Join us for the first-ever JammerCon!

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Making first contact this summer!

Jammer is hosting the first-ever JammerCon, an assembly of Star Trek fans, authors, and creators, dedicated to enabling some of the best discussion about Star Trek in the Alpha Quadrant!

August 16-17, 2024

McCormick Place, Event Hall 7C
2301 S. Martin Luther King Drive
Chicago, IL

Virtual attendance also available!

Can't join us in Chicago? Join us online! Speakers, keynote, and group discussions will be available via virtual conference. (Virtual conference details will be announced at a later date to all valid registrants.)

Special guest speakers include

  • Angela Larsen, script assistant, Star Trek: Lower Decks
  • Clyde Salvato, former associate producer, Star Trek: Discovery
  • Terry Florence, digital art director, SlashFilm
  • Cassandra R. Williams, digital media director, Greater Chicago Publishing Automations LLC

Vendor and activity booths

Signings, sales, and meet-and-greet activities will be ongoing between presentations, with a list of vendors to be announced in June. If you are a vendor interested in reserving a booth, fill out the vendor inquiry form.

Keynote presentation

Promoting civil discourse in online forums


  • Jamahl "Jammer" Epsicokhan, founder of Jammer's Reviews
  • Leonard McDonough, assistant editor of
  • Al Briscoe, co-editor of Trek Beyond YouTube channel

Roundtable discussion

What should the next phase of Star Trek focus on?

Discussion coordinator: Brian Vavra, host of the Trek Tomorrow podcast

  • All guests will be able to participate in the discussion, which will be held in breakout groups
  • Breakout group leads will be invited to present to the entire assembly
  • Presentations will be voted on by all participants, with prize awarded to winning group members

Cocktails and dinner

Enjoy social hour and dinner with your fellow Trekkies! Eat, laugh, but go easy on the Romulan ale!

40% off for Jammer's Reviews users!

Site users can get 40 percent off the admission ticket price, which gets you access to both days of the conference, or FREE virtual attendance. Register with coupon code JAMMMERSREVIEWS. Discounted registrations must be completed by May 31.

Register now!

Well, of course, April Fools.

I put the CON in convention. LOL.
But wouldn't it be cool?

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    Announcement: A special event is coming this summer that I'm organizing and hosting. Read all about it in the details now posted.

    THE Clyde Salvato? What a get! I've been following his career since he was a Assistant Script Supervisor on the Murder She Wrote TV movies. Will Clyde -sorry, Mr. Salvato - be signing autographs?

    @Troy G -- Click on the "Register Now!" link. You'll find out. And come on, who *wouldn't* want to click that link after reading Jammer's pitch?

    Jammer, if I want to attend virtually, what is the probability that when I tune in I'll be watching you and your family eating dinner on Zoom?

    Dinner is for in-person attendees only. Virtual attendance only gets you the discussion sessions and keynote.

    Rented out a suite block in the nearby Hyatt. PM me if you want to get in on the JammerCon group rate.

    "Not exactly a murderer's row, but I guess we've all got to start somewhere..."

    -me, totally failing to remember the date

    those special guest speakers are perfect

    i really felt a mixture of good job organizing something mixed with "is anyone going to tell him..."


    Proud Capitalist Pig—
    Yeah but,

    This is a GREAT idea! I was looking forward to meeting Jammer, having him sign my copy of Viyager—The Swarm novelization ($5 seems reasonable)

    Having THE Jamahl "Jammer" Epsicokhan as a keynote speaker is a pretty big get, how did you manage it?

    What mostly just looking forward to tasting Romulan Ale for the first time.....

    Those buying the super-fan backstage pass get invited to the afterparty - Having Romulan ale with Chancellor Gorkon while reciting Shakespearean poetry in Klingon until you pass out and somehow wake up in one of Lwaxana Troi's highly recommended mud baths.

    It might be cool to finally see what Jammer looks like. I know this was an April Fools thing, but a virtual con with Jammer and members of the "Jammers Reviews" community might have been interesting.

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