Review: 'Too Late With Adam Corolla'

August 9, 2005

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Now here's a great idea for a half-hour talk show:

Let's get Adam Corolla, the guy from that embarassing, proud-to-be-bathing-in-clich├ęs Man Show and the long-since-forgotten Loveline, and give him 30 minutes to fill after the smart and hilarious Daily Show.

The concept: Give him a half-hour that's "unscripted" and have him answer live phone calls and talk about pointless, random BS in a way that's supposed to resemble witty observations.

The only problems are that witty observations have to contain some semblance of wit, and a comedy show should look like it wasn't thrown together in the two minutes before the cameras started rolling. More important, it has to be funny. Even kind of funny. Even a little bit sort of kind of funny. Which Too Late is not.

The only thing I don't understand is how talented guests like The Crystal Method and a historical icon like Buzz Aldrin have found their way into such a content-free televised void. Boredom, I guess. Which is what you must be to watch this show (or worse, to review this show).

The show has aired two episodes, and it's already too late. The mistake was in its conception — in its apparent design to have no plan. In this case, no plan is synonymous with no humor.

I wonder how hard it is to make a television show look this amateurish. Ask the makers of Too Late With Adam Corolla, I guess.

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