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Peter G.
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:57pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

I'm going to record my thoughts as a I watch, which I've never done but as I fear I'll forget what I want to say I'm writing it down as I go.

First thing I'll mention that is obvious (without reading the above comments yet) is the first grisly scene, which made me squirm. Why I should be visually horrified while watching Star Trek I don't know. What should be a show for the whole family has turned into Game of Thrones, I guess. But I need to place this in context: I came from a night at the theatre, watching a gruesome blood-soaked piece of theatre of cruelty, involving nudity, bodily organs (really butchered animal parts) and torture. Its intent was presumably to leave me upset, which it did. I came home, had to coach a couple of actors in process of rehearsal when in fact I needed to relax, and then sat down to watch Star Trek and eat a granola bar. In process of eating I watched Icheb's eye come out. As Prendergast says at the end of Falling Down, fuck you very much. And then of course Maddox dies too, just for giggles, and to a cute one-liner as well. How nice. I'm also not into this Cenobite-looking tough guy. Trek before always portrayed aliens as different but somehow relatable; even the Nausicaans were only ever a satire of themselves. This guy is just a monster, so that's a fail for me.

We come back to a scene with Seven and Picard - much anticipated! - and first thing I'll mention is *snap*! (to coin a phrase). I *so* called it after last episode that this was about Picard's lawful good alignment in conflict with the neutral gooders out there. Virtually the first thing he says to Seven about the Rangers (I will omit any complaint about that term) is that they take the law into their own hands; slam dunk, his deal is STILL being lawful, which makes it all the more unreasonable that this show is shitting on him for standing by his conscience while refraining from taking the refugee matter into his own hands. The writers are contradicting themselves on their own terms, and I knew it. I am now doubling down on this observation.

Getting back to the plot, I'm getting this feeling again of "this! then this!" with the action-RPG style of levels to pass. In this case, getting Maddox so we can move on to the next quest point. So I guess he's not dead after all, just drugged. Ok, that's better, I guess, so we'll actually get to see what he's been up to maybe.

I'll also mention, perhaps in keeping with the show's intention, that I'm seriously annoyed at the thought of a future with intrusive holo-ads jumping in my face, and an entire planet of holo-commerce. It's like a Blade Runner dystopian nightmare. I know this isn't properly the Federation, so perhaps I should take this to be what happens when a group like the Federation isn't in charge. Maybe it's a dark way of sending a positive message...I hope.

Except my hopes of a positive message seem to be dashed in watching the mother/son scene with Raffi. Notwithstanding the fact that I agree with others that pain and suffering should in fact be a part of the Trek universe (as in with Ben Sisko) what we always understood from TNG and DS9 was that even if you're suffering or in a bad place, you come together with those around you to heal or deal with it. The group bolsters the individual, and vice versa. It was a healing message. But now we have a scene reinforcing that a son never forgives or forgets. If this was isolated I could let it go, but it now forms a pattern, because it seems plenty of people are also not willing to forgive or forget Picard's 'error' as well. So this is a future when people are just as lacking in understanding and compassion as they are today. Maybe we will get more scenes with the son for him to 'come around' and forgive, so I'll leave the jury on hold regarding this storyline.

I will also mention that this juncture that we're 28 minutes in (out of 45) and literally the only thing to happen story-wise is they have come up with a plan to get Maddox out, and had a first meeting about it. In TNG terms this would be one senior staff meeting and one extra scene, probably leaving us somewhere in act 2 as we get into the "thing start to go wrong" part of the plot. But with 17 minutes left this one will have to happen in a big hurry.

And having been worried that they wouldn't have time to resolve the situation, the resolution is incredibly rushed, with a forced exposition scene delivered as outright exposition by Seven while in a Mexican standoff. At this moment the show is feeling more like Firefly than Star Trek, down to Stewart's impression of the madman Niska. Well I guess this all got fixed right quick, with apparently nothing the enemy could do with transporters, even though we later see countless people with emergency transporter escape mechanisms in place. And they all get away scott-free, which even in Firefly wouldn't happen. I suppose I'm also a bit surprised right after this that Picard lectures Seven about murder, followed by immediately beaming her down to do her murders. Am I misunderstanding something, or was this meant to be ironic? Why tell her not to murder and then smile while beaming her down to do it anyhow? Or did he not know she was heading right back in? I suppose she'll survive the encounter even though it seems inconceivable she could.

I'll also point out once again that Picard is being held up by the show as his good old moralizing self, which I wouldn't mind except it's also trying to make him out at the same time as having learned the error of his lawful good ways. So which way is it going to be?

Overall my running commentary more or less covered the things I needed to say, but there's one thing I have chiefly omitted to note: this was neither a pleasant nor a fun episode. It felt depressing the whole way through. Maybe this is my prior evening seeping in, but if I can't even rely on Trek being vaguely uplifting then I don't know why it exists.

Oh, and one side note: Agnes Juranti is extremely annoying. I'll go as far as to say I suspect she actually is the weak link on the acting team. Everything is forced, telegraphed, and irritating. I think I may have noticed in passing someone else saying this, but she strikes me as being a kind of Tilly clone. I feel like she belongs more on Firely (again) than here, and he constant antics make it very hard to focus on the importance of the scenes. But unlike Firefly, the tone of this show can't really support intermittent random comedy, because it wants us to take it far too seriously for that to be possible. So the 'comic' bits end up being cosmic failures.

I did not like this one, which I will rate even lower than last week's. The show is headed down what I fear is a slippy slope towards being like DISC after all, in all the wrong ways.
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James White
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:43pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

I'm beginning to think the disconnect has more to do with the curiously malleable mindsets of people today. People are less grounded in their thinking and judgments. Writ large, it helps explain the oddly antagonistic, often cognitively dissonant culture/populace of America. Less TV, social media, and internet meandering. A little more reading and outdoor time.

Also, ST is about the future. Stop talking crazy...:)
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:43pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance

Very enjoyable, I look forward to the rest of the season. I watched 1 - 4, and rewatched episode 1 and still enjoyed it.
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:38pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

Review now posted.
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:35pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag


"Star Trek is what the writers decide it needs to be, in order to give the actors something interesting to play. And that, I feel, is the true "established philosophy" of Trek. Star Trek isn't really about 'the future' or 'exploring space' at all, but simply an excuse for writers/actors to flex, which I love seeing."

That's about as vague as you can possibly get. Is Star Trek really nothing more than a canvas on which to paint? Surely, the franchise has more definition than simply 'give actors something interesting to play'.

Naturally, 'Star Trek' will mean somewhat different things to different people. But that doesn't mean that 'Star Trek' can be literally anything, either.
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James White
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:22pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

And I'm tired of people proclaiming that different Trek must be good Trek. In fact, at this point in both seasons 1 and 2 of DSC, I would argue that show was more engaging and entertaining than where we are with Picard. It tanked in the last third of each season. The claim that this show is definitely superior to DSC is highly debatable at best and, considering half the season remains outstanding and nu Trek has a penchant for crashing and burning at the end, likely wishful thinking.
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Episode 10
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:21pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

Opening scene: bright white light. Fade in to JL standing alone, looking around unable to discern anything but the bright white around him. He’s dressed in his Great White Hope outfit.

Q’s voice: And so Jean Luc, this is what happens when you resigned from Starfleet and chose not to pursue your convictions, and went back to your chalet, and left everyone and everything you knew
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:14pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

By this point I'm judging the quality of the new installments of Star Trek by how much arguing it generates from you guys

Big Picture: Picard is a much more solid show than Discovery was. With a little more focus to the overall plotting, the actors seem to be finding solid footing with their characters enough to make something truly fantastic. Does it adhere to "Established Trek Lore and Philosophy?" Maybe not.

Does it have to, is the better question. I really feel like the "This isn't Star Trek" crowd need to examine what 'adhering to established Trek lore and philosphy" does to a creative work by this point. In a sense, you are asking it to attempt to be *your* idea of what Star Trek is.

Star Trek gave us a little turn of phrase a long time ago that I feel rings very true, even if it was just an attempt to sell merch by Roddenberry (who was equal parts visionary worldbuilder and dickbag producer, if you want to look at the reality of it. He also saved an entire jetliner full of people from dying of thirst/starvation/exposure in a desert years before Trek was made. Look it up). That turn of phrase was:

"Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations."

Star Trek (unlike Star Wars) has the capability of being experimental beyond what its original iteration suggested. Star Wars has to be Star Wars. There have to be Jedi, there have to be Sith, lightsabers and blasters are going to come into it somewhere, and there has to be a sweeping, operatic crescendo to it, or it's not Star Wars.

Star Trek is what the writers decide it needs to be, in order to give the actors something interesting to play. And that, I feel, is the true "established philosophy" of Trek. Star Trek isn't really about 'the future' or 'exploring space' at all, but simply an excuse for writers/actors to flex, which I love seeing.

And yeah, I despised the opening GORN as much as anybody, and I definitely closed my eyes till it was over and probably always will if I ever re-watch it. And yeah, it's not good for kids to watch, but I actually don't have any, as many people don't. I don't really have anyone to watch it with directly in my home, as I live alone, but my dad and my brother both agree with me that this is picking up. I really REALLY REALLY think that this series is going to look back at Episode 5's climactic scene between Seven and Picard ("All of it?" "No.") as the moment this series proved its credentials, and yeah, it's not going to be the Trek we remember.

But people said the same thing about TNG when it came out, to the point where it was a gag in the Wayne's World movie. And look how that turned out.



4 stars. I loved this.
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James White
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:08pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

@Skye-Francis maidstone,

TNG seasons 3-5 and much of 6 are exceptionally well done sci-fi. Yes, there are a few clunkers. But there's a reason TNG spawned movies.

BOBW, Measure of a Man, Conspiracy, Q Who, Yesterday's Entwrprise, The Emissary, Deja Q, The Offspring, Tin Man, Sins of the Father, Family, Sarek, Who Watches the Watchers, The Reunion, The Defector, Drumhead, The Wounded, Darmok, Half a Life, Redemption, Clues, The Outcast, Night Terrors, Remember Me, Cause and Effect, The First Duty, The Perfect Mate, Ensign Ro, I Borg, Chain of Command, Unification, Inner Light, Relics, Tapestry, Frame of Mind, Lessons, Schisms, Parallels, Lower Decks, All Good Things...

And there are dozens more that are solid. I'm sorry the majority of the above Trek episodes are just average to you. Truly.
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Dave in MN
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 10:53pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

I feel empathy for the actress playing Agnes. I can't imagine what her reaction must have been when she received this script.

How do you attempt to sell this kind of overwrought illlogical material? Upon rewatch, I realized she did better than almost anyone could with the clownish writing.

Really, the cast deserves a lot of credit for finding SOMETHING in these scripts that isn't on the page. They are the only reason I didn't give the last few episodes ½ ⭐ reviews.

I'm still hoping this show can improve. Maybe that's wishful thinking.

The first few TNG eps (after the pilot) are pretty terrible, right?
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Joel F
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 10:38pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S2: Non Sequitur

I would assume Starfleet and Earth would be more receptive of these kinds of phenomenon. Strange events that happen on space voyages are documented and presented to Starfleet; Kims story would have some plausibility. Kim could have revealed classified information to prove he was on Voyager and Earth could have benefited from the knowledge of what happened to the ship. The family and friends of those aboard Voyager could have benefited from knowing the crew is alive and well.
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Matthew Martin
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 10:33pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

best scenes of the episode were the ones that featured Picard and Seven, sitting next to each other, playing verbal chess. The single best scene this week came at the end, where the two ex-Borg share a moment of solidarity, both acknowledging that, after all these years, they both know a little part of them is still gone. Picard leaves Seven with a hopeful word, in true Picard fashion, telling her that they keep getting that little part of their humanity back, a piece at a time, every day.

Seven then beams back to the planet and murders the villain of the week.

Picard's still searching for his little missing piece of humanity; Seven seems to be chipping away at what's left of hers. That's great, great, great, stuff and I wish the whole show was that good. After episode one, I was left with the impression that this would be a return to Star Trek being a show that loved pondering ideas, debating morality, and resolving conflicts. Halfway through the first season and that feeling has yet to reappear except in little, fleeting, glimpses like we had with Seven/Picard.
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skye francis-maidstone
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 10:29pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

@james white

Nah it's an opinion. It was pretty average most of the time but the occasional really amazing episode kept me going. That and at the time most of us had 4 tv channels and therefore very little sci-fi to watch.

I still kept watching till the end although i remember i was the only remaining friend or family member watching it.

DS9 however.. was amazing 90% of the time from season 3 onwards.

There. My fully-sane and perfectly valid opinion summarized for you
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 10:14pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

Wow. It seems that PIC is even more polarizing than DSC. The nitpicking and strained objections are at an all time high. Well, to each his own. Others have pointed out the error and hypocrisy here pretty well. No need to retread it.

I liked this episode more than I thought I would after the gruesome flashback and the annoying pop-up hologram ads. Man, Icheb, RIP. You just could never catch a break. Perhaps, now you're in a better place. Somebody pointed out that Manu Intiraymi's comments about Anthony Rapp may have something to do with Icheb's send off. After looking up Rapp, I think that may be right. I really wish they'd just recast him though (like Maddox) and at least kept him around as a reoccurring character. Bummer.

I really enjoyed seeing 7 of 9 on screen again. Jeri Ryan slipped right back into the role like an old comfortable sweater on a chilly Saturday evening. She managed to sell not only the old 7, but the new 7 tarnish pretty well. I hope the character sticks around. I have a feeling if Patrick Stewart dies at some point they'll continue the series with her or spin it off into hers.

I really didn't like Raffi's side story. The only good thing about it is that she's sticking around for the rest of the season. For a minute there, I thought she'd disappear like Picard's Tal Shiar Romulan friends back at his vineyard. I've liked the actress ever since her short lived days on Law & Order: SVU, so I'm glad she's landed the role. It'll be good to see more of her.

The thing I like about Picard is that I always said I wanted a ST series that focused on something other than Star Fleet. I wanted a series that gave a better picture of what happens at the fringe elements of the Trek Verse. We've only glimpsed this in the other series. We saw it with the Maquis. We saw it in episodes like TNG's "Gambit." But we've never really delved deep into it. I have high hopes for Picard in this regard.

I too thought the resemblance between Bjazzle or however it's spelled (yes that was a ridiculous name) and Troi was double take worthy. I wanted her to stick around and be some type of foil for the rest of the season. I liked that reptilian dude too so I was disappointed when they were summarily dispatched. This series keeps making the mistake of introducing characters that show some promise and then killing them off almost as an after thought.

But, I really don't see how people can say 7 killing that heifer that had Icheb gutted of his Borg implants is out of character. Go back and watch that mama bear episode where we find out what Icheb's true purpose was. Imagine, if Icheb had died in that episode, what her reaction would've been. I'm pretty sure that neither Janeway, nor anyone else, would've been able to stop her from phasering and torpedoing that colony from orbit with the delta flyer.

This episode did have some issues. I didn't understand why Agnes killed her former lover so painfully. Surely she could've spared him some pain and the knowledge that it was she who was murdering him. The only thing that makes sense is that maybe she's trying to hide her involvement. However, she's got a lot of EMH memory and computer metadata to mess with. Even given her particular cybernetic expertise, it seems like questions will inevitably be asked that she can't answer. And even if that's the case, couldn't she have administered a sedative?

I will address what someone claimed above, that the EMH should've been prohibited from being deactivated during emergencies. When has that ever been the case since its inception in Voyager? The Doctor had to beg Janeway to give him control over his program. He was forcibly shut down all the time in all sorts of situations. People were still messing with his mind pretty late in the series. 7 had to offer to help him make his mind more tamper proof as late as season 5. And B'Ellanna was still tampering with his holo matrix as late as Season 7. What other EMH, besides the Doctor, attained even that level of meager consideration? With Agnes's technological expertise how would any EMH present an obstacle to her?

This episode seemed to lean towards Agnes not being mind manipulated. Instead it suggests that she was clued in to some unforeseen truth about the twins that has her willingly cooperate with the bad guys.

We're halfway through the season and I'm still waiting for that break out episode or even one that's as good as the pilot. I've got my fingers crossed. Engage.
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James White
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 10:13pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

@A A Roi,

It's possible for someone to criticize this series without simultaneously demanding a little trip down memory lane. Good story telling has existed for millenia. It's not "living in the past" to demand something much better than this. In fact, other series today are succeeding where DSC and PIC are not because they have compelling stories with fleshed out characters, and a logically consistent and coherent world.

Or you can watch eyepatch, Inspector Clouseau Picard and the glorious depredations of James Wan Icheb.
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James White
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 10:00pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

@Skye-Francis maidstone,

Claiming that TNG wasn't even good 90% of the time is insanity.
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 9:46pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S2: Alliances

I watched it on Netflix in 2020, and there was no applause at all in the episode. It was an okay episode, but it seems odd to form alliances while you are leaving territory and heading home. Why waste the time. Just keep going. Eventually you will outrun them.
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skye francis-maidstone
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 9:45pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

Another very good, almost great episode from a thoroughly enjoyable version of Star Trek. The difference between this and the drivel in DSC is night and day.

I'd say mostly because PIC has some actual actors. Someone compared Jurati to Tilly.. ridiculous.. Alison Pill can actually act. I hope she has a chance for redemption for the murder she felt forced to commit.

Blah blah blah its not star trek. Wrath of Khan ear thingies used to make me have to look away when i watched that at the time (not to mention TMPs transporter accident - hideous) and more pointless storywise than the gore in this episode. Star Trek has always been dark. Some people have a serious case of rose tinted glasses about TNG. It wasn't THAT great. Or even good 90% of the time. PIC has managed to be at least a 7 or more out of 10 in its first 5 episodes. That's pretty good going.

I'm not sure where this light fluffy idealistic Star Trek some people were watching was because i've never seen it.

DS9 wasn't even great at all till about the end of season 3. VOY wasn't good at all until they brought in a 3rd actor (Jeri). Then then they could finally make some decent scenes with her, mulgrew and picardo. ENT was just plain dull..hence getting cancelled.

Sheesh the arrogance of the posts on here sometimes. Must be some Emmy award winning writers on here too. They can tell you exactly how a show MUST be written.

Anyway back to this episode..

Awesome work from Ryan. The scene at the end with her and Stewart was superb. Raffi is becoming more interestint by the episode as is Rios. And i didn't miss the borg cube at all.

Um.. gonna go with a 3 stars. Almost a 3.5 but picards pointless french character and the bar in general didn't really do it for me - just didn't seem futuristic (the bar not the accent).

I think they can pull off a 4 star this season. Lots of promising stuff. Just have to pull it all together.
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brian L
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 9:41pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

More of the same, essentially a filler episode where 7of9 is brought back and paraded around to keep fans subscribed to CBS. Oh, and some random political statements too. Is she "bisexual" now? Of course she is. Now she's a gun-slinging bisexual vigilante with a "heart of gold". Can you get anymore cliche? Tropey?

The "reveals" are seen coming a mile away and the audience is 2-3 episodes ahead of the writing at all times, and so the show is essentially boring. The violence, gore, swearing and grimdark are turned up to 11.The show is an absolute joke.

The references and callbacks to Trek-lore are highly specific and seemingly disconnected from the larger established universe. "Hugh" shows up for 2 minutes and then he's gone. Icheb shows up for 1 scene and is brutally tortured and killed. They seem to be there only so that the rabid fans have something to point to to defend it---"no really guys, its canon, look, they made REFERENCES!"

I recently saw Rick Bermans twitter post asking "How are you all enjoying Picard"? And 75% of the responders were negative to nu-trek.

Meanwhile the media echo-chamber continues to heap praise on the show, similar to throwing paper and gasoline on a fire that is going out. It will burn bright for a few minutes but its dead unless you find some real wood, but there isn't any.

What are we, 3...4 years into nu-Trek TV now? It's not going to get better.
Please, do not give a single dime to CBS, this whole project needs to burn out and die so someone can come in and replace it with something good.
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A A Roi
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 9:03pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

@John Harmon

Sorry you don't know the difference between nostalgia and deconstruction. If these were series built around nostalgia there would be beige sets, color coded uniforms everywhere and episodic recapture of the good old days you so dearly miss.
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 8:50pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

@Cody B why dont yiu think we'll get any great classic episodes of dont think the show has potential..if they introduce new akiens and sci fi concepts too..
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 8:49pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag


"That decision (though) did not have to succeed. I think I remember someone calling it "catching lightning in a bottle". That is rare. Basically, the success of TNG was practically an accident. No one really knows exactly what made it work. So what did they do? Well, they thought they could do it again with a completely different cast and so forth and it has been less successful (and palatable) each time. "

If TNG came out during the age of the Internet, the fans would have torn it to shreds. Fans who grew up on Kirk and Spock and McCoy and brought Star Trek back from the dead sitting down to Encounter at Farpoint, Naked Now and Code of Honor? We're on episode five of Picard, so they'd be up to that wonderful episode, The Last Outpost, with the introduction of the killer Ferengi.

TNG today is colored by nostalgia. We all grew up on it and watched it with our parents. We introduced it to our kids who watched it new like we watched TOS. It reminds us of being teenagers. We flocked to message boards to hear spoilers of how they'd resolve the cliffhanger, and we likely complained quite a bit about it.

Off topic, but another reason Disco and Picard feel different? I grew up on 90s Trek. It was on the air from September to May. It ran the school year. I spent summers out and about and catching up on spoilers when I could. It was a weekly constant, whether reruns or original episodes. In those bloated 26 episode seasons, even in bad, repetitive episodes, there were a few scenes here and there that developed characters.

Today, Disco and Picard are 10-15 episode events. They're over in two or three months. By the time they come back, I need a recap video to remind me what happened last season because it might have been 15 months since I last watched.
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John Harmon
Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 8:44pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

“ You cannot keep a fanbase alive over multiple generations solely via nostalgia.”

Oh the irony. That’s exactly what JJ, Kurtzman, CBS, Paramount, whoever have been trying to do for over a decade. That’s why the ‘09 movie was a reboot with the TOS characters, because TOS is still the ultimate most iconic nostalgia well for Trek.

It’s why Discovery is pre TOS and they brought in Spock. It’s why they desperately threw together a Picard series. Star Trek is nothing but nostalgia driven these days
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 8:43pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag


"I was easily able to rail against STD on a weekly basis. I can't with this thing, I just don't have the energy anymore.

Kurtzman broke me. Trek is dead and long gone."

This problem has been around since the 90s. Fans complained Star Trek was being ruined by Braga and Berman and was bland and repetitive and trying to appeal to a mass male audience with catsuits and high heels, and if only the true fans could shell out $20 a month, we could have Trek for the fans, and no one would complain."

Very simple solution. Stop watching. Why on Earth would you have watched 30 episodes of Discovery if you hate it? If Picard isn't your thing, simply stop watching. Whatever any producer does in any decade, rest assured, fans will bemoan that they hate it, and will complain every week for seven years.

Break the cycle.
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Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 7:55pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: The End Is the Beginning

I want to modify the tone of my previous post. I was tired, ill and in a bad mood when writing it.

I stand by all points I made, but I did try watching the next episode. Picard is not as bad a show as I made out, but it's not what I would call very good either. It's taken Picard and Seven in a dark direction I would not have gone, as I don't believe either of these characters would have turned out that way. Seven of Nine is basically Aspergers and you don't get aspies flying around killing people and blowing shit up, especially when they have a close family teaching them positive values like co-operation, emotional regulation, the need for obeying laws etc. Also... I just hate seeing cherished characters who've lived miserable lives for no reason other than "dark modern drama [TM]".

The show picks up after episode three. It's still generic, agenda driven, plot driven and disappointing compared to what might be, but it is leagues above Discovery. The need for TNG's message of striving towards utopia is needed now more than ever. Trek has abandoned this core tenet, and the world is a little bleaker for it.
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