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Season 3 (2023)

  • 3/1/2023. Chapter 17: The Apostate 2 stars. — Din Djarin makes a series of detours on his way to Mandalore, where he hopes to find redemption in his quest to restore his status as a Mandalorian.
  • 3/8/2023. Chapter 18: The Mines of Mandalore 3 stars. — Djarin makes the journey to the surface of Mandalore, where he and Grogu face a harsh environment and its dangerous inhabitants.
  • 3/15/2023. Chapter 19: The Convert 2.5 stars. — On Coruscant, former servants of the Empire attempt to reintegrate into society as a part of the New Republic's Amnesty Program.
  • 3/22/2023. Chapter 20: The Foundling 1.5 stars. — The Mandalorians must rescue one of their youngsters from a giant flying creature which has captured the boy as food.
  • 3/29/2023. Chapter 21: The Pirate 3 stars. — When Nevarro is besieged by pirates, Greef Karga makes an urgent plea to the New Republic to intervene and save its citizens.
  • 4/5/2023. Chapter 22: Guns for Hire 1.5 stars. — While attempting to reunite with the tribe that abandoned Bo-Katan, Din and Bo are recruited to help solve a city's problem with some malfunctioning droids.
  • 4/12/2023. Chapter 23: The Spies 3 stars. — As the remnants of the Empire plot their next move, Bo-Katan leads the reunited Mandalorian tribes to retake Mandalore.
  • 4/19/2023. Chapter 24: The Return 2 stars. — The Mandalorians must take on Moff Gideon in a fight for control of their homeworld.

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