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Welcome to my site of acclaimed reviews of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and more. I'm Jamahl Epsicokhan, and I've been posting my reviews online since 1994. I founded this site in March 1995. Since then it has grown to include reviews of the complete Star Trek canon. More about me.

Mission statement

My goal is to provide the web's best single-author site for reviews about Star Trek. Too lofty? Perhaps. But my approach is one that balances fan geekiness with down-to-earth accessibility, scrutinizing the shows as mainstream television. I try not to get too bogged down in the technobabble or plausibility of the franchise's universe, but I do discuss those aspects and whether they work as drama on their own terms.

The reviews offer plot recaps as well as opinion and analysis. Because I cover every episode of every one of the Trek series (as well as the movies), I bring a completist fan's expertise to the table. I also invite you to discuss the shows yourself. This site features an active commenting community by a lot of smart and articulate participants.

Series covered and when they were reviewed

Star Trek: The Original SeriesRetrospectively written in 1998
Star Trek: The Animated SeriesRetrospectively written in 2023
Star Trek: The Feature FilmsFrom First Contact onward, written shortly after original theatrical releases; previous seven film reviews written from 2001-2005
Star Trek: The Next GenerationRetrospectively written from 2005-2013
Star Trek: Deep Space NineWritten from 1994-1999 during original run of series (except seasons 1-2 retrospectively written in 1997)
Star Trek: VoyagerWritten from 1995-2001 during original run of series
Star Trek: EnterpriseWritten from 2001-2005 during original run of series
Star Trek: DiscoveryWritten from 2017-2024 during original run of series
Star Trek: PicardWritten from 2020-2023 during original run of series
Star Trek: Lower DecksCurrently being written as the series airs
Star Trek: ProdigyCurrently being written as the series airs
Star Trek: Strange New WorldsCurrently being written as the series airs
Star WarsFor first seven movies, written in January 2016; subsequently as movies and series were released
The MandalorianCurrently being written as the series airs (began reviewing in 2020 during season 2)
Battlestar GalacticaWritten from 2005-2009 during original run of series
CapricaWritten in 2010 during original run of series (first half of season only; second half not written)
The OrvilleWritten from 2017-2022 during original run of series
Gene Roddenberry's AndromedaFor first two seasons, written from 2000-2002 during original run of series (I stopped after that)
Movie ReviewsThis is a section for miscellaneous one-off movie reviews that don't fall into the Star Trek or Star Wars categories
Jammer's BlogStray topics, personal observations, general complaints, ad hoc reviews of movies and TV, and whatever else I feel like writing about and sharing. It do what it do.

General review information

  • Spoiler warning: Nearly all my reviews contain significant spoilers. If you haven't seen an episode/movie and don't want to be spoiled, then be forewarned.
  • Format and length: My reviews are a blend of synopsis and analysis/opinion. Although they are intended to be read by those familiar with the shows, most of them also contain enough synopsis so that someone who hasn't seen the shows can fully understand them. The length of the reviews can vary widely, as different seasons and shows were written at different times under different circumstances.
  • My rating scale: I use the old-school four-star model, not the more typically popular five-star model of today. See details here.

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