Star Trek: Voyager

Reviews of Voyager were written from 1995-2001 during the original run of the series. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 1 (1995)

  • 1/16/1995. Caretaker 3 stars. — The crew of the new USS Voyager, while searching for a missing renegade Maquis ship, gets pulled 70,000 light years from home. There they find the missing Maquis, as well as a being known as the "Caretaker," who brought them there for a reason, and may be able to send them back.
  • 1/23/1995. Parallax 2.5 stars. — The Voyager becomes trapped in a quantum singularity while trying to rescue a distressed ship—only to discover the ship in distress is the Voyager.
  • 1/30/1995. Time and Again 2 stars. — While investigating a ruined planet, Janeway and Paris fall into a subspace crack and travel back in time—finding themselves one day before the planet's impending destruction.
  • 2/6/1995. Phage 3 stars. — The crew must track down alien bio-thieves after one attacks Neelix and removes his lungs.
  • 2/13/1995. The Cloud 3 stars. — While searching for energy in a nebula, the Voyager inadvertantly harms an innocent life form.
  • 2/20/1995. Eye of the Needle 3 stars. — When Kim discovers a wormhole that may lead back to the Alpha Quadrant, Janeway is able to communicate through it to a Romulan ship which may hold their ticket home.
  • 2/27/1995. Ex Post Facto 2 stars. — Paris is accused of murder by an alien race known as the Baneans, and only a mind meld with Tuvok may prove him innocent.
  • 3/13/1995. Emanations 2 stars. — While exploring an alien burial site, Kim is transported to a world which believes he has returned from the dead.
  • 3/20/1995. Prime Factors 3.5 stars. — A technology with the ability to return the Voyager home raises an ethical dillema, as well as questionable actions carried out by several members of the crew.
  • 4/10/1995. State of Flux 3.5 stars. — When Federation technology is found aboard a crippled Kazon ship, Chakotay must hunt for a traitor on board Voyager.
  • 4/24/1995. Heroes and Demons 3 stars. — A mysterious entity siezes control of the holodeck and begins capturing crew members, leaving only the holographic Doctor with the ability to free them.
  • 5/1/1995. Cathexis 1.5 stars. — When Chakotay and Tuvok return from a shuttlecraft mission, they bring back an invisible lifeform that begins threatening the ship.
  • 5/8/1995. Faces 3.5 stars. — Hoping to find a cure for the phage, the Vidiians kidnap B'Elanna Torres and reform her into two separate Klingon and human individuals. Now the two B'Elannas must work together and overcome conflicting dispositions to escape their captors.
  • 5/15/1995. Jetrel 3 stars. — When a scientist named Jetrel returns to see Neelix, the crew must determine his hidden intentions.
  • 5/22/1995. Learning Curve 2.5 stars. — As the ship experiences technical difficulties, Tuvok must train four inflexible Maquis officers the proper attitude to survive as Starfleet officers.

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