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    An interesting start to the back half of the season. It was an interesting choice to have Chakotay go full Luke Skywalker from TLJ (right down to eating weird local food and being grumpy), but I think they pulled it off with aplomb. Not to mention the setting of the alien planet (with strange, gaseous oceans below the clouds, rather than traditional ones) was an inspired bit of worldbuilding, with the showrunners once again showing they have the imagination to do with a full CGI setting what can't be accomplished easily in live action Trek for more than a few moments.

    If only Chakotay could have been this expressive and emotional in the original Voyager !

    @ EscapedLion

    Agree, they're righting some wrongs. Trying to do a bit better by Chakotay.

    (Will anyone ever do that for Harry Kim? Heh.)

    . . .

    "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves."

    That is a GREAT quote for a ship's dedication plaque. Even though it's a misquote of Shakespeare, so what. The misquote is well known, so it's a quote in its own right.

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