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February 25, 2000

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Since there are so many episodes of Voyager that center around Seven of Nine, I figured we might as well vote to change the series' name to "Star Trek: Seven of Nine." Of course, I also thought there were other names that might be appropriate. Vote for your favorites below. Choose as many as you wish, then click "Vote!"

Star Trek: Seven of Nine

Star Trek: Shuttle Crash

Star Trek: Delta Flyer

Star Trek: T&A

Star Trek: UPN Deal

Star Trek: High Concepts

Star Trek: Really Bad Trailers

Star Trek: Reset Button

Star Trek: Delta Quadrant

Star Trek: Borg Quadrant

Star Trek: The Voyage Home (or is that taken?)

Star Trek: The Series Before the Next Star Trek and After the Previous Star Trek

Star Trek: Jeri Ryan

Star Trek: Ryan, Jeri

Star Trek: Jeri Lynn Ryan

Star Trek: Ryan, Jeri Lynn

Star Trek: The Doc and Seven Showcase

Star Trek: Current Cash Cow

Star Trek: One Hour at a Time

Star Trek: Ensign Kim Die Die Die

Star Trek: Naomi Wildman, the Child Missing a Mom but Having a Big Borg Sister

Star Trek: Janeway & Chakotay, the Secret Files

Star Trek: Indestructible Starship

Star Trek: Hard-Headed Aliens

Star Trek: Technobabble

Star Trek: Lost in Space

Star Trek: Isolated Stories

Star Trek: The Second Original Series

Star Trek: The Second Next Generation

Star Trek: The Third Original Series

Star Trek: The Fourth Series

Star Trek: Implied Unseen Consequences

Star Trek: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream or Recycle Old Star Trek Stories, Except Maybe the Viewers

Star Trek: Jammer Is a Dumb Ass

(3/3/00) Note: Voting for "Rename Voyager" has ended. I'd like to thank everyone for participating — I ended up with a few hundred votes over the seven-day period. I'm not sure what I'll do with the results since it would take a LONG time to tally them all. What I might do is pick out some of my favorites that readers submitted.

Thanks also go out to the reasonable number of people who voted for "Jammer Is a Dumb Ass." Your honesty is much appreciated. :)

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    When it comes to chronological order of the Star Trek TV-shows, I feel that this series could've been called Star Trek: The First Letdown.

    Anyway, Star Trek: Seven of Nine is a very accurate one as well.

    Star Trek: UPN Deal, Star Trek: High Concepts, and Star Trek: Really Bad Trailers are among my favorites.

    I'd be all for renaming Star Trek: Picard to Star Trek: Seven of Nine. You know it would be an improvement ;-)

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