Star Trek: Voyager

Reviews of Voyager were written from 1995-2001 during the original run of the series. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 5 (1998-1999)

  • 10/14/1998. Night 2.5 stars. — Traveling through a large area of space completely devoid of stars and civilizations, the Voyager crew copes with the prospect of long-term isolation.
  • 10/21/1998. Drone 4 stars. — A freak technological occurrence merges some of Seven's nanoprobes with Doc's mobile holographic emitter, leading to the creation of an advanced Borg drone.
  • 10/28/1998. Extreme Risk 2 stars. — As the crew builds a more powerful shuttlecraft in a race to retrieve a probe before a Malon crew does, Torres finds herself distracted from duty as she confronts some deep-rooted personal feelings.
  • 11/4/1998. In the Flesh 3 stars. — The crew discovers an outpost manned by a group of Species 8472, who have taken human form as a training measure for a secret mission.
  • 11/11/1998. Once Upon a Time 2 stars. — When the Delta Flyer crashes and the Voyager crew begins a salvage operation, Neelix must prepare for the possibility that his goddaughter's mother has been killed.
  • 11/18/1998. Timeless 4 stars. — In the future, Harry Kim attempts to correct a mistake he made 15 years earlier, which had resulted in the loss of Voyager during use of experimental engine technology.
  • 11/25/1998. Infinite Regress 3 stars. — A transmission emanating from surviving technology from a destroyed Borg vessel induces multiple personality disorder in Seven of Nine.
  • 12/2/1998. Nothing Human 2 stars. — A moral dilemma arises when the Doctor is forced to consult the specialized medical database of a Cardassian war criminal in order to save Torres' life.
  • 12/9/1998. Thirty Days 3 stars. — Paris is demoted and thrown into the brig for disobeying direct orders and taking matters into his own hands.
  • 12/16/1998. Counterpoint 3 stars. — When trying to transport illegal refugees through the territory of a xenophobic civilization, Janeway must put her trust in a defector who offers his help.
  • 1/20/1999. Latent Image 3 stars. — A gap in the Doctor's memory uncovers clues to a mystery involving the nature of his existence.
  • 1/27/1999. Bride of Chaotica! 2 stars.Voyager becomes stuck in space when an alien species mistakes Tom's "Captain Proton" holodeck program as a real world with real threats.
  • 2/3/1999. Gravity 2.5 stars. — Stranded on a planet with little hope for rescue, Tuvok and Paris are befriended by a woman who becomes enamored with Tuvok.
  • 2/10/1999. Bliss 3 stars. — The Voyager crew is lured into a giant space creature that consumes starships as food, and only Seven and the Doctor may have the ability to save the ship.
  • 2/17/1999. Dark Frontier 3 stars. — When Janeway hatches a daring plan to steal technology from a crippled Borg ship, Seven is coerced into returning to the Borg collective.
  • 2/24/1999. The Disease 1 star. — Unable to resist his strong feelings for an alien woman, Ensign Kim breaks Starfleet protocol and engages in a torrid affair that lands him in hot water with the captain.
  • 3/3/1999. Course: Oblivion 1.5 stars. — The entire ship and crew begin to disintegrate, leading to a discovery that they aren't what they seem.
  • 3/24/1999. The Fight 1.5 stars. — With the ship trapped in "chaotic space," where the laws of physics do not apply, Chakotay's contact with an alien presence may be the only hope for escape.
  • 3/31/1999. Think Tank 2.5 stars. — A group of intelligent beings offers to help Janeway escape a difficult situation in exchange for Seven joining their small community of thinkers.
  • 4/26/1999. Juggernaut 2.5 stars. — An accident on a Malon freighter becomes a countdown to an explosive toxic-waste disaster, and preventing the explosion depends on Torres' ability to take control of a volatile mission.
  • 4/28/1999. Someone to Watch Over Me 3.5 stars. — Under the guidance of the Doctor, Seven of Nine learns some social aspects of human dating.
  • 5/5/1999. 11:59 3 stars. — Janeway tells the tale of an ancestor who inspired her with an attitude that looked ahead to what the future might bring.
  • 5/12/1999. Relativity 3 stars. — The crew of a time ship from the future recruits Seven to attempt preventing Voyager's forthcoming destruction.
  • 5/19/1999. Warhead 2 stars. — An advanced, sentient weapon of mass destruction seizes control of the Doctor's program and demands Janeway let it complete its destructive mission.
  • 5/26/1999. Equinox, Part I 3 stars.Voyager encounters another Federation starship, the USS Equinox, whose crew also has been stranded in the Delta Quadrant. But as an alien presence prepares an attack, Janeway begins to uncover the Equinox's sinister secret.
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