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Reviews of Deep Space Nine were written from 1994-1999 during the original run of the series, with seasons 1 and 2 reviewed retrospectively during a brief period in 1997 (hence the shorter format). Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 7 (1998-1999)

  • 9/28/1998. Image in the Sand 3 stars. — As Kira begins working with a Romulan presence aboard the station, Sisko looks for answers in a vision he receives from the Prophets, leading him to uncover a family secret.
  • 10/5/1998. Shadows and Symbols 3.5 stars. — As Sisko searches for the Orb of the Emissary, Kira prepares a blockade preventing the Romulans near the Bajoran moon Durna. Meanwhile, Worf and Martok lead a suicide mission in Jadzia's name.
  • 10/12/1998. Afterimage 2.5 stars. — Ezri Dax finds difficulty in trying to settle into a new life, as Jadzia's memories and relationships provide her with one emotional challenge after another.
  • 10/19/1998. Take Me Out to the Holosuite 3 stars. — Sisko is challenged by a Vulcan captain to a competitive match in an Earth game of skill known as ... baseball.
  • 10/26/1998. Chrysalis 2 stars. — Bashir begins falling in love with a genetically engineered patient whom he helped bring out of her state of introversion.
  • 11/2/1998. Treachery, Faith, and the Great River 3.5 stars. — A clone of Weyoun seeking asylum submits himself to Odo as a prisoner, offering invaluable information about the Dominion.
  • 11/9/1998. Once More Unto the Breach 3 stars. — With nowhere to turn and old age having made him obsolete, Klingon legend Kor asks Worf to help him find one last glorious battle.
  • 11/16/1998. The Siege of AR-558 4 stars. — Sisko's crew is diverted to the front lines, where, alongside war-torn Starfleet officers, they must make a stand against a Jem'Hadar assault.
  • 11/23/1998. Covenant 2.5 stars. — Kira is kidnapped by a Bajoran paghwraith cult led by Dukat.
  • 12/28/1998. It's Only a Paper Moon 3.5 stars. — Mentally and emotionally scarred by his combat injuries, Nog seeks comfort in the holographic fantasy world of Vic Fontaine.
  • 1/4/1999. Prodigal Daughter 2.5 stars. — A search for O'Brien, who has gone missing somewhere near Ezri's home world, reunites Ezri with her family and their troubles.
  • 2/1/1999. The Emperor's New Cloak 1 star. — The Grand Nagus goes missing in the mirror universe, leading Quark and Rom on a mission to track him down.
  • 2/8/1999. Field of Fire 2.5 stars. — A murder investigation prompts Ezri to confront the repressed memories of Joran, a former Dax host who had killed three people.
  • 2/15/1999. Chimera 4 stars. — A shapeshifter, one of "the hundred" sent from the Link centuries ago to explore the galaxy, tries to convince Odo to abandon his life as a humanoid in favor of a grander quest.
  • 2/22/1999. Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang 2.5 stars. — A surprise programming feature brings mobsters to take over Vic's lounge, leading the DS9 crew to devise a plan to get rid of them.
  • 3/1/1999. Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges 4 stars. — When the mysterious Sloan attempts to recruit Bashir for an undercover mission on Romulus, Sisko orders Bashir to go along with the plan, in hopes of learning more about Section 31.
  • 4/5/1999. Penumbra 3 stars. — While Ezri goes searching for Worf, who has been missing since a Dominion attack on his ship, Sisko proposes marriage to Kasidy and begins plans to build a house on Bajor.
  • 4/12/1999. 'Til Death Do Us Part 3 stars. — Sisko must decide whether to oppose the Prophets and marry Kasidy. Meanwhile, Dukat comes to DS9 with a Bajoran identity and a plan to manipulate Kai Winn; and Worf and Ezri are held captive by the Breen.
  • 4/19/1999. Strange Bedfellows 3 stars. — A new alliance between the Dominion and the Breen further appalls Damar. Meanwhile, Winn finds her spirituality thrown into chaos when she has a vision from the Paghwraiths.
  • 4/26/1999. The Changing Face of Evil 4 stars. — As Winn begins studying her uncertain role in following the path of the Paghwraiths, the Federation engages in battle for the first time against the Dominion and their new Breen allies.
  • 5/3/1999. When it Rains... 3 stars. — As Kira leads a mission to help organize Damar's resistance forces, Bashir learns that Odo has been infected with the disease sweeping through the Great Link.
  • 5/10/1999. Tacking into the Wind 4 stars. — As tensions mount within Kira and Damar's resistance cell, Worf realizes he must take action to prevent Gowron from making a key strategic mistake.
  • 5/17/1999. Extreme Measures 2 stars. — Bashir and O'Brien capture an agent from Section 31 and probe his mind in a search for the cure to Odo's disease.
  • 5/24/1999. The Dogs of War 3 stars. — With the Cardassian resistance movement crushed, Kira, Damar, and Garak find themselves trapped behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, Grand Nagus Zek announces his retirement and plans to name Quark his successor.
  • 5/31/1999. What You Leave Behind 3.5 stars. — As the war careens toward a final showdown on Cardassia, Sisko's definitive action as the Emissary draws near.
  • Seventh Season Recap — A capsule review of each episode, rankings, character and theme discussion, and an analysis of the entire season overall.

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