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    First episode down. It's...fine?

    Like some of the two-parters last season, this showcases some of the issues with having a highly serialized show with a 20-ish minute runtime (once credits are taken out). It makes me wish they just did a mega-cut of all of Into the Breach. The first half of the episode is taken up by establishing the new status quo and then the fairly limp call to action.

    While Robert Picardo's voice acting as the Doctor still sounds spot on, there's a lifelessness here which makes his introduction not work quite right. You can tell he's not used to voice acting, and the cadence feels wrong with him not working against another character.

    Fortunately, the episode picks up in the final 10 minutes. The scene where Dal talks to Gwyndala is fire, as the kids might say. Ella Purnell is easily the biggest get that Prodigy snagged in terms of talent (as her more recent turns on Arcane and Fallout have shown), and the show instantly feels more mature when she's present. Then, the mystery involving the cloaked ship in the secret shuttlebay starts unfolding, and the episode begins to have some missing forward direction. Even then, it's not perfect (how did they not hear Jankom Pog screaming on the ceiling), but it's much better.

    Frankly, I think the episode would have been paced better if it had begun with the kids on the new Voyager. Yeah, there are some issues with the difference between what the end of last season promised and this, but the establishment of a new status quo twice that then gets wrecked is just too much for the short runtime.

    Still I'm intrigued, and will watch part 2 later this afternoon.

    From Karl Zimmerman:
    "(how did they not hear Jankom Pog screaming on the ceiling)"

    Ha! I couldn't understand that either!! Must be some strong auditory sound proofing tech up there due to the secret nature of the place.

    Agree that the ep was just ... Ok. (2 1/2 Stars). The highlight was the return of Picardo as "The Doctor".

    It's a good set-up starter episode. Totally serviceable. There was nothing about it that truly rubbed me the wrong way, and after Discovery, I'm content with that.

    I'm not sure about the animation of The Doctor, either.

    My 7-year-old son and I binge-watched the first half of the season today. It's really good, folks. I liked season 1, but this is significantly better.

    It is also a fair amount more intense than season 1 as well, so parents take note. My son did just fine with the first season, but episodes 9 and 10 of this one get quite scary indeed.

    Bob Picardo back as the Doctor? Check. Voyager-A? Check. The Doctor referencing the Romulan evacuation (I've been so worried these shows are going to ignore it)? Check. Cetacean Ops (lol)? Check. Nova Squadron? Check! Admiral Jellico? Check.

    Janeway and co. clearly want the kids to steal the shuttle and go through the wormhole, but why?

    Good start, manages to catch everyone up on the stakes without the exposition dragging.

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