Podcast: Revisiting the Kelvin-verse in 'Star Trek' (2009)

March 8, 2022

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The cast of 2009's Star Trek.

In case you're interested, I was a guest on Luke and Matt's Sci-Fi Sanctuary podcast, where we talked about the 2009 reboot Star Trek movie, which of course I reviewed here many years ago.

This was my first time doing a podcast, even though podcasts are everywhere and so many people seem to have one. But Matt and Luke were kind enough to invite me on, and we sat down to record a couple weeks ago.

Now, I've never done this before, and I don't have a voice for radio or any sort of polished on-air presentation, which is why I usually stay behind the keyboard. But I thought it might be fun to try something different.

I talk a little bit about the history of Jammer's Reviews, then we dive into the subject of Trek '09, discussing things ranging from new actors stepping into iconic roles, Nero's strange methodology for sending hails, the way black holes (don't) work, ship and set designs, and how a movie reboots itself in-universe by using time-travel.

Wow, has it really been 13 years since this movie came out? It doesn't seem like it.

Watch the podcast on YouTube below.

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    I'm definitely going to listen to this, and if you started a podcast of your own, I'd be into that too! Like you, I juggle various family and other responsibilities, making it harder to just sit in front of a laptop (or even on my phone, reading/posting). But a podcast, I can listen while I'm cooking, cleaning, watching kids at the playground, or even using the bathroom.

    I was having trouble finding the podcast initially (I want to listen to it on my phone's Overcast podcatcher app, not linked from your post), and I discovered why. It's actually "Luke and Matt's..." so you might want to edit that.

    Looking forward to this, started listening and will get it all over a few days. Great topic and looking forward to your insight.

    In response to the above comment, I'd also *love* a regular podcast but as a guy who hosts a regular one himself, it's an absolute ass pain to do it well and very difficult to monetize in any meaningful way. So there's that.

    Yeah, the chances of me starting a podcast are zero. It requires time spent in a *much* more inflexible way, and on schedules beyond your own if you have guests (and if you don't, then really, why do it?), versus writing reviews. In the time spent producing a podcast, I could create far more content for this website. In terms of a value-to-time ratio, it's not even close.

    After reading your reviews for over twenty years, it's great to hear you speak!

    I just listened for a couple of minutes to hear your voice. Will get to the whole thing. I completely agree about DS9.

    That was awesome. A little weird to hear your voice after so many years of reading your reviews but you did great. Hopefully more Trek podcasts bring you on as a guest

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