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Reviews of Deep Space Nine were written from 1994-1999 during the original run of the series, with seasons 1 and 2 reviewed retrospectively during a brief period in 1997 (hence the shorter format). Note: All reviews contain spoilers.

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Season 4 (1995-1996)

  • 10/2/1995. The Way of the Warrior 3.5 stars. — When the Klingons bring a task force to DS9, Captain Sisko sends for Starfleet's lone Klingon officer—Lt. Cmdr. Worf—to uncover the mysterious intentions of their presence.
  • 10/9/1995. The Visitor 4 stars. — An accident leaves Sisko frozen in time—and Jake with the life-long obsession of rescuing his father from a lost eternity.
  • 10/16/1995. Hippocratic Oath 3 stars. — When a Jem'Hadar squadron captures O'Brien and Bashir's Runabout, the leader of the group demands Bashir to help free them from their leash-like addiction.
  • 10/23/1995. Indiscretion 2.5 stars. — Kira learns the location of a Cardassian ship lost for years—and must now team up with Gul Dukat in a mission to retrieve it.
  • 10/30/1995. Rejoined 3.5 stars. — Dax is reunited with a spouse lost several hosts before, and considers breaking a fundamental Trill belief by resuming a relationship which ended lifetimes ago.
  • 11/6/1995. Little Green Men 2.5 stars. — Quark, Rom, and Nog inadvertantly travel into Earth's past, where they are confronted by the 1947 U.S. military in a place called ... Roswell.
  • 11/13/1995. Starship Down 3 stars. — During negotiations with the Karemma in the Gamma Quadrant, the Defiant is attacked and severely damaged by Jem'Hadar fighters. Blind and crippled, the crew must outmaneuver the Jem'Hadar inside a planet's violent atmospere.
  • 11/20/1995. The Sword of Kahless 3.5 stars. — When Worf, Dax, and Kor go on a quest for a long-lost legendary icon, they find themseves at odds with a group of renegades—as well as each other.
  • 11/27/1995. Our Man Bashir 3 stars. — A transporter accident sends the senior staff into Bashir's fantasy holosuite program, so Bashir and Garak must play through a 20th century spy premise to see them to safety.
  • 1/1/1996. Homefront 4 stars. — Sisko is called to Earth by Admiral Leyton—a mentor whom he served under years ago—so that he can oversee the installation of anti-shapeshifter security measures in the light of a recent Dominion terrorist attack.
  • 1/8/1996. Paradise Lost 3 stars. — The scare of Changeling infiltration leads Admiral Leyton to declare martial law on Earth, and only Sisko can stop him from using radical measures that may turn paradise into a military field.
  • 1/29/1996. Crossfire 3 stars. — Bajoran First Minister Shakaar visits DS9 for a conference, and Odo finds his own buried feelings for Kira resurfacing when Shakaar and Kira begin to fall for one another.
  • 2/5/1996. Return to Grace 3 stars. — Gul Dukat, now disgraced and demoted to freighter captain, must transport Kira to a diplomatic event. But when the Klingons attack the conference, Kira and Dukat must work together to bring them to justice.
  • 2/12/1996. Sons of Mogh 3 stars. — Kurn—whose life has been destroyed and dishonored because of his brother Worf's defiance of Gowron—comes to the station and asks Worf to perform the Mauk-to'Vor: the Klingons' honorable suicide ritual.
  • 2/19/1996. Bar Association 2 stars. — Fed up with Quark's exploitative treatment, Rom and the bar workers form a union and go on strike, leaving Quark with no help—and the Ferengi Commerce Agency threatening him.
  • 2/26/1996. Accession 3.5 stars. — A man emerges from the wormhole after three centuries and claims to be the Emissary. After winning the attention of the Bajoran people, he announces his decision to bring back an ancient caste system—which could divide the people and threaten Bajor's entrance into the Federation.
  • 4/8/1996. Rules of Engagement 2.5 stars. — Worf's confrontation with the Klingons results in a deadly accident, and the Klingon government wants him extradited for punishment. But is Worf just a pawn in a political game?
  • 4/15/1996. Hard Time 4 stars. — After an alien government punishes O'Brien with memories of 20 years of incarceration, he must return to reality and begin the struggle of rebuilding his life.
  • 4/22/1996. Shattered Mirror 3.5 stars. — When Jake is kidnapped to the mirror universe, Sisko must cross over to retrieve his son. But when he does, he finds himself again involved in the rebellion's struggle against the evil Alliance.
  • 4/29/1996. The Muse 1 star. — An alien helps Jake realize his writing potential, but its hidden motives may have dangerous consequences. Meanwhile, Odo helps Lwaxana Troi escape a wrecked marriage by posing as her husband.
  • 5/6/1996. For the Cause 2.5 stars. — Odo and Eddington have reason to believe Kasidy Yates is a Maquis spy, and Sisko is consequently put in the difficult position of determining whether the woman he loves is a terrorist sympathizer and traitor to the Federation.
  • 5/13/1996. To the Death 2.5 stars. — A group of renegade Jem'Hadar soldiers attacks DS9 and steals technological equipment. Sisko must now team up with another Jem'Hadar squadron in a deadly mission to stop the renegades before they can complete work on a ancient transportation device—a device that could possibly make them invincible.
  • 5/20/1996. The Quickening 3.5 stars. — Doctor Bashir is pulled into the plight of a society with a disease that was designed by the Dominion—a disease without a cure which everyone is born with and everyone dies with. But can Bashir cure a people whose only treatment for the condition is finding comfort in death?
  • 6/10/1996. Body Parts 3 stars. — When Quark is mislead into believing he has a terminal illness, he agrees to sell his remains to pay off his debts. But when he finds out that he's going to live, how far will he go to prevent the unthinkable Ferengi act of breaking his businessman's word?
  • 6/17/1996. Broken Link 3 stars. — Odo's molecular structure begins to disintegrate, and the only people who may be able to help save him are the Founders... who wish to bring their rogue Changeling to justice for murder.
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