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    Favorite quote so far: "You don't like it when I match my weapons to your phase variance? Then come get me and tell your friends."

    This really should have just been the second part of the previous episode. That said, there were a few more fun turns here. The Voyager getting involved gave an excuse for Ma'Jel (I think I have her name spelled right this time) to link up with the other kids, be adorable with Zero, and have the show essentially confirm she's a core part of the gang now. I remain annoyed at how she's being played so far from stoic, but I'm otherwise enjoying her character.

    Also, Janeway finally has something to do here, as does her first officer, Tysess. As soon as the bald redshirt beamed down, I knew he was a goner. I had some quibbles with how the "time devouring scavengers" attacked Voyager (since they were dematerializing folks left and right, but other people seemed to remember it still), but it was a small quibble in an otherwise pretty excellent conclusion to the two parter - and the entire first half of Season 2.

    Golden opportunity missed by the writers:

    Janeway after the Loom attack: "Is there a reason I remember Voyager being crewed by only a handful of people?"

    Wesley: "Let's just say you and my mom might get along."

    This is so damn good.

    @ Karl

    I hear you on Ma'Jel not being animated as stoic enough, but I think that may be a result of it being an animated show. Vulcan expressiveness as played by actors in live action is subtle. Probably too subtle for this animation style. I can see how that would be a problem for getting an audience (especially a younger audience) to connect with the character. And if they can't connect, then the character doesn't "work" at all.

    I like her. She's a good addition. I'm okay with it.

    Another WOW episode. Slightly weaker than part I, but not very much. I really like that Rok's technobabble has some definite scientific or at least potentially scientific foundation. Discovery just didn't care about science, but in this show they manage to stick in little tidbits in an entirely natural way. Rok is probably my favorite character. I agree with Jeffrey's Tube about the "looseness" of Maj'el's Vulcan attitude, although I didn't think I'd ever hear the term "Vulcan intuition" said by anyone.

    I think the reason Tyess remembered the lost crewman was that he was right there when it happened and it was only a few minutes ago. I expect him to begin forgetting pretty soon, especially if he starts thinking about another subject.

    Are the scavengers real beings that can be destroyed with enough firepower? I had thought they weren't really, but the ep seemed to imply that they were.

    A BUNCH of the Voyager crew being erased from history is pretty brutal for a kids' show. I'm not sure we've seen the hero ship take that many losses all at once since Damage in Enterprise.

    @The Queen:
    I think the reason Tysess remembers the redshirt is he turned on the arm band before the redshirt was erased. The arm band is some kind of protector from time paradoxes.

    @Jess - totally agree. I wish they circled back to that where the blue guy pointed out just how many people were lost and Janeway has to realize all those she didn't realize probably died right in front of her.

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