Star Trek: Discovery

Reviews of Discovery are written and posted as the series airs. Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

Season 1 (2017-2018)

  • 9/24/2017. The Vulcan Hello 3 stars — While investigating damaged Starfleet equipment on the Klingon border, first officer Michael Burnham of the USS Shenzhou makes a startling discovery that leads to the first contact in a century between the Federation and Klingon Empire.
  • 9/24/2017. Battle at the Binary Stars 3 stars — Burnham is jailed for mutiny amid a standoff between Federation and Klingon fleets that threatens to escalate into open warfare.
  • 10/1/2017. Context Is for Kings 3 stars — Six months after her court-martial, Burnham's distressed prison transport is rescued by the USS Discovery, a science vessel co-opted for the war effort, whose captain is determined not to let Burnham's talent and experience go to waste.
  • 10/8/2017. The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry 2.5 stars — Burnham is assigned to study the deadly creature found aboard the USS Glenn. Meanwhile, Lorca demands immediate testing of the Discovery's experimental drive in order to come to the aid of a mining colony under Klingon attack.
  • 10/15/2017. Choose Your Pain 2.5 stars — Lorca is captured and held prisoner by the Klingons, leaving Saru to face his first command situation and a difficult choice when Burnham reveals the tardigrade may be suffering whenever the Discovery uses the mycelium spore drive.
  • 10/22/2017. Lethe 2.5 stars — When Sarek is critically injured during a diplomatic mission, Burnham must reach into his mind to save him, and learns he is harboring a years-old secret about her. Meanwhile, Admiral Cornwell expresses concerns about Lorca's command of the Discovery.
  • 10/29/2017. Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad 3 stars — The Discovery is trapped in a repeating time loop by Harry Mudd, who plans to seek revenge on Lorca for leaving him in a Klingon prison.
  • 11/5/2017. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum 2 stars — While the Discovery investigates the unique properties of a world that may hold the key to overcoming the Klingons' cloaking technology, Saru has a profoundly mind-altering experience.
  • 11/12/2017. Into the Forest I Go 3.5 stars — With the Klingon Ship of the Dead en route to Pahvos, the Discovery crew must devise a plan to protect the planet from certain annihilation while also disobeying Starfleet’s direct order to return to safety.
  • 1/7/2018. Despite Yourself 3 stars — The Discovery crew must quickly adapt to a new scenario when they find themselves trapped in an alternate universe operated under the brutal rule of the fascist Terran Empire.
  • 1/14/2018. The Wolf Inside 3 stars — When Burnham is ordered to destroy a rebel base, she alters the mission to learn more about the alliance that stands against the oppresive Terran Empire.
  • 1/21/2018. Vaulting Ambition 3 stars — Burnham confronts the alternate version of her mentor, Philippa Georgiou, who in the mirror universe rules as emperor over the Terran Empire.
  • 1/28/2018. What's Past Is Prologue 2.5 stars — Burnham must choose between Lorca and Georgiou during their power struggle for control of the Terran Empire while the Discovery crew tries to figure out how to return home.
  • 2/4/2018. The War Without, The War Within 2.5 stars — The crew of Discovery returns to their own universe to find Starfleet is losing the war with the Klingons and that they may hold the only chance for changing the Federation's fortunes.
  • 2/11/2018. Will You Take My Hand? 2 stars — Starfleet sends the Discovery, under Emperor Georgiou's command, on a daring mission to Kronos in the hopes of ending the war with the Klingons.

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