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    In perhaps the first episode of this season of Prodigy to feel like something resembling an episode, the kids try and figure out how to understand what Murf is saying.

    I am thrilled, TBH, with this development. The show last season was all over the place in its treatment of Murf, often depicted as some pet, mascot, or similar non-sentient animal. Yet the beginning of this season seemed to indicate despite the inability of anyone to comprehend him he was being treated as not only a sophont, but somehow on track for Starfleet Academy like the rest of the kids?!? Once they crossed that rubicon, they had to begin depicting him as a character, and we know he's been talking to someone who looked suspiciously like Future Guy, so...

    I like that The Doctor is used as something of a foil/low level antagonist here. The show is pretty self-aware about the annoying elements of the character. I also like that Rokk is somewhat of a reluctant accomplice in everything, wanting to be a model cadet-in-training and avoid the trouble the others have gotten into. Cetacean ops is awesome (I'm glad it's not just a gag from Lower Decks any longer). There's a ton to love here, and very little of the annoying aspects that dented some of the other episodes this season.

    If there's anything I can fault the season for so far, it's the uber-serialized nature of this season (as opposed to Season 1) means that there really aren't episodes with distinct themes or messages. This was a bit more distinct than the last one, since it felt like the start of a new act, but everything is still a bit too smeary for me.

    So many easter eggs in this episode, many of them funny. My favorite is the whale being named Gillian.

    Are we going to get confirmation this season that Janeway and Chakotay are a couple? I mean it could not be more obvious, and come on, it's been almost 30 years.

    (For what it's worth, my take on their relationship is it stopped being something either of them were thinking about or considering following their argument during Equinox--a subtle little dynamic shift after that. But, such things can easily shift back, as we probably all know from our own lives. Future Admiral Janeway in Endgame certainly seemed to have her shifted her thoughts back that way when she talked about him, even though in that timeline he had inexplicably married Seven.)

    Did the Doctor name drop the U.S.S. Cerritos? Are we going to see his character visit the Lower Decks crew in Season 5?

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