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If you have questions, suggestions, comments, or gripes about this site, feel free to email me. I welcome anything you have to say about the site or the reviews.

If you want to respond to reviews specifically, I encourage you to use the commenting feature at the bottom of the articles, as this will allow you to interact with the Jammer's Reviews community. Although I don't respond to all comments, I do read all of them.

I also read all email I receive, so you can send me a private email message if you prefer that to the public comments area. I usually respond to most emails, unless it's the type of mail that doesn't seem to require a response. Response times vary greatly depending upon the email subject and the questions you ask (and how busy I am). Longer emails (or emails that make me think) may take longer for me to respond to, but don't be shy about length.

If you don't ask any specific questions, I might or might not respond. Either way, know that I do read and greatly appreciate your mail. Thank you very much for taking the time to send it.

To contact me, send email to or use the form below.

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