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    A decent retelling of “Shattered” (VGR).

    My only question is: where did a Terran Voyager-A come from if the Terran Empire was brought down by the Cardassian-Klingon Alliance?

    Strikes me that this must be an ALTERNATE Mirror Universe.

    I don't care that their arrival to a ship that is not the Protostar makes no sense. I loved seeing a real Voyager-era mirror universe. Too bad Nickelodeon/Paramount said 'no' to throwing someone in the agony booth 😆

    @Louis Brantmeyer: "Strikes me that this must be an ALTERNATE Mirror Universe."

    ---> Could be. That could be the reason why one of the title versions of this episode is called "Cracked Mirror". On the other hand, the last we saw of the mirror universe in DS9 was the Terrans starting to gain some victory ground 10 years ago (in-universe time), so who knows? 10 years is a long time.

    This is another example of Prodigy presenting a toned-down version of a well-established trope within Trek for kids, combining the generic alternative universes (ala Parallels) and the Mirror Universe.

    Although fun, I wasn't a tremendous fan of what they did here because it makes pretty big changes to the MU canon. DS9 established that the Terran Empire was shattered, with Terrans mostly subject to the Klingon-Cardassian alliance. This episode seems to indicate that it somehow reformed to its previous heights in an incredibly short span.

    That said, they had fun with it here. I liked the whole "even the whales are evil" line. I felt like, in general, the MU had the perfect level of menace for kids, without being particularly scary. As a kids introduction, it worked quite fine, even if the title was a bit on-the nose (though there are multiple versions of the titles bouncing about, probably due to translations from French versus the intended English titles).

    Anyway, this was fun, but it felt more like a Season 1 episode in a lot of ways than Season 2, like a lot of the semi-episodic episodes.

    @ Louis

    At one point, mirror Janeway referred to a New Terran Empire. So it looks like in the mirror universe, the Terran Empire has risen again. Muahahahahaha!

    I'm all for this development. It's too fun a concept (when used well, which it isn't always) to be permanently off the table because of how DS9 used it. Which, DS9 used it well, but DS9 used it well for DS9-type stories. Starship based stories need the empire flourishing.

    . . .

    Thought mirror Janeway having Seven's eyepiece was rather inspired. And evil Cetacean Ops was hilarious. Though they should have stuck a beard on Gillian. It would make no sense, but I mean . . . come on. Hahahahaha.

    . . .

    Also really wanted to meet Captain Tuvix! "So . . . in our reality Janeway murdered you, but in this reality you're captain of Voyager? Let's just whistle past the ethical implications again . . ."

    It makes me wonder what distinctive coiffure the MU Harry Kim would sport? I’m thinking a man-bun. Oh and he’d still be an ensign.

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