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Reviews of Discovery are written and posted as the series airs. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 4 (2021-2022)

  • 11/18/2021. Kobayashi Maru 2.5 stars. — With work underway to re-establish and expand the Federation, the Discovery must undertake a dangerous rescue operation to save the crew of a space station threatened with destruction.
  • 11/25/2021. Anomaly 2 stars. — While grieving the loss of his family and homeworld, Book undertakes a mission to pilot his ship into a dangerous anomaly that threatens the Federation, in an attempt to collect crucial data that may aid in Starfleet's understanding of it.
  • 12/2/2021. Choose to Live 3 stars. — Following a deadly attack on a Federation starship and the theft of its dilithium by a member of the Qowat Milat, Starfleet assigns Captain Burnham to pursue the perpetrators, whose leader has personal ties to Burnham's mother.
  • 12/9/2021. All Is Possible 3 stars. — Burnham and Saru must attend a diplomatic function between the Federation and Ni'Var, whose impending signing to rejoin the Federation is imperiled by an impasse in the negotiations. Meanwhile, Tilly accompanies some Starfleet cadets on a team-building exercise that turns perilous when disaster strikes.
  • 12/16/2021. The Examples 3 stars. — The Discovery comes to the aid of a colony threatened by the proximity of the DMA, and Burnham takes on a mission to rescue the condemned inmates of the colony's prison.
  • 12/23/2021. Stormy Weather 2.5 stars. — While investigating a subspace rift created by the DMA, the Discovery becomes trapped inside with no apparent ability to navigate out.
  • 12/30/2021. ...But to Connect 3.5 stars. — As Stamets and other members of the crew reckon with the issue of the ship's computer being an artificial intelligence with emotions, Burnham and Booker attend an assembly of representatives from Federation member worlds seeking to take action on the DMA crisis.
  • 2/10/2022. All In 2 stars. — Burnham and Owosekun go on a mission to prevent Booker and Tarka from obtaining the rare substance they require in their effort to destroy the DMA.
  • 2/17/2022. Rubicon 3 stars. — With the addition of a specialist assigned to the crew to ensure its mission is successfully executed, Discovery is tasked with directly engaging Booker and Tarka at the DMA before they can deploy their weapon.
  • 2/24/2022. The Galactic Barrier 2 stars. — Tarka takes Booker to a prison facility importantly connected to his past and possible future, while Discovery must cross the barrier at the edge of the galaxy to reach the resident location of Species 10-C.
  • 3/3/2022. Rosetta 2 stars. — A Discovery away team beams down to the presumed abandoned planet of Species 10-C in an effort to learn things that may guide the first-contact mission.
  • 3/10/2022. Species Ten-C 3.5 stars. — The crew of Discovery reaches the site of Species 10-C, where they must figure out how to enter the protective hyperfield and solve the puzzle of how to communicate with a species so fundamentally different.
  • 3/17/2022. Coming Home 2.5 stars. — As the DMA's disastrous effects approach Earth, the crew of Discovery must race against the clock to re-establish communications with Species 10-C and stop Tarka from deploying a weapon that could imperil any chance for peaceful negotiations.

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