Star Trek: Voyager

Reviews of Voyager were written from 1995-2001 during the original run of the series. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

Season 4 (1997-1998)

  • 9/3/1997. Scorpion, Part II 3 stars — The Voyager crew, allied with the Borg, prepare to battle the sinister alien Species 8472. But can an alliance between opinionated individuals and a collective race of consumers survive such fundamental differences?
  • 9/10/1997. The Gift 3 stars — Janeway begins the process of integrating Seven of Nine, the female Borg the Voyager crew severed from the Borg collective, into a human community. Meanwhile, Kes begins to experience extreme advances in her mental powers.
  • 9/17/1997. Day of Honor 2.5 stars — When Voyager is forced to eject its warp core, Torres and Paris take a shuttle to retrieve it. But when the shuttle is damaged, the two officers are forced to abandon it—and find themselves alone in space with a rapidly depleting oxygen supply.
  • 9/24/1997. Nemesis 3 stars — Chakotay gets pulled into one side of a brutal war on an alien planet, and finds himself hating the enemy with a passion he had never before known.
  • 10/1/1997. Revulsion 2.5 stars — Torres and the Doctor assist a holographic ship's servant whose crew has been killed. Meanwhile, when Kim and Seven of Nine are assigned to work on a project together, the ensign attempts to get to know the person inside the mysterious former-Borg.
  • 10/8/1997. The Raven 2.5 stars — Seven of Nine steals a shuttlecraft and flees Voyager in an attempt to answer a mysterious homing beacon and return to the Borg Collective.
  • 10/29/1997. Scientific Method 1.5 stars — When members of the crew begin suffering from bizarre mutations, Seven of Nine may be the only one who can uncover the reasons why.
  • 11/5/1997. Year of Hell, Part I 3 stars — The Voyager crew finds its determination and morale challenged when trying to survive a brutal, long-lasting conflict with a race called the Krenim.
  • 11/12/1997. Year of Hell, Part II 3 stars — While Chakotay and Paris remain on board Annorax's time ship, Janeway attempts to repair Voyager enough to pursue her crew members' abductors.
  • 11/19/1997. Random Thoughts 3 stars — After making contact with a race of telepaths, the Voyager crew must help defuse a volatile situation when a local citizen acts on a random, violent thought inadvertently tranferred from Lt. Torres.
  • 11/26/1997. Concerning Flight 2 stars — Captain Janeway and the hologram of Leonardo da Vinci must work together to retrieve Voyager's main computer processor, which has been stolen by alien thieves.
  • 12/17/1997. Mortal Coil 3 stars — Neelix is killed during a shuttle mission, but Seven of Nine is able to revive him with Borg technology, leading Neelix to question his deepest faith.
  • 1/14/1998. Waking Moments 2.5 stars — The crew members begin having nightmares at the same time, and in each dream is a consistent element: a mysterious alien, which may have a basis in reality.
  • 1/21/1998. Message in a Bottle 3 stars — When Seven discovers an alien communications array, the crew devises a way of sending the Doctor's program across it into the Alpha Quadrant, where he finds himself aboard a Starfleet vessel that has been commandeered by the Romulans.
  • 2/11/1998. Hunters 3 stars — As letters from the Alpha Quadrant come trickling through the communications array, the Voyager crew learns of an assortment of joyous, disturbing, and inevitable news.
  • 2/18/1998. Prey 3.5 stars — The crew rescues a critically injured but aggressive Hirogen hunter, who threatens to have his allies destroy Voyager if Janeway comes between him the hunt for his latest prey: a single creature from Species 8472.
  • 2/25/1998. Retrospect 3 stars — Seven of Nine struggles with her emotions when she experiences disturbing flashbacks that suggest she was assaulted by a merchant the crew has been negotiating with.
  • 3/4/1998. The Killing Game, Part I 2.5 stars — After having taken over Voyager, the Hirogen supply the crew members with artificial identities and subject them to violent holodeck simulations.
  • 3/4/1998. The Killing Game, Part II 2 stars — The crew must stop an artificial holodeck rendition of a World War II battle from spilling onto the decks of the ship while simultaneously dealing with a Hirogen takeover.
  • 4/8/1998. Vis A Vis 2 stars — Paris is assaulted and left stranded by an alien who steals Tom's identity and passes himself off to the Voyager crew as "the real thing."
  • 4/15/1998. The Omega Directive 3 stars — When the Voyager computer detects a mysterious, powerful, and extremely dangerous substance, Janeway must risk all to attempt destroying it.
  • 4/22/1998. Unforgettable 1.5 stars — Chakotay finds himself falling in love with a mysterious woman who claims to have met him before.
  • 4/29/1998. Living Witness 4 starsVoyager's role in a civilization's recorded history lives on 700 years into the future, where the dreaded ship is regarded as a pivotal, dark chapter of the past.
  • 5/6/1998. Demon 0.5 stars — Kim and Paris beam down to a hellish, barren planet to search for deuterium, a crucial energy source required to keep the ship running.
  • 5/13/1998. One 3 stars — The crew goes into stasis during a month-long journey through a nebula, leaving Seven and the Doctor in sole charge of running the ship.
  • 5/20/1998. Hope and Fear 2 stars — When an alien helps the Voyager crew decode the mysterious encrypted message from Starfleet, the crew learns the whereabouts of a secret experimental starship that may be able to get them back to the Alpha Quadrant within a mere matter of months.
  • Fourth Season Recap — A capsule review of each episode, rankings, character and theme discussion, and an analysis of the entire season overall.

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