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Sean J Hagins
Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 10:03pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S2: Minefield

A good episode, but some things bothered me. I know transporters are new and everyone is afraid of them, but I think beaming them up made a lot more sense than holding the shuttle hulls against the explosion. That seems implausible (not that beaming is "true", but I mean even factoring in the sci-fi elements)

Reed's nervousness with the captain reminds me of a friend of mine. I can't say I personally understand it, but I realise that not everyone is extroverted and some especially feel uncomfortable around authority. Especially when doing something out of routine.

The Romulans! Yey! I was hoping we'd encounter them soon.

Another thing that really bothers me-I mean, I thought in the episode where Archer was given tech and knowledge by Daniels to infiltrate the Suliban, he had to promise to never use it again. Now that I know that they have a beacon that can spot cloaked stuff, it kind of breaks continuity. I mean, I know it couldn't spot the Romulan ship, but still if they could reverse engineer it, they could easily tweak it. I mean, T'Pol tweaked it to spot the mines in a minute or so. In the 100 years between this and Kirk's Enterprise, Starfleet should have been able to tweak it further, and then Balance of Terror would play out far differently! That seems to be the biggest continuity flaw this episode offers (I am bothered by that even more than the crew not using the transporters)
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 9:53pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

And stop watches at the ready....

‘Time is the fire in which we burn...ham’. Is Soran behind all these shenanigans?

We hit the spore drive through this episode. Brought back a little bit of our dignity from the dead.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 9:39pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

Like many, I’m enjoying the season, yet the group hug scene was a real Galaxy Quest moment.
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Thiago S
Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 8:50pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

I remember that on TNG reviews we had "time until the first meeting". We could very well have "time until the first tear".
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 7:54pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S1: Broken Bow

I just watched it. The reason people can’t remember what happened is there’s practically no plot.

Way back when this first aired, the klingon running through the field, into and out of the silo, the silo blows up— I couldn’t articulate what the problem is, now I think I can. It’s all very competent. The lengthy tracking shot of the Klingon running in the corn and the silo blowing up all nice and perfectly. The redneck farmer.

It’s all perfectly competent and all perfectly soulless. I think Voyager’s premier suffered a bit of soullessness as well, but it at least had a plot.

I honestly believe Precious Cargo is better than this premier.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 7:25pm (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S2: Chapter 12: The Siege

This is a 4/4 episode for me. Not only are the action sequences amazing, Horatio Sans was hilarious (“There’s no guard rail on this”). But aside from that, the way this ties into the original trilogy by dealing with a post-Empire society is great. Then, it bridges the gap to the sequel trilogy by showing hints of how the First Order came into existence, and maybe explaining Snoke. AND it explains why the Proto-First Order wanted The Child, a question that hasn’t been fully explained since episode 1. AND it even ties into the prequel trilogy by referencing how high of an M-Count (midi-chlorian) The Child had. I mean, it’s masterful, and it does more to explain the sequel trilogy in 40 minutes than even the trilogy itself did throughout all 3 movies. Best episode yet if you ask me.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 7:10pm (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S2: Chapter 11: The Heiress

I like how well Pascal emoted through a helmet and armor, when he learned maybe there was more to being a Mandalorian than “The Way”. It’s actually pretty deep, this idea of knowing your belief is right your whole life, and someone can come along with one small seed of doubt (such as taking their helmet off), and totally wreck what you were taught.
3.5/4 stars for me
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 7:09pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

Okay only my second ever comment on this forum. Always love reading everyone's analysis and comments etc etc. Most of what I am about to comment has more or less been said by everyone else but this is me getting this this rant out of my system. Also I know this is supposed to be about the 7th episode but as I said I don't usually comment, so this is me getting it all out.

About 6 weeks ago we finally got Amazon Prime here in the UK and finally watched Picard. Watched the whole show in about 10 days and then went straight into the 3rd season of Discovery. Picard had its issues and faults but oh my it was just so much better in many ways to Discovery. The acting was so much better, I am not talking about Patrick Stewart, off course he can act, but everyone else as well. After one season of Picard I knew more about the backgrounds of the assemble cast than I know about the Discovery crew in 2 and half seasons. This was a show called Picard but it gave the supporting cast just enough time for us to care about them. If in the next episode most of the bridge crew in Discovery got blown up I wouldn't give a crap.


Because of the show's f******* obsession with St Michael of Burnham. What can I say that hasn't been already said? Can she stop crying and whispering every other line. I don't watch the Walking Dead but when it has been mentioned by people who watch both shows its been in the context 'well we know Sonequa Martin-Green can act but why is she so rubbish in Disco?'

When a character cries or gets emotional I assume the audience is supposed to feel their pain or anguish. When St Michael cries I just roll my eyes and think here she goes again and feel nothing.

As already said by others I can't believe the show seems to be going towards the plot that Discovery, its crew and especially St Michael will be the ones to find out the cause of the Burn. Because no one else in this galaxy of billions had the brains to figure it out. Oh no we had to wait for the messiah to come, to travel through time to solve the problem. Maybe in the last ever episode of the whole series we will have a voiceover telling us that St Michael was all part of 'All God's Plan' as she suddenly disappears while Tilly is speaking to her.

I cringed and cringed when St M. told the Star Fleet Admiral at the end of Scavengers something along the lines of how the Federation could never truly be itself or reform unless they found out the cause of the burn. Really Einstein...duh... no one else on Star Fleet thought of this?

On TNG the crew of the Enterprise were among the best that Star Fleet had but it was always shown that they were all replaceable. Star Fleet had other captains, officers, Chief Engineers as good as Geordi. But there is only one St Michael!! Its a wonder Star Fleet or the Federation survived up until the burn with St M not being there to save them.

Most people like Saru as Captain, I just think he is missing an edge, a certain toughness to be captain. He comes across as naïve and idealistic, especially about the Federation. This can be explained by his background and how the Federation gave him a home but he comes across as weak sometimes. Take his decision to take only Tilly with him in the second episode, why because she creates a good first impression - idealistic and naïve. You are on a planet where you don't know how the locals with react and you take only Tilly who is useless in a combat situation. No you take Tilly for the first impression and you take a security officer in case the locals are hostile. That's like Picard taking only Troi down to an unknown because she looks less hostile than Worf. Although Troi could at least use her telepathic skills to sense if someone has hostile motives.

Picard could pull off the whole speech about the ideals of Federation and what it means but when Saru speaks it sounds so naïve. He needs a hint of cynicism.

I actually liked the second episode until St M. showed up to save the day.

In the 4th episode Forget Me Not, the doc was supposed to go to the Trill home world with Adira , but oh no we couldn't have someone else from the crew save the day or have a crucial role, it had to be St M.

In Die Trying I didn't care Nhan decided to stay Tikhov because we have absolutely have had no emotional investment in her.

Overall I liked the story of Unification III. I did wonder where the Vulcans were in all this, they were a founding member of the Federation. It did seem silly that St M didn't inquire about Vulcan as soon as they found Star Fleet headquarters. But off course the big problem with this episode was St M. crying, and whispering again and being centre of attention again. There was one scene during the court room saga where something was said and the camera focused on Sonequa Martin-Green's face only and her attempt at looking surprised and shocked was basically starry eyed and her mouth gawping. A better actor could convey these feelings with more subtlety but of course we have to get the over the top emotional St M.

Tilly as first officer....seriously? We have already established she is useless in a bar fight (episode 2). Actually can Saru actually appoint a first officer? Wouldn't Star Fleet headquarters appoint someone? Oh but I forgot it has to be someone from the the special Discovery crew and not someone who could outshine St M. in the role. I know Star Fleet agreed to keep the Discovery crew together but you would think some of the crew would be sent on 2-3 weeks assignments to other ships and vice versa? Having a non-Discovery first officer would be good to get the ship and its crew more integrated into the current rules and regulations. Or has this something to do with the need to keep the spore drive secret?

Finally I find it a bit conceited of the show to imply that the universe has gone to pot because the mighty Federation is no longer a force. Without the Federation bad things are happening in the universe.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 6:02pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

Say No.

Say ‘No’ to emotional wide eye reveals.
Wha? Vulcans and Romulans living on Vulvar! Brother Spock’s legacy! Note to address my time management. Maybe less time spagging on about Burn data and chasing snarfles on Capsicum III with Bookend. Remember when.... ;) Perhaps some time spent learning about my brother’s exploits was in order?

Say ‘No’ to emotional wet eyed say ‘yes’ sessions.
Whoa! Saru wants me to be numero uno? Fuck!! (edgy language is cool) Does he need those ganglia back or what? Whoa! My crew mates. I think? Who’s that guy? Say yes? How do I tell them I was going to join the Jupiter 2? And where’s Mibuzzchael? She’s never around. Do we actually spend any time together? Is she really my friend at all? Makes me sad?

Say Yes.

Say ‘Yes’ to haiviews (ie ie)

Michael had a cry
She gonna make Tilly cry
Bad Discovery

I missed things... last year
All those plot lines... lost... in time
Oh well... time to cry
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Tommy D.
Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 5:58pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III


At the very least, Tilly is an actual Starfleet officer, who has been through the academy and has at least some training. Wesley Crusher has little to none, and yet is on screen engaging evasive maneuvers vs. The Borg and towards the end being asked to engage a suicide maneuver. This is on a Galaxy class ship with likely hundreds of officers. Being the lowest officer on the bridge is still being considered in the top 1% of crew members. Its very silly in retrospect, even though it takes nothing away from the enjoyment of the story or episode.

That said, Tilly wouldn't be my number one choice either, I'm just not going to do any hand wringing over it in a a universe where the plot dictates these actions more than logic.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 5:39pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

@Tommy D
"Wesley Crusher is at the helm during wartime in BOBW, on the flagship of the Federation no less."
The officer at the helm is normally the lowest bridge officer while the XO is the highest. Even on Star Trek. The problem is that the first officer not only commands the ship when the captain is not on the bridge, the XO also has to take over when the captain is incapacitated. The it's captain Tilly. For Wesley to actually command the ship, the navigator, the tactical officer, the science officer, the communications officer and the first officer would have to be incapacitated. A first officer normally would go through all these roles to understand what these entail. Promoting ensign Tilly who hasn't served in any of these roles she is now supposed to command is just plain lunacy.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 4:58pm (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S2: Chapter 10: The Passenger

@Booming My comments weren’t directed towards anyone on this board. I was merely expressing my frustration with how that’s even a thing, much less something that keeps popping up in my Google feed. I don’t want anyone to take what I said personally, and honestly I think nearly everyone on this site are very intelligent and understand dark humor.
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Tommy D.
Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 4:46pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

I wont be too torn up about Saru choosing Tilly as a temporary XO as this is the same universe in which Wesley Crusher is at the helm during wartime in BOBW, on the flagship of the Federation no less.

I'm guessing most often it would have been Nhan chosen, if she were still aboard.

As for the episode, another 2.5 stars. I feel like they've hit a slight rut in the middle here and gone back to some old habits.
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Red D
Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 4:32pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

I think I'm finally done with Discovery. Watching this is becoming a chore, and not an enjoyable one either. This season really has plummeted to new depths of cringe and lameness. Awful.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 4:31pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

@Quincy ENT has established Vulcan women do go into Pon Farr. Lucky Saru!

@Booming covered my biggest gripe with this series. TOO. MANY. BURNHAM. TEARS. Dear Lord, can someone do a CBC (Crying Burnham Count) this season, I think she’s broken down into tears in just about every episode. It’s lazy writing to try and make you empathize with a poorly written character.

I did like the courtroom drama (ST has been long overdo for some), but unlike the all time greats i.e. TNG’s The Drumhead or VOY’s Death Wish, it just didn’t challenge me intellectually. And the more I watch PIC and DIS I realize they aren’t trying to challenge me intellectually, only viscerally. So I guess I’m the one that needs to change with the times, instead of insisting that Trek gotta be Trek. But we saw what we don’t really see often in most courtroom dramas, which is our protagonist actually loses the argument. Good job not taking the easy out.

Re: Burnham’s mother.... Why? I mean really for what purpose at this juncture? Introducing Nimoy’s Spock and the Qowat Milat was a great idea to effectively bridge DIS thru TOS, into TNG and straight out to PIC, why do you have to cram her mother into it? It’s worse than (SPOILERS)making Rey a Palpatine.

Re: Tilly... Why are everyone’s panties in a twist? It’s *acting* No. 1 until he finds an adequate substitute. I see no problem with having someone you trust hold that spot until you make you’re final decision. If she fails, you’re not fight Klingons and universe-ending AI, so it’s not too critical. And if she thrives, well you already have the crew behind her. I see this as a non-issue. In the realm of Discovery’s bad ideas, this is definitely not near the top of my list.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 4:28pm (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S2: Chapter 13

This series is going to make me a Star Wars nut. Grogu!!

IMO opinion, this was the best episode of 'The Mandalorian' yet!!

Rosario Dawson was frakin OUTSTANDING as Tano! Really, she should have played Michael Burnham like was initially planned. She has more acting prowess in her pinky than SMG has in her whole body.

I haven't seen all of 'The Clone Wars' but I remember her.

I don't know all the players, like who she was looking for and all that but man, this episode had me gripped for the entire 31 minutes. Everything was fantastic. The pace, the acting, scenery, the fighting... all of it.

Just fantastic!

4 stars easy!
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 4:01pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

There are good ideas behind the episode, and plenty of ambition in tying directly to TNG. The execution isn't as good as it can be though. I'd rate this higher than the previous episode, but this episode should have been two episodes not one.

It makes perfect sense for Romulans to end up on Vulcan after all that happened, and the idea of tensions is reasonable as well. But we are never given any idea for why these tensions are so politically relevant centuries later. Why is there so much dissension among Vulcano-Romulans (those in the middle)? No idea. This is a pity, since the scenes which focus on the Vulcans are intriguing (Saru being an effective diplomat is another highlight), and there could have been more exploration of the Vulcans/Romulans.

Also, I'd have expected the Spore Drive will be mentioned during the trial scenes. 'You are worried we will misuse SB-19 data. The Federation already has a drive technology which will avoid dilithium, yet did not use it due to risk to the universe*. If that's how we act with a complete working drive, SB-19 will be safe with us'. They lug this absurd fantasy tech around and don't mention it the one time it's actually very relevant? Sigh.

The problem is that A-plot is focused on Burnham to the detriment of other considerations. Burnham deserves what she gets, but she isn't as engaging, and I'm not entirely convinced by her confession (her mom telling us she tells the truth is a case of 'show not tell'. Frankly that witness is very unreliable). Two episodes would have allowed us to focus on the Vulcans more without dropping the Burnham plotline.

As for the B-Plot, promoting Tilly is well telegraphed (she was 'Killy' in S1) yet still absurd and unearned. She was uncertain of herself as late as 'Far from home'! The most obvious thing would have been to send some 32nd Starfleet officer to serve as XO. This would have avoided all those exposition scenes. From the cast, Reno would have been the better choice.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 3:53pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

Also, did you notice there was no actual tackling of the problem? Stamets goes from "it's a little insane" to "SAY YES!" in the space of an hour, with half the crew behind him.
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Richard Webb
Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 3:52pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

Incidentally @John has hit the nail on the head
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Richard Webb
Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 3:47pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

In many ways this could have been a compelling, courtroom episode of Star Trek - but it’s so middling, inoffensive and not particularly engaging that it lacks the bite of previous episodes. Tilly being promoted to first officer is just the icing on a cake of the absurd. Michael’a mother being the the ‘surprise guest’ is a close second.

I’m fine with Michael Burhan being a protagonist, but a protagnist doesn’t mean you have to solve every problem, be successful at everything and ‘save the world’ as they’ve done with her character. I’d hoped they’d be making her a bit more nuanced in this series (early indicators this was the case) but now we’re back to same old Discovery.

Not terrible, but Bunham remains the least interesting character and every episode that focuses on her is by its nature less than stellar.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 3:40pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

Exactly my thoughts Booming.

Discovery in a crisis:
Saru: Options, number 1?
Tilly: Umm...
Science officer: Sir, the ship is about to be destroyed. We have 30 seconds.
Saru: Number 1? I need options, now.
Tilly: Okay! I'm thinking...
Science officer: 10 seconds to destruction and counting...

So how does the rest of the crew feel about this? An XO without any training putting all of them at risk...
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 3:26pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

The writers put in Tilly as acting XO just to keep the seat warm until Burnham’s arc of redemption and truly finding her place in Starfleet is complete. And then she will be XO again. It’s the only logical explanation I can think of.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 3:20pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

And when the very young XO messes up, does that mean that people get killed?
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 3:10pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

I wonder if that very saccharine personal/emotional approach is something they have found via focus group (as alluded to upthread) resonates with today's audiences? Or is it just the predilection of this writing staff?

@Luis Dantes: "This is shaping up to be perhaps the best Trek series ever."

WHOA flaming hot take!!
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 3:06pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

I still like it, intresting episode.

To all those who are disturbed regarding Tillys promotion. I my professional life i experienced a similar situation when a younger female overtook a bunch of more senior men and was placed in a similar XO position. It worked ok. So if it is possible in the reality, why would it not be in Star Trek? The spore drive seems to be accepted ;-).
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