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Reviews of Deep Space Nine were written from 1994-1999 during the original run of the series, with seasons 1 and 2 reviewed retrospectively during a brief period in 1997 (hence the shorter format). Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 6 (1997-1998)

  • 9/29/1997. A Time to Stand 4 stars. — As the war between the Federation and the Dominion continues, Sisko and his crew are reassigned from the Defiant, while Kira and Odo cope with the bureaucracy of the station's occupation.
  • 10/6/1997. Rocks and Shoals 4 stars. — Sisko and his crew are marooned on a barren planet with a squadron of Jem'Hadar soldiers and their wounded Vorta overseer. But when the Vorta seeks out Sisko to make a deal, can he be trusted? And should Sisko accept the treacherous proposal?
  • 10/13/1997. Sons and Daughters 2.5 stars. — Worf and his son Alexander must come to terms with one another when Alexander is assigned to the Rotarran and voices his intentions to become a warrior. Meanwhile, Kira finds herself in between friend and foe when Dukat's daughter Ziyal returns to the station and reconciles with her father.
  • 10/20/1997. Behind the Lines 3 stars. — Odo finds his priorities at odds with Kira's resistance efforts when one of the Founders comes to him and offers to guide him in learning about the Great Link.
  • 10/27/1997. Favor the Bold 3.5 stars. — On the eve of Dukat successfully disabling the minefield, Sisko coordinates a massive assault to retake Deep Space Nine.
  • 11/3/1997. Sacrifice of Angels 3 stars. — The Federation's only hope of stopping massive Dominion reinforcements from entering the Alpha Quadrant relies on Sisko's suicide mission to reach DS9 before the minefield is destroyed.
  • 11/10/1997. You Are Cordially Invited 2.5 stars. — Dax and Worf find their wedding plans threatened when Martok's wife challenges Jadzia's worthiness to be admitted into their house.
  • 11/17/1997. Resurrection 2.5 stars. — Kira finds herself falling in love with the mirror-universe version of Bareil, who has crossed the reality plane to begin a new life.
  • 11/24/1997. Statistical Probabilities 3 stars. — Bashir agrees to counsel a group of eccentric, genetically enhanced humans ... and finds himself reevaluating his own enhanced nature when they calculate a disastrous prediction for the outcome of the Dominion War.
  • 12/29/1997. The Magnificent Ferengi 2.5 stars. — When Quark and Rom's mother is abducted by the Dominion, the two brothers recruit an all-Ferengi team to embark on a dangerous mission to get her back.
  • 1/5/1998. Waltz 3.5 stars. — Stranded alone and waiting for rescue, Captain Sisko and an unstable Dukat face off in a battle of dialog and challenged assumptions.
  • 2/2/1998. Who Mourns for Morn? 2.5 stars. — Following news that Morn has died, Quark inherits his mysterious fortune ... and finds himself in over his head when Morn's old "friends" come looking for it.
  • 2/9/1998. Far Beyond the Stars 4 stars. — Sisko dreams he is a writer in New York City of the 1950s, where he struggles to publish a science fiction work about a space station commanded by a black hero.
  • 2/16/1998. One Little Ship 3 stars. — During a research experiment in which a Runabout is shrunk to approximately five inches in length, a Jem'Hadar squadron boards and takes control of the Defiant.
  • 2/23/1998. Honor Among Thieves 3 stars. — Starfleet Intelligence sends O'Brien on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate. But O'Brien finds himself in a tough bind when he begins to sympathize with the man he is spying on.
  • 3/2/1998. Change of Heart 2.5 stars. — When Dax is critically injured during an important intelligence mission, Worf must choose between his love for his wife and his responsibility to carry out the operation without her.
  • 3/30/1998. Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night 3 stars. — When Dukat informs Kira that he and her mother were lovers in the distant past, a distressed Kira embarks on a search for the truth about the mother she barely knew.
  • 4/6/1998. Inquisition 3.5 stars. — Bashir becomes the target of a determined Starfleet internal affairs officer who believes he is a Dominion spy.
  • 4/13/1998. In the Pale Moonlight 4 stars. — As the costs of war continue to escalate, Sisko realizes he must turn the Romulans against the Dominion at all costs, so he and Garak hatch a daring plan to convince the Romulans that the Dominion is plotting against them.
  • 4/20/1998. His Way 2.5 stars. — Preparing for his first date with Major Kira, Odo takes lessons about the finer points of romance from a Las Vegas lounge lizard in a 20th-century holosuite program.
  • 4/27/1998. The Reckoning 2 stars. — Sisko removes an artifact from beneath the ancient Bajoran city of B'hala when he suspects the Prophets want something from their Emissary.
  • 5/4/1998. Valiant 3 stars. — Jake and Nog are rescued by a crew of elite Starfleet cadets who are trapped behind enemy lines and engaged in a dangerous secret mission.
  • 5/11/1998. Profit and Lace zero stars — When Grand Nagus Zek is cashiered from office after giving Ferengi females the right to wear clothing, Quark must pose as a woman to convince another Ferengi official that women have the ability to contribute to Ferengi society.
  • 5/18/1998. Time's Orphan 2.5 stars. — Molly O'Brien is pulled back through time and then retrieved after she has lived ten years in isolation, at which point her parents attempt to refamiliarize her with society.
  • 6/8/1998. The Sound of Her Voice 2.5 stars. — The Defiant receives an audio-only transmission from a Starfleet captain who is stranded on a desolate planet, and Sisko's crew becomes her only hope for rescue.
  • 6/15/1998. Tears of the Prophets 3.5 stars. — Going against a warning from the Prophets, Sisko leads an invasion of Cardassia in the hopes of turning the tides of the war.
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