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December 3, 2003: Here are reviews for the last two ENT eps until January: the ambitious but ponderous "Similitude" and the surprisingly timid "Carpenter Street."

November 20, 2003: And so the triology ends — The Matrix Revolutions.

November 14, 2003: And here's the review for "North Star."

November 12, 2003: Here are reviews for "The Shipment" and "Twilight."

October 29, 2003: Review posted for "Exile."

October 23, 2003: Counter surpasses 1.5 million hits.

October 16, 2003: Here's the review for "Impulse."

October 10, 2003: I've posted the review for "Rajiin." My reviewing timeliness may be a little erratic as long as the Cubs are in the postseason, because I won't be missing an inning.

October 8, 2003: So I'm sitting here, watching Jay Leno on CNN as he introduces Arnold Schwarzenegger as the governor of California. We live in surreal times. Just think if the Cubs get to the World Series. The world will implode from surreality.

September 26, 2003: Season three gives me reason for pessimism with "Extinction."

September 24, 2003: Season three gives me reason for optimism with "Anomaly."

September 17, 2003: Season three kicks off with "The Xindi."

September 9, 2003: Here's my season wrap-up article for Enterprise's second season.

August 15, 2003: Here's an article on my viewing habits this summer. The recap for ENT's second season will be posted prior to the start of season three on September 10, but probably not until very near that date.

June 30, 2003: A random rant on that Gary Busey thing.

June 10, 2003: As promised many months ago, here at last is my Star Trek: Nemesis review. It's very long — more than double the typical review length. I'm not sure why I ended up being so long-winded, but here you go. Don't expect the ENT season recap until well into summer, at the earliest July or August. In the meantime, I'm sure I'll have some other reviews and/or articles that will pop up from time to time here at ST:Hypertext.

May 28, 2003: I've posted the review for ENT's shake-up of a season finale, "The Expanse." Also, as promised long ago, a review for Star Trek: Nemesis is finally in the works and should be along soon. Lastly, I put a super-basic "e-mail this page" link at the bottom of the pages. Whether this is useful or not, I leave for you to determine.

May 20, 2003: Some new good stuff for you. First, there's a review of the Quiet History Show, "First Flight," then the Silly Sweeps Stunt, "Bounty," and finally the Huge Event Film, The Matrix Reloaded.

May 15, 2003: Here's a review for The Matrix. I'm looking forward to The Matrix Reloaded.

May 9, 2003: And here you go: "Regeneration."

May 7, 2003: There's cause for optimism with ENT's "The Breach" and "Cogenitor."

April 24, 2003: And here's the review for ENT's "Horizon."

April 16, 2003: Here's the review for ENT's "Judgment."

April 9, 2003: I've posted a review for last week's ENT episode, "The Crossing" and a review of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which was recently released in a new DVD edition.

April 1, 2003: Reality television takes a hold of Star Trek. Story here!

March 12, 2003: Here's a new random rant on why the Fox News Channel annoys me.

March 3, 2003: Two more reviews for you: "Future Tense" and "Canamar."

February 24, 2003: SHAMELESS PLUG — I was recently interviewed by TV Guide concerning my thoughts on Enterprise. The half-hour interview was condensed, to put it mildly, into a single quote that appears on Page 30 of this week's issue (which hit newsstands earlier today; dated March 1-7 on the cover). Pick one up anywhere nationwide.

February 19, 2003:

• Two reviews for the price of one: Here's "Stigma" and "Cease Fire."

• A note on Nemesis: I had planned a Star Trek: Nemesis review for release around Christmas. I saw the movie opening weekend and planned to see it again so I could get the details in my mind right and write up the review. But then the movie bombed at the box office and stopped playing before I made it back to the cineplex, so I never got to see it again. At this point, alas, I would say not to expect a Nemesis review until sometime after the DVD release in May. It's too far out of my mind for a review the way I'd like to review it. But, rest assured, I will review it eventually.

February 5, 2003: And here's "Dawn." The "Stigma" review will be released on a more reasonable schedule.

January 30, 2003: I'm decloaking now. Here's "The Catwalk."

January 17, 2003: I have not felt particularly motivated to return to the keyboard as of yet in the new year. Between work and play I've been filling my time with things other than review writing; tonight I plan to finally upgrade my home sound system with a new Dolby Digital receiver, DVD changer, and better surround speakers. Installation and optimum configuration among the maze of wires behind my entertainment center will likely take a big bite out of this weekend, so don't expect anything in the next few days. Next week I plan to buckle down again, so don't consider me AWOL just yet.

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