Star Trek: The Next Generation

Reviews of The Next Generation were written retrospectively from 2005-2013. Initially envisioned as a short project, the review format was shorter in the early seasons, but got somewhat longer as the project went on. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 7 (1993-1994)

  • 9/20/1993. Descent, Part II 2 stars. — Lore holds Picard, Geordi, and Troi prisoner and uses a stream of transmitted emotions to control Data, while planning to use the Borg to conquer the Federation.
  • 9/27/1993. Liaisons 2 stars. — While Worf and Troi host two alien diplomats aboard the Enterprise, Picard's shuttle crashes on a desolate world where he is rescued by a woman who has been stranded for seven years.
  • 10/4/1993. Interface 3 stars. — While using a virtual-reality interface to pilot a probe and search a disabled, uninhabitable ship, Geordi sees his mother, who recently went missing when her ship vanished without a trace and was presumed lost.
  • 10/11/1993. Gambit, Part I 2.5 stars. — The Enterprise investigates the apparent murder of Picard, leading to the discovery of a band of mercenaries who are raiding archeological sites of their artifacts for reasons unknown.
  • 10/18/1993. Gambit, Part II 2.5 stars. — Picard and Riker, who have been absorbed into a crew of interstellar mercenaries, engage in undercover trickery in an attempt to discover and thwart their hidden plans.
  • 10/25/1993. Phantasms 3 stars. — Data begins having bizarre nightmares which cause him to exhibit sleepwalking and other dangerous behavior.
  • 11/1/1993. Dark Page 1.5 stars. — Troi's mother falls into a coma because of a mysterious mental trauma, leading Troi on a mission to save her.
  • 11/8/1993. Attached 3 stars. — Picard and Crusher are captured during a diplomatic mission and implanted with devices that allow them to hear each other's thoughts.
  • 11/15/1993. Force of Nature 2 stars. — The Enterprise crew is contacted by scientists who claim the frequent use of warp drive in a nearby corridor of space is causing irreversible damage to their planet's ecosystem.
  • 11/22/1993. Inheritance 3 stars. — Data meets a woman who claims to be the wife of Dr. Noonien Soong, and who helped build Data and test his programming many years ago.
  • 11/29/1993. Parallels 3.5 stars. — Worf finds reality shattered when he begins shifting between a myriad of parallel universes where different outcomes affect everything from minor details to entire lives.
  • 1/10/1994. The Pegasus 4 stars. — An admiral who commanded the doomed USS Pegasus — on which Riker served his first Starfleet mission during the ship's mysterious loss — announces the ship's wreckage still exists and that the Enterprise must find its experimental technology before the Romulans.
  • 1/17/1994. Homeward 1.5 stars. — Worf's foster brother hatches a plan in violation of the Prime Directive to transplant the doomed inhabitants of a primitive village to another planet by using a holodeck simulation to fool them into believing they never left their world.
  • 1/31/1994. Sub Rosa 0.5 stars. — Crusher attends the funeral of her grandmother on a Federation colony, where she is drawn into a bizarre relationship with a seemingly supernatural being.
  • 2/7/1994. Lower Decks 4 stars. — Four junior officers looking to advance their Starfleet careers find themselves tested when the Enterprise engages in a covert mission shrouded in secrecy.
  • 2/14/1994. Thine Own Self 2 stars. — Data loses his memory while on a pre-industrial alien world, where his peculiar existence draws the interest and later the fear of a village's people.
  • 2/21/1994. Masks 1 star. — A computerized vessel carrying an ancient alien archive uploads an array of personalities into Data's mind while transforming the Enterprise into a likeness of its civilization.
  • 2/28/1994. Eye of the Beholder 2.5 stars. — Troi is pulled into a dangerous situation involving telepathic mysteries while investigating the apparent suicide of a crew member.
  • 3/21/1994. Genesis 1 star. — Picard and Data return to the Enterprise to find the entire crew has "de-evolved" into more primitive forms of life.
  • 3/28/1994. Journey's End 2.5 stars. — Wesley Crusher makes a return visit while the Enterprise is assigned to relocate a Federation colony that now resides in Cardassian space as a result of negotiated border changes.
  • 4/25/1994. Firstborn 2.5 stars. — Worf encounters a stranger who says he serves the House of Mogh and wants to help Alexander become a Klingon warrior.
  • 5/2/1994. Bloodlines 2.5 stars. — An old enemy vows vengeance upon Picard, saying he intends to kill the son Picard never knew he had.
  • 5/9/1994. Emergence 1.5 stars. — The Enterprise creates an artificial intelligence that seizes control of the ship and expresses its thoughts through metaphors on the holodeck.
  • 5/16/1994. Preemptive Strike 3.5 stars. — Amid escalating violence in the Federation/Cardassian demilitarized zone, Ro returns to the Enterprise and is assigned to an undercover mission to infiltrate a band of Federation renegades known as the Maquis.
  • 5/23/1994. All Good Things... 4 stars. — Picard begins shifting through the timeline between the past, present, and future, gaining knowledge that gradually reveals a grave threat to humanity's very existence.

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