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March 25, 2024

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Content repositories are irrelevant.

I hinted that this was likely coming with the redesign announcement, and later my blog post announcing that I would no longer cross-post in the blog for the purposes of getting review announcements into the RSS feed (since I now have a more efficient way of doing that). But now it's time to make it official: My separate (but very-related) blog website, first created back in 2007 as IDWID, and later relaunched in 2009 as Jammer's Blog, has now come home to the mothership in the form of a new Jammer's Blog subsection within the main site.

This new section also incorporates the former Articles & Miscellaneous section of the main site, which was itself sort of the former blog section, where I used to post miscellaneous thoughts until I launched the separate blog site in 2007. There were roughly 45 or so articles in that section, as well as 837 comments. I also had 200 or so blog posts from the Jammer's Blog website (excluding the 200+ items that were cross-post notifications). Over the last few weeks I've been moving all those posts back here to the main site, along with the 3,400+ comments. Now they're all together, in this new and simplified section.

Why did I do this? Well, the biggest reason was one of simplifying, and getting all the comments together. From a user experience perspective, the big strike against having two sites was the split commenting systems, which were segregated in two databases, making the blog comments an isolated afterthought with limited visibility. With them merged together, all the interactions that happen in the comment stream can now also incorporate the blog posts — and, in particular, future blog posts.

And, of course, there was my own anal-retentive nature when it comes to order and organization. For a long time, it has bugged me that I have two sites, with two separate ways of managing the content, when the reality was I wanted the same audience to see both sites. At one point, many years ago, I thought I would move more toward the WordPress-managed side of things. WordPress is a great piece of software, but the nature of how I have my site organized is really geared toward my more customized approach, and over the years I've become much more efficient at managing the content within it. So I've taken the opposite tack and instead copied all my content out of WordPress. This involved me going back and pulling all that content back into my custom system, which gave me the excuse to clean up the formatting, fix or remove dead links, and write new descriptions for all the posts. Microsoft Excel was helpful for many of these tasks, but they've still occupied much of my non-family-related free time for the past month. (*) Hopefully, I'm done with site tinkering for a good, long while.

* It didn't help that, a week ago, right as I was originally planning to post this update, my hosting provider decided to upgrade my database version, which unwittingly converted my character encoding in all the comments, messing up the formatting in a good percentage of them. This resulted in the latest rabbit hole of research in the effort to fix them, along with all my old, outdated database structures.)

With the blog content merged back into the main site, it feels more a part of the whole. Looking back at the blog posts I wrote 15 or more years ago was a fun trip down memory lane, but also a weird reminder of how I was intentionally taking on a more caustic and irreverent tone for those posts — almost adopting a different persona. And, of course, it was a crushing reminder of how long ago I wrote about things that don't at all feel like they could've been that long ago already. Sigh.

The new blog section is pretty simple. It's a linear list of all the posts, with the newest on top, and a simple but useful filter that lets you search all the posts. There are categories assigned to all the posts, which you can filter with the manual search, or with the pre-established links. It do what it do.

I don't know if this blog assimilation also represents the latest reboot where I'll now be motivated to do more off-topic writing. (To be fair, that very much remains to be seen and is by no means a priority. We've got new Star Trek coming back in less than two weeks with Discovery's final season, so I'll have enough on my plate.) But this certainly makes it more likely rather than less.

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    A new blog entry -- within and about the newly consolidated Jammer's Blog section -- is now posted.

    Sounds like a ton of work. I get wanting to do that work to clean things up, streamline, and organize. Congrats on getting it done. Also, 15 years in the span of the universe isn’t that long. It actually isn’t even terribly long in the span of a lifetime, especially when it happens in the latter part of the middle of that lifetime.

    The RSS Feed for Jammer's Announcements (https://www.jammersreviews.com/info/announcements.php?rss=1) does not seem to be working. The Jammer's Blog feed had a new article, but not the Announcements feed. My RSS provider (NetVibes) says it can't be parsed.

    I am commander Shepard and this is my favorite Star Trek website on the citadel.

    Just in time for me to start DS9 for the first time ever.

    Looking forward to your reviews on nu-Trek, too, Jammer!

    I'll read it wherever, since IDWID. I've even re-read "Jammer goes to LA" and the "Anykey" saga a couple times in the last 20 years since it's fun and you're an entertaining writer.

    Anyways, during the current hiatus I changed my link to this site to Random Reviews, which is a great way to open my day. I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing.

    PS Thanks for getting me into BSG! Now go punch your flat screen monitor over the most comprehensive review you've written this year ;-D

    4 stars.

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