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May 16, 2008

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Faithful readers know that I can't stand Fox News, and Bill O'Reilly in particular. But the recently released 1990s-era video of the O'Reilly meltdown on "Inside Edition" is the most awesome viral video in recent memory. I love this video. It's hilarious.

Of course, there's the idiot factor of O'Reilly's confusion over the phrase "play us out," but mostly this is just a great example of watching someone who's absolutely furious blowing up on camera. It plays like performance art, because it's hard to imagine why anyone would get so mad and launch into a public fury over a minor annoyance.

My favorite part: "Fuckin' thing SUCKS!" This video rocks.

Also funny, although far too brief to be the instant classic that is O'Reilly's explosion, is the Sue Simmons WNBC moment.

In this case, how do you not know when you're live versus tape? And why, even assuming you believed it wasn't airing live, would you yell at someone on your staff like that, in full view of everyone else on the set? Probably the whole anchor prima donna thing.

Screamin' mad anchors: It do what it do.

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    I hope you took a look at the Stephen Colbert 'parody' of the O'Reilly incident. Absolutely hilarious.

    Saw it. That's actually the first place I saw the O'Reilly video.

    Then there was that one lady in Florida who shot herself on camera. Talk about taking things too far . . .

    Reminds me of something Larry David would do on a bad day. Hilarious.

    I have to admit I would never expect Fox News's prime defender of children and conservative families to shoot his mouth off like that. I guess TV anchors are human after all. This reminds me of a particular newscaster joke in an old Simpsons episode. These videos were just as hilarious.

    "I have to admit I would never expect Fox News’s prime defender of children and conservative families to shoot his mouth off like that." I guess you never watch his show then, because he is insane.

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