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    So, I guess it's time for another semi-episodic turn before we return to "big plot." This episode wasn't particularly good, but it was at least memorable.

    The kids need some random element we've never heard of to rebuild the protostar in the protostar. Hence, they go to a planet infested by often giant, ravenous tribbles (I wonder if these were the same sort we saw in PIC Season 3). It is a planet with a fat, angry Klingon scientist, who is easily my least favorite part of the episode - a one-note character being played like a slightly comical foil for a children's show.

    Of course, the crisis of the 20 minutes is resolved. The kids get a cute new mascot/pet out of it to replace Murf, who is now closer to a character.

    I don't actively dislike this episode, but it's just...there. Maybe it's for the best that this season has been mostly anchored around a highly serialized plot, because the turns there have been awesome, while the episodic interludes are more hit or miss.

    These teenagers have the best solve time for any incident dealing with the mirror universe 😆

    Concept for the episode: tribble horror story. However, it can only get as horror-ish as a kid's show will allow, so not very. Still, points for the creative story concept.

    I enjoyed the window into how a Klingon scientist deals with his culture's maniacal fixation on honor and how that fits into how he practices his profession.

    Dig the episode name as well.

    The tribble was named Briddle in the script, so why is it different in the title? Sure, the plot is a quest (loosely defined), but I don't get the connection.

    I liked the little window into how a Klingon scientist fits into his world's culture. Not sure why they emphasized the mess so much, and wasn't a fan of the tribble hybrid. But anytime a lot of people are saying "Awwww" to something, you'll find me on the sidelines saying, "Oh please." It was an interesting idea, I'll grant.

    @ The Queen

    The episode title is a riff on A Tribe Called Quest, which was a 1990s American hip hop music group. Hip hop's not anything I care about and I couldn't name a single song by them, but they made enough of a mark on pop culture for me to catch the reference.

    I think the title was just intended to be funny. If there's some connection to their music in the episode thematically or otherwise, it's beyond me to catch it.

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