Star Trek: The Animated Series

Reviews for The Animated Series were written retrospectively in 2023. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

Season 2 (1974)

  • 9/7/1974. The Pirates of Orion 3 stars — When Spock is afflicted with a life-threatening illness, the Enterprise must engage Orion pirates who have stolen a shipment containing the rare drug needed to save Spock's life.
  • 9/14/1974. Bem 2.5 stars — The Enterprise takes on an independent observer from an alien world, who insists on accompanying the landing party on a research mission of a primitive alien civilization.
  • 9/21/1974. The Practical Joker 1.5 stars — When the Enterprise passes through an energy cloud, the computer begins malfunctioning and pulling practical jokes upon the crew.
  • 9/28/1974. Albatross 2.5 stars — McCoy is arrested by an alien government and accused of causing a deadly plague during a visit nearly two decades earlier.
  • 10/5/1974. How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth 2.5 stars — The Enterprise follows a probe of unknown origin into deep space, where they find an alien entity with mysterious ties to ancient Earth civilization.
  • 10/12/1974. The Counter-Clock Incident 3.5 stars — An alien ship pulls the Enterprise into a supernova, transporting the ship to an alternate universe where time runs backward.

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