The Orville

Reviews of The Orville were written from 2017-2022 during the original run of the series. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 1 (2017)

  • 9/10/2017. Old Wounds 1.5 stars. — Following the collapse of his marriage, Ed Mercer is named captain of the USS Orville, an exploratory vessel whose first mission is to answer the call of a science team that has invented a device that can accelerate time.
  • 9/17/2017. Command Performance 2 stars. — When Mercer and Grayson vanish unexpectedly without a trace, the inexperienced Lt. Alara Kitan finds her resolve tested as she faces her first command experience.
  • 9/21/2017. About a Girl 3 stars. — When Bortus' child is unexpectedly born female — something considered abnormal among his people — he asks Dr. Finn to surgically change the baby's gender, prompting a controversy among his shipmates.
  • 9/28/2017. If the Stars Should Appear 2 stars. — The Orville encounters a massive starship adrift in space that is actually an alien bio-dome housing an entire civilization that does not know the true nature of its world.
  • 10/5/2017. Pria 2.5 stars. — After the crew rescues a woman from a crashed mining ship, Mercer begins to fall for her while Grayson suspects she is not who she says she is.
  • 10/12/2017. Krill 3 stars. — Following an unprovoked attack on a Union colony by a Krill vessel, Mercer and Malloy go undercover to infiltrate a Krill ship in the hopes of learning more about the mysterious enemy.
  • 10/26/2017. Majority Rule 3 stars. — The Orville crew investigates the disappearance of two Union anthropologists who vanished on a world governed solely by popular opinion.
  • 11/2/2017. Into the Fold 1.5 stars. — When a shuttle carrying Finn, her two young sons, and Isaac crashes on an unfamiliar planet, Finn must escape her alien captors while Isaac looks after the children.
  • 11/9/2017. Cupid's Dagger 2 stars. — While mediating a dispute between two warring societies, the Orville takes aboard a specialist who turns out to be the man at the center of the affair that ended Mercer's and Grayson's marriage.
  • 11/16/2017. Firestorm 2.5 stars. — While struggling with guilt over the death of a crewmate she was unable to save, Kitan begins experiencing strange events aboard the ship that are not easily explained.
  • 11/30/2017. New Dimensions 2.5 stars. — Grayson discovers LaMarr has hidden potential that might make him a candidate to replace the departing chief engineer, so she gives him a challenging assignment when the Orville discovers a realm that exists only in two dimensions.
  • 12/7/2017. Mad Idolatry 3 stars. — A seemingly small action has massive consequences when Grayson heals a wonded girl on a primitive planet, which leads the society to establish an entire religion around Kelly.

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