited to learn you're writing a blog. Daily posts! (Well, I can hope...) If it isn't too presumptuious for me to say (me, the lousy speller), "Welcome to the Blogosphere!" It's a richer place, certainly, for having you.

    Hi Jammer, I have been reading your reviews for over eight years, and have been consistently impressed. I literally check your page for updates every single day, because I can't wait for them to come out. I love your balanced, insightful, and (dare I say it) logical approach to your review writing, and I really dig your great sense of humor! I'm thrilled that you got a blog--someone like you should definitely have one! Thanks for giving me yet another diversion from the daily grind.

    Hey Jammer! I've been reading your site forever and ever and ever! It's one of my few sites that I check on a daily basis. You do good work, but I have to ask, Where are the Next Generation reviews???? I know you've done a couple seasons, but season 3 is where it actually starts to get REALLY good, and you've just STOPPED! I did donate to your purchasing the DVD sets after all. Anyways, keep up the good work and all. Any chance you'd ever review some of the Star Wars movies or anything? You've done Galactica after all...

    Hey Jammer, I've been reading your reviews for about 5 years now, and I am really grateful to you for introducing to me the notion of thinking critically about my TV-watching. I've thoroughly enjoyed your in-depth reviews of DS9, and your pitches for BSG in the ENT reviews convinced me to start watching that show as well. (Now, BSG is bar none my favorite show on TV). I really enjoy the wit, sarcasm, and insight in your writing, and I am really looking forward to reading your blog.

    Your site rocks, not the most original comment, but its true. Looking forward for more random thoughts, and keep up the great reviews!

    Hi Jammer, I don't like repeating what everyone else already said, but here goes anyway [no point in avoiding the truth ;)] I've been reading your reviews for several years now and I also check you website on an almost daily basis. I often agree with your opinions and even if I don't, I like reading your reviews since they're always well argumented and just fun to read. I'm looking forward to your TNG reviews and of course the BSG season 4 reviews which we'll have to wait for an excruciating 8 or 9 months at least. Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck with your blog, which you can be sure I'll check out regularly. Best regards from Holland (a.k.a. The Netherlands)

    Hey Jammer. Nice to see you have a Blog. Looking forward to seeing you complete the TNG reviews, but now looking forward to reading this too.

    Good to see that you're starting a blog. I've always enjoyed reading your stuff.

    Hi, love the reviews and look forward to the blog. The name though, "It do what it do", ugh! Stick to english :)

    Jammer, thanks a lot for all the great reviews! Looking forward to this new project of yours!

    Your decision to start a blog has inspired me to start my own. I've read sthypertext/Jammersreviews for a long time and was thrilled when you decided to pick up Battlestar. Keep writing! SoSayWeAll.

    Hi Jammer, I've been reading your reviews for many years now(big DS9-fan myself!). Hope this blog gets just as interesting. Tell us more about the man behind the myth:) Bart (Belgium)

    Jammer, I really appreciate your site and use it for near every sci-fi show i watch - well... at least the ones that you review (even if you're a bit harsh on Star Trek Voyager ;) ). When can we look forward to the live "jammer cam"? LOL gjnave

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