Star Trek: Enterprise

Reviews of Enterprise were written from 2001-2005 during the original run of the series. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

Season 2 (2002-2003)

  • 9/18/2002. Shockwave, Part II 2 stars — Captain Archer, trapped in the 31st century with Daniels, must figure out how to restore the timeline by returning to the Enterprise, which has been taken over by Silik and his Suliban soldiers.
  • 9/25/2002. Carbon Creek 1.5 stars — T'Pol tells the story of her great-grandmother's mission of observation gone awry, resulting in unintended contact between the Vulcans and humanity in 1957.
  • 10/2/2002. Minefield 3 stars — After hitting a mine in the orbit of a mysterious world, Reed and Archer must disarm a second mine that has attached itself to the hull of the Enterprise.
  • 10/9/2002. Dead Stop 3 stars — Crippled with severe damage and having few options, the Enterprise docks at an automated repair station that works miracles but may be holding an ominous secret.
  • 10/16/2002. A Night in Sickbay 1 star — When Porthos, the captain's dog, falls ill, Archer spends a night in sickbay with the dog and Doctor Phlox.
  • 10/30/2002. Marauders 2 stars — Archer tries to help the residents of a mining colony being bullied by Klingon marauders who take all the fuel the colonists produce.
  • 11/6/2002. The Seventh 3 stars — The Vulcan High Command dispatches T'Pol on a covert mission to capture a Vulcan fugitive she once tracked 17 years ago, now triggering memories of a disturbing incident from her past.
  • 11/13/2002. The Communicator 2.5 stars — Following a mishap on an away mission, Archer and Reed must retrieve a lost Starfleet communicator to avoid the cultural contamination of a world's pre-warp society.
  • 11/20/2002. Singularity 2.5 stars — While surveying a black hole, the effects of undetected radiation poisoning cause the crew to engage in erratic behavior.
  • 11/27/2002. Vanishing Point 3.5 stars — After an emergency use of the transporter to escape the surface of a planet, Hoshi becomes convinced her molecules have not been correctly reassembled.
  • 12/11/2002. Precious Cargo zero stars — The Enterprise comes to the aid of an alien vessel transporting a woman in suspended animation, who turns out to be their kidnapped prisoner.
  • 12/18/2002. The Catwalk 2.5 stars — The entire crew must take refuge in a maintenance shaft in order to protect themselves from the deadly radiation of a violent storm in space.
  • 1/8/2003. Dawn 2.5 stars — After a misunderstanding and a shuttle crash, Trip and an alien pilot are marooned on a desolate moon where the two adversaries must put aside their differences and overcome a language barrier so they can escape.
  • 2/5/2003. Stigma 2.5 stars — T'Pol faces the possible loss of her career for having contracted a rare disease that is stigmatized in Vulcan society for being spread through the unaccepted practice of mind-melding.
  • 2/12/2003. Cease Fire 2.5 stars — Archer must mediate negotiations over a disputed planet that both the Vulcans and Andorians claim as their own.
  • 2/19/2003. Future Tense 3 stars — The Enterprise discovers a strange and mysterious vessel that may have come from the future, and is subsequently besieged by Suliban and Tholian pursuers who stake a claim to the craft.
  • 2/26/2003. Canamar 2 stars — Archer and Tucker are wrongfully accused of a crime and shipped off to an alien penal colony. En route in a prisoner transport ship, some other prisoners make an escape attempt.
  • 4/2/2003. The Crossing 2 stars — Upon encountering an alien vessel, the Enterprise crew must determine the motives of its non-corporeal inhabitants, which can take control of human bodies.
  • 4/9/2003. Judgment 3 stars — Archer faces a Klingon tribunal for an incident the Klingons characterize as a crime against their empire.
  • 4/16/2003. Horizon 2.5 stars — When Mayweather returns to visit his family aboard the cargo ship he grew up on, he finds himself facing an unexpected family crisis.
  • 4/23/2003. The Breach 3 stars — Phlox tries to gain the trust of a deeply prejudiced patient whose society is a bitter enemy of the Denobulans.
  • 4/30/2003. Cogenitor 4 stars — The crew meets an alien race that requires three sexes to reproduce, and Tucker takes matters into his own hands when he learns the third sex is a repressed silent minority in the alien culture.
  • 5/7/2003. Regeneration 3.5 stars — A research team on Earth discovers the frozen, century-old wreckage of an alien vessel and its mysterious inhabitants — humanoids laden with cybernetic implants.
  • 5/14/2003. First Flight 3 stars — Some unfortunate news from Earth prompts Archer to reflect on an old colleague and rival who had a major hand in the testing of the warp-5 engine.
  • 5/14/2003. Bounty 1.5 stars — Archer is abducted by a Tellarite bounty hunter who has been hired by the Klingons to bring him to Kronos.
  • 5/21/2003. The Expanse 3 stars — After a devastating alien attack on Earth — and information that suggests an even deadlier attack lies in the future — Starfleet sends the Enterprise on a new mission to investigate the threat in a mysterious area of space.
  • Second Season Recap — A capsule review of each episode, character and storyline discussion, and an analysis of the entire season overall.

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