Star Trek: The Next Generation

Reviews of The Next Generation were written retrospectively from 2005-2013. Initially envisioned as a short project, the review format was shorter in the early seasons, but got somewhat longer as the project went on. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 4 (1990-1991)

  • 9/24/1990. The Best of Both Worlds, Part II 4 stars. — With Picard in their clutches, the Borg proceed on their course to Earth, where they threaten to bring about unimaginable devastation.
  • 10/1/1990. Family 3 stars. — With the Enterprise docked for repairs at Earth, the crew has the rare opportunity to take shore leave and address family matters.
  • 10/8/1990. Brothers 3.5 stars. — Data hijacks the Enterprise and takes it to a planet where he comes face-to-face with his creator, previously believed to be long dead.
  • 10/15/1990. Suddenly Human 2 stars. — The Enterprise comes to the aid of an alien ship crewed by teenagers, and among them they find a human boy who was thought to have been killed 10 years earlier in an attack.
  • 10/22/1990. Remember Me 3.5 stars. — An experiment conducted by Wesley has unanticipated side effects for Doctor Crusher, who finds her world suddenly shrinking around her.
  • 10/29/1990. Legacy 2.5 stars. — The Enterprise crew attempts to negotiate the release of Federation hostages on the late Tasha Yar's violent homeworld, where they find themselves allied with Tasha's sister, Ishara.
  • 11/5/1990. Reunion 3.5 stars. — Ambassador K'Ehleyr, who reveals to Worf that they have a young son, reports the need for the Enterprise to intervene in the affairs of a Klingon Empire headed for possible civil war.
  • 11/12/1990. Future Imperfect 3 stars. — Riker wakes up 16 years from the last thing he remembers, where he learns he has a son and is about to negotiate a treaty with the Romulans.
  • 11/19/1990. Final Mission 2.5 stars. — On Wesley Crusher's final mission with the Enterprise before leaving for Starfleet Academy, he and Picard find themselves stranded on a desert moon when their shuttle crashes.
  • 12/31/1990. The Loss 2 stars. — The Enterprise's encounter with two-dimensional life forms causes Counselor Troi to lose her empathic abilities.
  • 1/7/1991. Data's Day 3 stars. — Data recounts a day in his life in a letter to Earth, which includes his role in an upcoming wedding and a mysterious incident involving the Romulans and a Vulcan ambassador.
  • 1/28/1991. The Wounded 3 stars. — A rogue Starfleet captain begins attacking Cardassian targets in defiance of the peace treaty that recently ended the war between the Cardassians and the Federation.
  • 2/4/1991. Devil's Due 1 star. — An alien world begins tearing itself apart when an ancient legend foretelling the return of the devil appears to be coming true.
  • 2/11/1991. Clues 2.5 stars. — The entire crew is rendered unconscious for what Data says was for only 30 seconds, but clues hint that it actually might have been much longer.
  • 2/18/1991. First Contact 4 stars. — When Riker goes missing on an alien world on the verge of warp travel, Picard initiates first contact with their society.
  • 3/11/1991. Galaxy's Child 2.5 stars. — Dr. Leah Brahms, designer of the Enterprise's warp engines, comes aboard the ship, prompting Geordi's optimism that they can become friends.
  • 3/18/1991. Night Terrors 2.5 stars. — The Enterprise finds a missing Starfleet vessel whose entire crew is dead, and after the Enterprise becomes stranded they risk facing a similar fate.
  • 3/25/1991. Identity Crisis 2.5 stars. — Geordi and an old friend discover they are the last survivors of an away mission from several years earlier whose other members recently went missing or dead.
  • 4/1/1991. The Nth Degree 4 stars. — An alien probe turns Barclay into a super-genius, who subsequently connects his mind to the ship's computer and takes over the Enterprise.
  • 4/22/1991. Qpid 1 star. — Q teleports the senior crew to a fantasy depiction of Sherwood Forest, where Picard must take up swordplay as Robin Hood to save his fair lady Vash.
  • 4/29/1991. The Drumhead 3.5 stars. — After a security breach and suspected sabotage on the Enterprise, a famous Starfleet legal investigator opens an inquiry that slowly turns into a witch hunt.
  • 5/6/1991. Half a Life 2 stars. — Lwaxana Troi has a relationship with a man whose world's custom is to commit suicide on their 60th birthdays.
  • 5/13/1991. The Host 3 stars. — Crusher falls in love with a Trill ambassador whose host body dies and whose symbiotic existence is passed to another host: Commander Riker.
  • 5/27/1991. The Mind's Eye 3.5 stars. — Geordi is kidnapped by the Romulans and brainwashed into becoming a sleeper assassin in their attempt to undermine the alliance between the Klingons and Federation.
  • 6/3/1991. In Theory 2.5 stars. — Data attempts to gain a better understanding of the human condition by entering into a dating relationship with another member of the crew.
  • 6/17/1991. Redemption, Part I 3 stars. — Worf attempts to regain his family honor while saving the Klingon Empire when the fractured Klingon High Council faces the prospect of civil war.

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