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    Wow...shock cold open. Don't think I've seen that since Enterprise.

    So the kids come up with a cockamamie plan to hijack a ship (again), which involves holo-doubles, which end up being "too good." We've seen similar, though not identical, plots in the past.

    The nice twist is that while most of the holo-doubles seem to eventually become "evil twins" for some reason, the two Rokks get along well and come up with a solution which...almost works. Works well enough to get them off the ship, anyway. Though the crew will wise up soon enough, I suppose.

    Regardless, even more than the previous, this feels like its own episode. The gang has a crisis, the gang tries to solve it, and complicates things further, and then they solve the complication (though they have a new problem). Not really much to complain about here.

    I hope the M'Jel/Zero romance arc goes somewhere.

    Very fun episode. Clever use of the show's worldbuilding, and also I like how it engages directly with one of the primary subjects that Voyager explored (holograms). The show is leaning more into being a sequel series to Voyager thematically as well, and I am here for it.

    It probably helps that I am an unabashedly huge Voyager fan. I was too young to catch TNG when it first aired and had to catch it in patchy syndicated reruns. Voyager and DS9 were my Star Treks growing up--I was late to DS9 and missed the first two seasons and there was no way for me to see them at that time, but hey, it was easy enough to read about them on the internet. But Voyager I was there from the beginning, and I loved it. With adult eyes I acknowledge all the criticisms and admit many are true, but, you know, it just doesn't matter.

    Just viewed this ep and really enjoyed it.

    It starts out as a traditional SF doppelgänger ep - but on steroids!

    It ends with some very nice twists!!

    Nicely written ...

    This episode was really whimsical and fun and made me laugh a bunch of times. My favorite of S2 so far.

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