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March 27, 1995

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Below is the text from the original Usenet post I wrote on rec.arts.startrek.current announcing the creation of this website.

*NEW WWW site for DS9 and Voyager*

From: Jamahl S Epsicokhan
To: rec.arts.startrek.current
Date: Mar 27, 1995, 4:41:50 PM

In an attempt to offer yet another information source for Star Trek enthusiasts, I have taken some time to produce a small yet comprehensive WWW site to the latest Star Trek episodes. Currently available is the to-date third season of Deep Space Nine and first season of Voyager. Right now, I'm keeping with the style of Andrew Tong's Next Generation page by having an index page that resembles his (though I don't really have the resources to be very fancy, at present). Each episode has a rating and review, as well as a link to press releases and episode credits.

Please note: This site is NOT complete at this time, as you will find many episodes missing, as well as a lack of instructions and user-friendly greetings. I am still in search of media (i.e., photos, gifs, logos) that will make the appearance better. Right now, consider it a "beta test." I still urge you to have a look, however.

The site is:

Feel free to send comments or suggestions to help me make this a better site.
My E-mail address is: [email protected]

—Jamahl Epsicokhan

The archived Usenet post can be found on Google Groups.

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