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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 8:52pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S1: The Arsenal of Freedom

"Mister Logan, you are going to take command..." - WOO-HOO!
"...of the saucer section." - D'oh!
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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 6:41pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S3: Evolution

Watching this today for the first time and I could not figure out where I knew Dr. Stubbs from. Then it hit me-- he's another well-known doctor-- Kelso from Scrubs!
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Paul C
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 6:28pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S1: Faces

Ok a few issues here but overall interesting episode and some great acting and character building.

No 1 has got to be how Sulan knew what a Klingon was and that Torres was a mixture of human and Klingon. How could he even know the name of the species?

Oh a Talaxian... he has Neelix to blame for not being rescued. Clearly they could only face having one on board at any one time.

Paris’s comment ‘you’ve got what you’ve wished for’ must be the least emotionally intelligent comment in the history of star fleet.

But apart from these bum notes the episode is dragged up in quality by the squabble between two sides of a character. This is quite watchable as both versions of Torres are very watchable, human T being gorgeous and feminine and Klingon T being courageous, impatient and confident in herself and her abilities.
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Bob (a different one)
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 5:59pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: The Killing Game

"They could have gotten both Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks to do crossover guest appearances. I would much rather have seen that instead of another tired World War II “adventure”."

fantastic idea.
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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 5:12pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S6: Resurrection

I honestly don’t understand what Anglim was doing with his portrayal of Verdi Bareil. He played him so unbelievably stiffly. It’s weird because he does not play Mirror Bareil that way at all. He’s much more natural and smooth. And I’ve seen the man in other works. He’s not a bad actor.

Did he simply think that when the director said “be calm and serene” that that meant “be robotic”?
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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 5:01pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: The Killing Game

The idea of setting this holographic hunt during the Eugenics Wars is a great idea. I don’t dislike these episodes, but I’m not a huge fan of them either. That’s mostly because I see them as such HUGE missed opportunities.

The writers wanted the Hirogen to set their fake hunt during a great historical war. Okay, that makes sense. They could have actually gotten creative, done some world-building and set the hunt during a period of Star Trek history we know little about. How about World War III? The Earth-Romulan War? The Vulcan Nuclear War (when Vulcans first decided to embrace Logic)? The Vulcan Civil War (when the Romulans split off from the Vulcans)? Or, yes, the Eugenics Wars? All major conflicts we know very little about. But no. They just HAD to go with the standard World War II scenario, because - by God - it was the 90s and that meant anything historical had to revolve around World War II! Using any other real life conflict would have been more creative. Good grief, World War I would have been more interesting.

The episode itself even brings up an incredible idea and then never follows up on it. The Hirogen leader mentions the possibility of using the Battle of Wolf 359 as another fake hunt. Talk about what could have been a phenomenal episode for VOY! They could have gotten both Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks to do crossover guest appearances. I would much rather have seen that instead of another tired World War II “adventure”.
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Bob (a different one)
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 3:38pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: The Killing Game

Jammer's review is spot on. There are just too many nonsensical moments in this two-parter. It's mindless fun that's ultimately a lot more mindless than fun.

I like the character of the Hirogen commander. He adds some depth to a race of Predator clones. He should have been at the very heart of the episode. The premise of the episode should have been that he is using the holodeck hunt as a tool to teach his men that their current way of life is a dead end. As Jammer says, killing the commander before the battle ended made the truce completely unbelievable.

Negatives: too many dumb things to bother listing.

Positives (or at least interesting bits): Chakotay makes a pretty cool GI Joe, Wang's acting is better this week, the Hirogen commander is interesting, the "Meaningful Speech Scene" is successfully delivered by a Nazi, Jeri Ryan's singing is always a plus.

P.S. I really like Malia's idea of using the Eugenics War as the setting instead of (yet another) WW2 story.
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The Emissary
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 3:25pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: The Sanctuary

I agree that Osyraa is largely underwhelming. Skimping on finding a good, older actress and failing to write some meat into this role is a big miss. The patch up between the "bros" feels like a cross between Hallmark Channel and Netflix Christmas Movie (Hallmark ^2).

However, regardless of how clumsy the episode was, as the parent of a child who is currently defining who they are, this episode was incredibly illuminating and helped me see things that I am currently struggling with in a completely fresh and understandable way.

That alone is worth the entire season for me.
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Frake's Nightmare
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 2:37pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S2: Precious Cargo

I started thinking of the Reverend Spooner 'Can I talk to you about the works of Rene Goddenberry?'
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Dave in MN
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 2:28pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Living Witness

I always hated this episode because everyone I cared about in the Star Trek universe is dead.
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Frake's Nightmare
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 2:14pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S2: Vanishing Point

f***ing obvious from the start. My advice - make up a more interesting episode in your head if you persist in watching this.
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Bob (a different one)
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 2:10pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S5: Darmok

I'm a big fan of every one of those episodes, Rahul, but I think the only two I'd rank higher than Darmok are The Inner Light and All Good Things.
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Bob (a different one)
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 1:48pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Living Witness

A very effective use of the EMH; a character that I don't really "get" sometimes.

Someone above compared this to "Remember" because of its theme of revisionist history, and I think while that is true in one respect it is different in another. "Remember" is about a society that refuses to admit to committing the sins of the past, while "Living Witness" is about a segment of society that wants to twist history in order to nurse an eternal grievance and prolong their victimhood. And, of course, the style of storytelling is so different that I think I'd still enjoy both episodes even if they examined the exact same theme.

Final thoughts:

1) The ending was perfect.

2) Since this episode was so well received, I wonder why Tim Russ never got a chance to direct another episode?

p.s. "Watch your mouth, hedgehog!"
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Bob (a different one)
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 1:18pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Prey

The only way to enjoy some of these Voyager episodes is to watch them while pretending that Janeway is the villain of the story and the heroes are the rest of the crew who try to hold things together while she does her best to get them all killed. This is a good episode viewed in that light.

I'm really, reaaaaallly tired of this "Janeway as an alpha-male badass" routine. Kate Mulgrew's performance is only slightly more subtle than Shatner's in Turnabout Intruder. For God's sake, stop swaggering around like you're swinging a pair the size of cantaloupes.
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Bob (a different one)
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 1:05pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Concerning Flight

"Hey, who should we cast as this old Italian guy?"

"How about the fat British guy from Sliders?"


Christ, was this show sponsored by the Italian Tourism Bureau or something? They can't get enough of this "Master Da Vinci" set, can they? A complete waste of a great guest star in another mindless Voyager holodeck episode.
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Bob (a different one)
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 12:56pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Scientific Method

They really want to turn Janeway into a badass don't they?

How fucking dumb was this ending? What if the alien's ships could survive longer than the Voyager? What if they weren't physically attached to the ship? What if the aliens were only mental projections like the alien in "Persistence of Vision"?

This episode feels like a mix of Where Silence Has Lease and Schisms. It isn't as good as either of those (average) episodes though. Fun With DNA turns into comic relief, which moves to a 30 PSA about animal testing, followed by obligatory Seven scenes, and it all gets topped off with an exciting scene of Janeway having a mental breakdown and nearly getting her crew killed.

The best part of the plot involves 30+ year old actors making out in public like a couple of horny teenagers.
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Bob (a different one)
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 12:41pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: The Raven

After posting my comment I watched this episode again and I think I may need to reevaluate this episode, and maybe the whole series. I watched Voyager for the first time a few years ago and I wasn't crazy about it but I would always tell people that asked me about the show that I thought it was deeply flawed but that there were some very good episodes that any Trek fan should like. I stand by that assessment, but I think I may have overestimated the number of episodes that I would consider "good."

I just started a partial rewatch of the 50+ episodes that I initially thought were pretty decent. In posting my comments here I've found that I'm making a lot of "well, if you just ignore x,y, and z,.... and maybe if you imagine they had written it this way...and if you squint really hard - this episode is ACTUALLY good." In hindsight, I think several of the episodes that were on my "good" list only ended up there because they are good compared to the even worse episodes that surround them.

"The Raven", despite a couple of nice scenes, is not a good episode.

p.s. A list of the episodes that I probably need to move from my "good or good enough" list to my "skippable" list:

Time and Again
The Chute
The Swarm
Day of Honor (maybe. I'll need to rewatch)
Scientific Method
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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 11:10am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S3: Explorers

If you ever feel useless, just think of Jadzia and Quark in this episode
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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 8:45am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S5: Darmok

"As for Darmok - it's a classic. I'd be hard pressed to name 10 better episodes in all of Trek."

Darmok is a classic but that doesn't make it an outstanding episode. Here are 10 better episodes (and there are many more) IMHO just from TNG alone:

The Inner Light
I Borg
Yesterday's Enterprise
Lower Decks
Sins of the Father
Q Who
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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 8:40am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S6: Resurrection


Interesting take on Anglim as an actor and comparing him with Fletcher. Personally I feel the opposite -- I always thought Anglim was too stiff in his portrayal of Bareil. Off the top of my head, he had one good scene much earlier in DS9's run with Sisko on Bajor where he danced around his motives (episode title actually escaping me here...) There's a way to do understated acting well and I think a terrific example of this is Keating on ENT as Malcolm Reed.

And despite not liking the Kai Winn character, one can appreciate her motivations and the added conflict she brought to DS9. I think Fletcher did a pretty good job in this role and I believe she's a better, more accomplished actor than Anglim.

But this episode "Resurrection" was putrid -- just terrible. Filler garbage that should not have been made. DS9 has a few of these kinds of episodes ...
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Jason R.
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 7:44am (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S1: Chapter 1: The Mandalorian

I think Booming et al. are not wrong in describing this show's weaknesses, but I do think it's still greater than the sum of its parts.

It's the Wing Commander Privateer of the Star Wars universe. For those unfamiliar it was a PC game, not a tv show. And it became a cult hit because it permitted players to inhabit and enjoy a small slice of the Wing Commander universe playing a Han Solo-ish rogue flying a rust bucket ship. This was in contrast to other games in the series which were grand operatic dramas (also starring Mark Hamill, incidentally). The fact that you were this relatively petty character engaged in small drama was part of the charm, as was the world building fun.

Getting back to the Mandalorian, after three sickeningly over the top soulless monstrosities (the Abrams sequels) it's fun to just enjoy some small stories set in the Star Trek universe.

And heck, I kind of like the Mandolorian cultural schtick. There is even an emotional payoff at the end of season 2 that exceeds in one moment the sum total of every flying fuck I ever gave about Rey, Finn, Rose and that whole band of nothingburgers.

My other big compliment to the Mandalorian is how properly planned and thought out the action is (minus the stormtroopers). Some shows are meticulous in their attention to detail so that nothing seems perfunctory. Breaking Bad was like that too.

This is a show that sets up rules and honours them . That makes the universe more believable and in turn, males the action more compelling.
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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 7:30am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S6: Far Beyond the Stars

Just rewatched on Netflix, and it's no better than I remember. Style over substance. The visuals of the Earth period depicted are stunningly done, great cinematography. The actors are almost without exception fabulous, but the "dream" conceit as the central premise just doesn't work. It's only remotely connected to S6 DS9 story arcs in the sense of spoofing the various characters and their relationships. I love Dorn without the Klingon makeup, ditto Shimmerman, he's probably the single best character here, and the Alaimo and Combs cameos are superb. But the Klingon fighting, bloodwine swilling , bat'leth wielding, gambling with Ferengis Jadzia reduced to a chewing gum chewing bimbo? How did Terry Farrel stand for it? Still, it feels like a day off of fun and games for an ensemble cast spoofing themselves and having fun rather than a DS9 legit episode.
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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 5:46am (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S1: Chapter 1: The Mandalorian

@Captain Mercer
It becomes repetitive pretty quickly which may be comforting for some but is a turn off for many. Another problem of the show is the boiler plate bad guy.

---spoiler--- (I think, could be misremembering it:)

He is just evil and wants to pump baby Yoda's essence into robots?? He also has the magic Mandalorian sword which our hero wants/needs more than anything just by coincidence?! Do I remember that correctly??


There is also the "Stormtrooper" problem.
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Jason R.
Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 4:19am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S5: Darmok

"That movie is based on the "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang. It's one of the best science fiction stories I've ever read."

Everything Ted Chiang writes is gold.
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Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 4:09am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S5: Relativity

I really enjoyed this episode, but Braxton was an idiot. His only goal was to prevent Janeway from stranding him in the 20th century, so why blow up Voyager and kill the entire crew when he had all of time to work with and so many better ways to do it? If he wasn't such an idiot he could have simply gone to the array an hour before it pulled Voyager and the Maquis into the Deltra quadrant and blown IT up. Not only would that prevent him from ever being stranded, it would also save the Ocampa just as before while saving Voyager from being lost.

Sure it would erase all the good things they had done in the Delta quadrant as well but he didn't care about any of that. I guess his hatred of Janeway was supposed to make him want to kill her though, but he still could have done that without wiping out the entire ship. Just jump to some earlier point in her timeline, before she even joined Star Fleet. As a member of the time police I'm not sure why he thought he could get away with it anyway.
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