Battlestar Galactica

“Six of One”

3.5 stars.

Air date: 4/11/2008
Written by Michael Angeli
Directed by Anthony Hemmingway

Review Text

If "He That Believeth in Me" served to orient us with all the changes arising from the various twists provided to us at the end of "Crossroads, Part 2," then "Six of One" is the emotional aftermath in which the characters begin to deal with these issues in earnest. The resulting drama is a powerful mix of raw emotion and intimate character detail — an episode sold almost exclusively on performances.

Consider the very first scene, which picks up from the end of "Believeth," with Kara pointing a gun to Roslin's head and demanding that she turn the fleet around and follow Kara's gut feeling to Earth. This scene is not played simply as plot development or a clich├ęd hostage standoff. This is a scene about characters, about feelings, about identity, about choices.

It is also about performances; watch Mary McDonnell and Katee Sackhoff in this scene. It is raw, it is emotional, it is powerful. McDonnell portrays Roslin as genuinely alarmed by the gun in her face and the madness unfolding before her eyes, and Sackhoff plays Kara as a woman on the verge of a total meltdown: She has put her life on the line, watched her friends die, and now returns to this? A ship where many are assuming she's a Cylon? She puts her gun on the table and asks Roslin to shoot her. Roslin says, "They made you perfect, didn't they?" and then picks up the gun and pulls the trigger. She narrowly misses, but the fact that she fires speaks volumes. Kara is thrown in a cell, kicking and screaming the whole way. It's gutsy (and potentially risky) to take shrieking to such heights, but the rawness of the scene pays off.

The nature of what Kara is and how the Colonials respond to her brings up interesting questions. What if she is a Cylon? What does that mean? As Lee asked in "Believeth," does it really matter at the end of the day? One might ask Tigh et al this very question. (I love the fact that Tigh refers to Cylons as "skin-jobs" full well knowing that he is one.) Personally, I'm beginning to think that being a Cylon has reached the point that it might as well be a psychological condition, because it's about what you think you are and whether you might act on impulses outside your control. It's less and less so about whether you are a "machine," because at a certain point, what's the difference between a perfect biological machine with thoughts and feelings, and a human being? Sure, Cylons can be "programmed," but can't people be brainwashed? What, honestly, at the end of the day, is the difference?

The characters themselves will at some point really have to grapple with these facts. Adama has known Tigh for 40 years. Would Adama throw all that history away because Tigh thinks he's a Cylon? If Tigh came out tomorrow and said, "I'm a Cylon," would anyone truly believe him, or would they just dismiss him and think to themselves, "No, you're an alcoholic." And besides, don't people more or less trust Athena, even though she's a Cylon? At what point does being a Cylon no longer matter? If Adama, for example, can get over the fact Athena is a Cylon, couldn't he get over Tigh? Or would their relationship collapse under the weight of its history in light of that new revelation?

The question over what to do with Kara, meanwhile, results in a series of potent scenes, including one where Adama confronts Kara in her cell (even throwing her to the ground) for her reckless actions against the president. It's always entertaining to watch Edward James Olmos when Adama is really pissed.

But for me, the high point of the episode is the quieter — but equally emotional and powerful — scene in Adama's quarters between him and Roslin. Roslin can see that Adama wants to put his faith in Kara and she calls on him to admit it. I particularly appreciated the irony in Adama, the atheist, finding that he suddenly must reevaluate his position on miracles. The way these two characters fence is fascinating and at the same time painful. Roslin scoffs at the notion that Kara could be anything but a cancer, and tells Adama that he wants to believe because he's losing everyone around him — his son, who is leaving the ship to join the Colonial government, as well as Roslin herself, who is once again dying of cancer. Adama's response of denial — "No one's going anywhere" — is heartbreaking in its delivery. I also liked his line, "You can stay in the room, but get out of my head."

This is a scene of wonderful, nuanced performances, where a lot is said in dialog but even more is spoken between the lines. Watch as Adama pours a drink, then gets up, and pours another — then gets up again and pours yet another. Here is a man in deep conflict with what lies in front of him. Roslin, who seems so sure of herself and her beliefs — both her belief that Kara is a threat and her belief that Roslin herself is prophesied as the dying leader to take humanity to Earth — is anything but certain, and Adama uses cold, hard truth to remind her of that, explaining that Roslin's convictions are one of emotional necessity more than they may be one of truth: "You're afraid that you're not the dying leader you think you are — and that your death will be as meaningless as everyone else's." It's enough to reduce Roslin to tears after Adama leaves the room. What a scene, and, wow, how it's so quietly accomplished.

I also appreciated the farewell for Lee. He's leaving Galactica, and the fanfare really drives home the point. Again, this is an example of emotion trumping plot. Is this scene strictly necessary as plot development? No, but it sure lends an emotional and character current to the proceedings.

I haven't even scratched the surface of Tory agreeing to sleep with Baltar to gain insights into the Cylon condition and One True God religion ("He was poking a skin-job, that's for sure," Tigh notes when giving Tory her infiltration assignment; you gotta love this guy's directness.) Or how about the hilariously quirky and odd scene where Baltar is having a conversation with Tory and finds himself suddenly talking to a projection of himself. What does it mean? I have no idea, but it's funny and cool.

There's also dissension among the ranks of the Cylon fleet. Turns out the reason the fleet withdrew is because the Cylon Raiders sensed the presence of the Final Five in the fleet and as a result refused to continue fighting. The Cavils want to reprogram (i.e., lobotomize) the Raiders so that they obey, viewing them as nothing more than tools. The Sixes believe that doing so is morally wrong and a crime against God, and also believe the Final Five should be sought out to rejoin the Cylon race This divide splits the Cylons down the middle into two factions (Cavil/Doral/Simon vs. Six/Leoben/Sharon). Cavil and Six are deadlocked, and when Cavil dismisses Six's last warning, she takes the radical step of removing the sentience inhibitors from the Centurions, which take her side in the standoff and open fire on the Cavils/Dorals/Simons.

At this point, my Irony Detector was on full alert: Here's Six taking matters into her own hands and giving the Centurions free will. She is repeating the very actions of humanity in unleashing unpredictable sentience into the populace of its creators, who have up to now treated them as simple machines. The children of humanity, it would seem, are destined to repeat the mistakes of their parents.

"Six of One" ends with Adama giving Kara a ship and crew to investigate the path to Earth. He cannot commit the fleet to Kara, but he also cannot simply turn his back on what he believes in. This feels about right. At the end of the day, "Six of One" is about feelings and emotions more than it is about reacting from solid-ground logic. Sometimes you don't have enough information to make the fully reasoned choice, and you have to go on your gut.

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    Nailed it on the head, Jammer. I look forward to watching the season unfold through the eyes of your reviews. Peace!

    You know, I read a lot of Battlestar Galactica reviews yet none of them ever make as much sense to me as yours do. Thanks a lot.

    excellent analysis of the Galactica/human story threads but you failed to analyze or discuss in great detail the Cylon dissension and Tory and final four story threads... for example i was wondering what you thought of Boomer's decision in this ep.. because even though it was surprising and interesting I still find it questionable and possibly inconsistent with her character or not explained well enough.. more to the point still not sure why whoever programmed the Cylons would program Raiders to be able to ID final five so they don't accidentally kill or harm them but NOT program the human models the same way-- esp since human models have free will and thus could pose more threat-- like D'anna almost killing Anders in Downlloaded or Tigh in detention on New Caprica? seems like a foolish inconsistency.. and wouldnt Cavil at least want to confrim the final five are not in the fleet before reprogramming the raiders and dismissing Six's assertion? wondering if these questions/possible plot holes came to your mind Jammer and what you thought.. maybe hopefully youll discuss this plot more in ties that bind review since two main plots of that ep are cylon civil war and Tory turning to dark side...

    It's GREAT to see a new review up. I've been waiting a long time! I look forward to more (and yes, I know you have a life outside of here).

    Hey I just checked the site hoping maybe for another update about how hectic your life is and why nothing will be posted until 2016, but a review will suffice, I guess.


    I tease. Take your time!

    This is a nice retrospective for me, I forgot how good Six of One really was, after all the drama of the last 3-4 episodes

    I thought Six of One was a very good episode, but I don't think it quite breaks out into standout.

    This is probably the first of many episodes I'll disagree with you on this season...

    For example, I think Escape Velocity is one of the most brilliant hours of television, although I don't expect you to think so.

    Look forward to more reviews.

    My ratings for the season:
    He That Believeth In Me: 3
    Six of One: 3
    The Ties That Bind: 3.5
    Escape Velocity: 4
    The Road Less Traveled: 2.5
    Faith: 3.5
    Guess What's Coming to Dinner: 4
    Sine Qua Non: 2.5 (Romo... oh Romo...)
    The Hub: 3.5
    Revelations: 4

    Superb season.

    Dude, you're in MY head again. Right on, welcome back, hope things have settled down at home, and I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of your reviews so I can finally have some closure with the season!

    'grats Jammer, excellent review! Really looking forward to the rest of your reviews, you always manage to spot things I miss!

    Finally new review! Keep them comming.

    This review makes me want to see this episode again, so I just have a chance to see what I missed.

    Nice insight on the irony issue. I must admit that it whizzed me by - but now sitting the the midseason hiatus and thinking about Baltar's dialogue in the last episode... You can't help but wonder if it's going to be taken further.

    Thanks for the reviews. They rawk.

    Emmy nominations are out today, and look what BSG racked up:

    # Cinematography For A One Hour Series - Razor
    # Single-camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series - He That Believeth In Me
    # Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (one-hour) - Razor
    # Special Class - Short-format Live-action Entertainment Programs - Razor Featurette #4
    # Special Visual Effects For A Series - He That Believeth In Me
    # Writing For A Drama Series - Six of One

    Writing nom for this very ep. Hooray!

    I think Jammer should just hang it up. I mean, the delays have been going on for years now....but now it has gotten to the point of absurdity. Either you want to continue to do this or you don't Jammer...if you no longer have the time, it is time to quit.

    Okay, then. I quit. *rolls eyes*

    No one is forcing you to wait around if you don't want to wait. I mean, really: It's a web site. It even has an RSS feed that tells you when it's updated. It's not like you have to wait outside in the rain for delivery dates that have been missed.

    Real life intrudes. It's life. Like many I am looking forward to seeing the reviews, but there is way too much going on in life to sit and wait and gripe when it takes a while.

    Jammer take what time you need, make it right. Peace!

    I agree, Blacksburg.

    I'm a writer myself and have written a series of critical analyses for another show much in the way Jammer has reviewed his favourite shows here. If Soptupa had even the slightest inkling of the amount of work and willpower that it takes to produce several multi-thousand-word reviews/analyses per week/month while simultaneously battling the horde of daily responsibilites, he/she would promptly shut the fuck up.

    I feel like that should happen anyway.

    We all love your reviews, Jammer, but certain life things must always come first. We'll be here when you're ready, as always. :)

    I kinda hope they continue to be delayed for season 4.5 That way, when BSG is done and over with (well, except for the telemovies that are in the works), I'll have, every few weeks, a splendid Jammer Review to read. Reading what you think about the episodes will keep BSG continuing (in a way) after it is over with. I'm sorry to say that I've come to depend on Jammer for closure regarding episodes and seasons and even shows, but here that's a nice thing. I won't have to close the book on BSG for a while.

    I finally started watching season 4 a cpl days ago and as usual your reviews are spot on. (Got rid of cable so I have to d/l them or watch on

    I'm just posting this to say that your blogs and reviews rock and I've been perusing them since your DS9/VOY days. Ignore the naysayers that think u don't update enough. I think u update plenty considering u write so well on top of having an actual life. The fact u do what u do with everything else is definitely epic and I, among others, thank u for it.

    Keep writing and we'll keep reading.

    One of the few times I'm disagreeing with Jammer. I thought this episode was 'blah', which pretty much sums how how I felt about the season. Ever since the end of 'The Eye of Jupiter', I've been bored watching Battlestar, my favourite series. There was a few good moments, and I thought 'The Hub' was excellent, but overall, all I've really seen is pretension, bad dialogue, and terribly cliche and boring Drama.

    What a fall.

    I have to agree Josh. I hope the series ends strongly. Lots of people disliked the 3rd season, I loved it. The 4th season, easily my least favorite of the series.

    And wow it's been a longtime since a new review. Hope everything is alright in your world Jammer. Soptupa does have a point, if you quit enjoying doing reviews you should just quit. You don't owe it to anyone to do reviews. Of course I hope you'll continue, since it gives me a different way to relive the episodes and see things in a different frame of mind.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: If I didn't still enjoy reviewing, I wouldn't do it. It's not about enjoyment; it's about prioritizing. Reviewing will become a priority again, but it's just a matter of time.

    Everything in my world is fine. It's just that I've had a lot on my plate, and the cushion I've got with BSG's hiatus is motivatng me to wait rather than rush back.

    I don't know about Josh and Alex, but BSG I don't think has fallen this season or any other. It's just changed the type of stories it tells and the way it tells it. I think the ratings for individual episodes are as strong as any season, perhaps stronger. And the overall quality is still great. Definitely not feeling let down.

    But I can see people being disappointed if they don't like the stories being told. It's definitely a different BSG from season 1, and I guess people need to decide if they like it. I know I do.

    I do think each season has a different feel or tone to it.

    Without making criticisms that would include spoilers, I'll simply say I did not enjoy season 4 as much as any prior season.

    Look forward to Jammer's take in the future.

    I understand the desire and need to tell different stories with each season. It was executed well on series like "Angel," "DS9," and "B5," but not so well on other series, like "Alias," "Smallville," and "Lost."

    IMHO, the concept and execution of many episodes in BSG Seasons 3 & 4 hasn't been up to snuff. I feel that the producers lost direction in Season 3 after the opener and found their focus only after SciFi decided to make Season 4 the last. But several of the episodes in the first half of Season 4 strike me as being sloppy in spots. I am also dubious about the Armageddon direction that Ron Moore and gang are taking the Colonials and Cylons in.

    BSG's ratings have eroded a bit over the last two seasons. Among the remaining audience, many fans are still satisfied with the series. But many viewers are also dissatisfied. I fall into the latter group.

    Boris, there are just two little things wrong with what you've said (factual, not opinion).

    SciFi didn't make season 4 the last season. They said it was a possibility, but it was ultimately Moore who decided BSG should end on four because that was just when the story should end. He told that to Scifi, and that's why they ordered season 4 to be the final season.

    The other thing is that the ratings have actually improved this season.

    Another great review Jammer. Any chance of you taking on Doctor Who or Torchwood?

    Gotta say that i've actually really enjoyed season 4 of Battlestar. I agree with a couple of other people here, I don't think that the quality has dropped I just think that like seasons 1-4 this season has a very different feel. This change in tone has probably proved offputting to some viewers.

    Looking forward to your opinion jammer

    I was mistaken in saying SciFi cancelled the series rather than Ron Moore.

    The ratings for Season 4 have been better than Season 3, but not at the levels they were for the miniseries and first two seasons. I'd say that the ratings are as relatively high as they are due to the remaining audience knowing that the series will be axed and wanting to see as much of the show as possible while it's still in production.

    Paradoxically, though the ratings aren't what they used to be, the show has become more popular among the fans who still view it.

    There are also just a lot of new viewers. I know that in the hiatus between seasons 3 and 4 I got a lot of people hooked on BSG and found out others had discovered it for themselves.

    Ron Moore posts podcasts for most of the episodes. They are free on iTunes. I find him very engaging and he gives interesting insights on why story choices were made, what the intentions were, what should have been done differently, what got cut, etc. I find them to be a good complement Jammer's reviews . (The podcasts will be the episode commentary when the DVD is issued)

    I've been reading your reviews for years; they're great. I enjoy your full reviews (especially as a resource), so I'd rather you delayed the BSG reviews longer and wrote full length. Just my two cents, and of course yours is the only vote that counts.

    My God man, it's going on four months. Please give us something. Anything!

    Do some god damn reviews!!!

    How about those TNG reviews that people paid out of their own pocket to buy you the DVD's so you could review them???


    Which election? Just kidding, Jammer. I think Season "4.5" starts in January, though, so that's obviously the thing to shoot for.

    Please, Jammer, please put up a review! The election is over, it's time; arrrrrrrgh

    Great reviews so far!

    Take all the time you need with the reviews, Jammer.

    Just out of curiosity, though, will they be coming 1 at a time or in bulk when you post them?

    Personally I wouldn't mind reading capsule reviews for the remaining episodes of Galactica (like the ones for TNG) if Jammer's time is limited. Real life must take always priority over the web. So I'd say, Jammer, if you feel you don't have the time any more for in-depth reviews, go capsule. Reading your opinion for each episode is what I hold most important.

    The reviews are going to be starting back up soon -- within the next week or two. I'm staring at a deadline again (BSG starts back up in mid-January), which is always a good motivator.

    My plan is to average one new BSG review (in my usual full-length format) every week between now and the premiere.

    I know I've been MIA for a long time, and I know it has become unacceptable; it's unacceptable to me. This site is long, LONG overdue for an update. The first, perhaps even the second, will be coming before month's end. There, I said it. Now I will make myself live by it.

    I have lots of time on my hands, so no rush. Just try to finish them before I die. Thanks.

    That's a bold pledge Jamahl, takes guts to put it in writting! I hope you manage to keep your outlined schedule as it'll keep us great company for the months to come... (and I pray no external diversion blocks your good intentions!!)

    OK, I'm taking bets. How many reviews will Jammer have up by December 1st? Your choices are:

    1. 0
    2. 1
    3. 2
    4. More than 2

    If you bet correctly, you will be among the most famous and revered among the commentators at

    Baltar @ Head Baltar: "OH MY GIDDY AUNT!"

    ROFL. Best line of the season, imo.

    Without really putting too much thought into this post, can anyone help me out with something that has been nagging me.
    Since Tigh is a Cylon and has been for the 40 odd years he's been around Adama and the Colonial Fleet, how was he born/created? If you watch the flashbacks when Adama crashed on the ice planet in the first Cylon war and discovered the lab where the Cylons were experimenting on humans, then isn't the timeline thrown out of wack a little.

    Maybe the answer is that he was created to be the age he was when he met Bill Adama, but that doesn't feel right.

    Or does is have something to do with what we know in future episdes *Spoiler Alert* with Tigh being one of the original Cylon creaters.

    It hurts my head.....

    Now, of course I have to add at this point that I know this is just a TV show and to a certain degree you have to just sit back and watch it instead of thinking too much about the who's, why's and whatnots. I normally do, but in this episode I couldn't shake this question from my head.


    When you said, "It's less and less so about whether you are a "machine," because at a certain point, what's the difference between a perfect biological machine with thoughts and feelings, and a human being?" I found that that completely summarizes how I feel. I just finished watching "Sometimes a Great Notion" and asked myself that exact same question. Maybe, though, that's the point that the series is trying to get at? I've always found that bsg has some message about the human condition. Love your reviews!

    K+L Forever

    And now I have another reason to be glad I'm watching the series after it ended: I can read Jammer's review as soon as I have finished viewing the episode :D

    There is a deleted scene where Boomer explains that she has been in a relationship with one of the Cavils, that partially explains her motivations for going against her model.

    3.5 shiny ones? No way.

    The only interesting bits came along in the last ten or so minutes: The intra-cylon rebellion and consequent bloodbath, and Adam setting Kara loose. The rest of it I can't even remember, and I only finished watching this show less than five minutes ago.

    Very nice episode. For me this felt like a bit of return to form. The Baltar + Baltar scene is gold.

    Love the reviews! And as I am watching BSG several years later than everyone else, your reviews are in time for me!

    "I particularly appreciated the irony in Adama, the atheist, finding that he suddenly must reevaluate his position on miracles."

    Perhaps. It depends on what you mean by miracles. They can either be 1) events which are caused by the supernatural, or 2)
    material phenomena not explainable by our science. If the latter, then the science just needs to get better. "Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic..."

    So, Starbuck's return could be a miracle under either of these understandings. I'm guessing, it is the former. Which is a bummer, because that ain't SciFi. (Yes, my recurring gripe about what I think this series has become)

    And speaking of SciFi: Cylon Civil War! YES!!!!!!!

    This is the kind of thing that goes heart of science fiction: how technology affects us, and how placing humans in the alternative universe of advanced tech allows us to understand what it means to be human. SciFi is all about exploring what it means to be human.

    Cylons are not human; but they are. We -- homo sapiens and Cylon -- are tool using biological machines. We can even interbreed in BSG. The exploration of their humanity is, IMO, the most interesting and appealing part of the show. And this episode finally brought all that out. By raising the morality of the humanoid Cylon enslavement of the more machine Centurions and Raiders. And the civil war, Totally awesome!!

    I second the comment about the interaction between Adama and Roslin.... it's so touching.
    That and the scene a couple of eps. back where Laura calls Bill asking him to order her out of bed.
    They've become like the old married couple without ever being the married couple.
    It's been so subdued and so well done.

    This Final Five thing makes no sense.

    Is there only one of each of the five models? If so, then how come they all ended up on Galactica? There was no guarantee that Galactica would've been spared in the initial attack. If it WAS by design that they'd be on Galactica, then why would the Cylons have done all they could to destroy Galactica and the entire humanity if the Final Five meant so much to them OR if the Final Five could do enough to destroy Galactica from within? If they are on Galactica by happenstance, then there must have been many other copies on the Twelve Colonies; how come they have not resurrected? Why are the Cylons surprised that the Final Five might be on Galactica; where else could they possibly be?!?

    How come Baltar is able to strut around, including in the bar, without anyone trying to pop him?

    @Michael :

    Remember Cavil specifically repressed knowledge of the final five, reducing it to a taboo mythology. I think we are to infer that all five survived (Tori didn't start out on Galactica) is a miracle--part of the divine hand guiding the events of the series.

    The ironic BS meter went off for me with Cavil. Cylons complain that humans don't see them as alive because they are machines. Then he butchers the raiders saying they are nothing more then tools.

    That's some seriously juicy hypocrisy right there.

    Well I dont know, If this all isnt evidence that Kara is mentally ill, I dont know what is.

    The scenes with her screaming and foaming at the mouth were irritating. I was hoping Roslin hadnt missed when she shot her. I find the misgivings people have about her completely rational. She came back from the dead and short of a plausible explanation as to why she is back, to expect that these people dont question her resurrection doesnt make sense.

    Adama is an idiot for wasting man power and resource to give her a ship to act out her mental illness. If she really is doing all this casue of some divine providence then the writers should have portrayed as a bit more sane and less mentally unstable and frakked out of her mind.

    Baltar busting out an "Oh my giddy-od" is up there with "no more mr nice Guius!" for funniest one liners in the show

    @Matthew Martin
    Baltar actually says "oh my giddy aunt" - UK English saying I use myself.

    It's an expression of surprise on on a par with "well I'll go to the foot of the stairs" which I hope to hear Baltar use before the show is over.

    I wish this site had a bloody edit button: it's "I'll go to the foot of OUR stairs".

    Another mixed bag for me -- some strange developments amongst the Cylons, and the whole Kara/Roslin/Adama thing was a roller-coaster. And as for Tory shagging Baltar as an information-gathering exercise -- it's kind of lowbrow stuff. But there were some pretty convincing acting performances like from Sackhoff and the scene with Roslin/Adama over what to do about Kara and each other. Tossing in the Lee departure felt like one too many things here.

    Again the Cylons continue to disappoint me with their stupidity. So Dean Stockwell thinks he can lobotomize the raiders but forgets to do anything about the Centurion robots and #6 just gives them the ability to reason and so the Centurions blow away the skin jobs who voted for dumbing down the raiders. But is that supposed to mean the raiders don't get lobotomized? Won't the skin job models (the 4s/5s/1s) just get reborn and carry on according to the vote? Guess we'll see next episode what the writers decide to do since it seems very wishy-washy. At least the skin jobs realize something has changed...

    I don't get how Baltar now has a "guardian angel" as himself in that scene with Tory in the mess hall. I do feel BSG is making stuff up as it goes along this season so far...

    I liked how Adama stuck it to Roslin with the comment about her essentially not being as great as she thinks she is. But Roslin has a fair point about Adama losing everybody. These 2 consistently have quality scenes together -- always really well acted.

    Lee gets a grand good-bye -- BSG does these military things right and they always work on their own. But it felt like a 3rd wheel here.

    2.5 stars for "Six of One" -- actually think this episode is a bit of a mess, kind of all over the place. Appreciate getting the Cylons' take on the withdrawal, but they can shoot themselves in the foot as well as the humans can. Adama freeing Kara in the end so she can find Earth is, however, a great way to end this episode after what went down between Roslin and Adama.

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