Star Trek: Voyager

Reviews of Voyager were written from 1995-2001 during the original run of the series. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 3 (1996-1997)

  • 9/4/1996. Basics, Part II 2.5 stars. — As the marooned Voyager crew tries to survive its rough new planetary environment, Doc, Suder, and Paris set a plan in motion to retake the ship.
  • 9/11/1996. Flashback 3 stars. — Tuvok's life is threatened when a repressed memory begins causing mysterious damage to his brain. To treat the condition, he must mind meld with Janeway and relive moments of his first Starfleet mission on the USS Excelsior.
  • 9/18/1996. The Chute 3 stars. — Kim and Paris are wrongfully imprisoned in a violent, alien penal institution and must survive the effects of an aggression-inducing brain implant.
  • 9/25/1996. The Swarm 2.5 stars. — The Doctor's circuit pathways begin to degrade, resulting in his incapacitation, and the only hope for his survival may be a complete re-initialization of his program resulting in the wipe of his memory. Meanwhile Voyager trespasses in the space of a mysterious race of aliens.
  • 10/2/1996. False Profits 1.5 stars. — Neelix must masquerade as a Ferengi to thwart two other Ferengi who are taking advantage of a pre-industrial society by posing as their Holy Sages.
  • 10/9/1996. Remember 3.5 stars. — When a race of telepaths takes transport aboard the Voyager, Torres begins having alarmingly realistic dreams which she believes may hold the answers to a dark secret.
  • 10/30/1996. Sacred Ground 2 stars. — Kes is critically injured when she attempts to enter an alien society's sacred temple, and in order to save her Janeway volunteers to engage in an ancient ritual.
  • 11/6/1996. Future's End, Part I 3.5 stars. — The Voyager and its crew are hurled back to Earth, 1996 where they become involved in a myriad of time paradoxes.
  • 11/13/1996. Future's End, Part II 2.5 stars. — The Voyager crew must stop a determined 20th century business executive from causing a temporal catastrophe that will destroy the solar system in the 29th century.
  • 11/20/1996. Warlord 2.5 stars. — A dying alien tyrant takes control of Kes' mind and body—and uses her mental abilities to recapture an old throne.
  • 11/27/1996. The Q and the Grey 2 stars. — Q comes aboard Voyager to ask Captain Janeway to be mother his child—in an effort to end a conflict within the Q continuum itself.
  • 12/11/1996. Macrocosm 1.5 stars. — A deadly swarm of a "macrovirus" breaks loose on the ship, and only Janeway and the Doctor have the ability to stop it.
  • 1/8/1997. Fair Trade 3 stars. — While attempting to negotiate a trade on a chaotic space station, Neelix's loyalty to his crew is tested when he's drawn into a murky situation by a shady acquaintance from his past.
  • 1/15/1997. Alter Ego 3 stars. — A holodeck character shows signs of sentient existence, and Tuvok becomes the object of her desires.
  • 1/29/1997. Coda 2 stars. — When Janeway and Chakotay crash a shuttle, the captain finds herself in a repeating loop where she witnesses her own death.
  • 2/5/1997. Blood Fever 3 stars. — When Vorik enters the Vulcan mating season, he passes a chemical imbalance to Torres, who in turn finds her sexual urges irrepressible.
  • 2/12/1997. Unity 3.5 stars. — Chakotay discovers a colony of humanoids who have separated themselves from the Borg collective and now ask him to help them form a new interlinked cooperative.
  • 2/19/1997. Darkling 1.5 stars. — When the Doctor attempts to program his personality with holodeck characters, a malfunction causes an evil entity to emerge.
  • 2/26/1997. Rise 1.5 stars. — Forced to evacuate a planet after an asteroid impact, Tuvok and Neelix must make a daring ascent in a damaged device.
  • 3/19/1997. Favorite Son 1 star. — As Harry begins experiencing unexpected instincts, he learns that he may really be the child of a Delta Quadrant race known as the Taresians.
  • 4/9/1997. Before and After 3.5 stars. — Exhibiting a complete lack of memory, Kes begins jumping backward through time—beginning six years in the future near the end of her life.
  • 4/23/1997. Real Life 3 stars. — To better understand the human experience, the Doctor creates himself a holographic family.
  • 4/30/1997. Distant Origin 3 stars. — A scientist of a race called the Voth goes on a determined search for the Starship Voyager, which he believes holds the key to his society's obscure origins.
  • 5/7/1997. Displaced 2 stars. — One by one, the Voyager crew begins to vanish, being replaced by alien individuals determined to take control of the ship.
  • 5/14/1997. Worst Case Scenario 3 stars. — Torres discovers a holodeck simulation depicting a Maquis mutiny, and hopes to solve the mystery of the program's anonymous author.
  • 5/21/1997. Scorpion, Part I 4 stars. — As Voyager ventures into to Borg-inhabited space, the crew discovers the wreckage of many destroyed Borg vessels—at the hands of ruthless invaders even more powerful.
  • Third Season Recap — A capsule review of each episode, rankings, character and theme discussion, and an analysis of the entire season overall.

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