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December 30, 1999: There's not much activity here on the site at the moment. I'm reading the anthology novel, The Lives of Dax, which I will review sometime in early or mid-January. I also have a couple other Trek-related articles I'd like to write in the coming weeks, but we'll see how much time I can find. In the meantime, there's been PLENTY going on in December to supply me with new, frustrating JCF material — enough to drive me insane. Anyway, have a safe and happy New Year's celebration, and I'll see you in January!

December 29, 1999: Main-page counter surpasses 350,000 hits.

December 11, 1999: I've finally posted the "Pathfinder" review. It was finished yesterday, but I was running around and didn't have time to post it. Excuses, excuses. Hey, I'm all about excuses.

December 9, 1999: Sorry about the delay in the "Pathfinder" review. For some reason I felt the need to waste a lot of time this past week and put my free time to less constructive use. (That's what I love about being my own boss for this site — I make the rules and set the deadlines. <grin>) The review is actually almost done, but I'm not going to be finishing it up until sometime tomorrow evening.

December 1, 1999: Posted the review for VOY's "The Voyager Conspiracy."

November 28, 1999: Posted the review for VOY's "One Small Step."

November 26, 1999: From the "just so you know I'm still here" dept. — I've been spending time with friends and family during this Thanksgiving week. I've been working on the "One Small Step" review, but it's not quite ready. Hopefully it'll be up sometime this weekend, but I'm busy with other things tonight and I'll be going out of town tomorrow, so we'll see. I'm exercising my "holiday deadline extension" prerogative, so there. :)

November 18, 1999: I have posted the review for VOY's "Dragon's Teeth."

November 10, 1999: Posted review for VOY's "Riddles."

November 6, 1999: Exercising Webmaster's prerogative, I've posted an off-topic article, "Try, Try Again, NBC." I still am not seeing Voyager until Saturdays (our UPN affiliate is still not broadcasting, and the nearest station that carries VOY carries it later in the week because it is a WB affiliate), so new reviews will not be typically posted until several days after the Saturday airing in my area.

October 27, 1999: Posted the review for VOY's "Alice."

October 25, 1999: The review for VOY's amusing "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy" has been posted.

October 19, 1999: Posted the review for VOY's terrific "Barge of the Dead."

October 15, 1999: Sigh...

I really wanted the "Barge of the Dead" review posted tonight, but it just ain't gonna happen. This is a complex episode that deserves a complex critique, and in order to write what I want to say I won't be able to make this particular deadline. I will not be writing any more tonight, and I will be out of town on Saturday, so I will not be working on the review again until Sunday, when I hope to have some dedicated writing time for a change (and can also hopefully view and get back on track for a more timely review of "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy.") Sorry, folks, and thanks for putting up with my frequently inaccurate time estimates.

October 13, 1999: VOY's "Survival Instinct" review has at last been posted. I'm sorry for the delay beyond the expected delay. I had a problem with my phone and, thus, a problem logging in to update the site. The "Barge of the Dead" review will be posted by Friday evening. Within a couple more days I should be back on a more normal schedule for subsequent episodes, whose reviews should be posted before the following week's new show.

October 3, 1999: Delayed review — My contact will not be able to mail me the tape of "Survival Instinct" until tomorrow. I probably won't receive it until Wednesday or Thursday, and the review itself probably won't be posted until late in the week, perhaps even the weekend.

September 30, 1999: Posted the review for VOY's season premiere, "Equinox, Part II."

September 20, 1999:

Central Illinois, where I live, is in the middle of a weird UPN transition. You see, up until a few weeks ago, we didn't have a UPN affiliate in the area at all. Voyager was instead aired late Saturday nights on an ABC affiliate that carried a few UPN shows in a limited syndication deal. However, a new station in the area has become a UPN affiliate. As a result, our ABC affiliate no longer carries Voyager, effective a few weeks ago.

What's throwing everything off is the fact that the new UPN affiliate (1) apparently hasn't started broadcasting yet, (2) will not be immediately carried by my local cable company when it does start broadcasting, and (3) is too weak a station for me to pick up via antenna. In fact, I can't tell you when I'll be able to actually see Voyager in my area again—it could be a few weeks or even a few months. My cable company could not give me a time estimate, although they said we would be getting UPN eventually.

As a result, I have arranged to have videotaped Voyager episodes sent to me every week through the mail by online correspondents. Depending on when during the week I receive these tapes (between three and seven days of the airing of the episode, I'd imagine), reviews might be posted slightly late, relative to previous seasons.

Obviously, this also means I will not be able to discuss the shows immediately after many of you have seen them. If you're sending e-mail talking about the shows, please include spoiler warnings if I haven't yet posted the review. Thanks.

September 19, 1999: ALL CLEAR: My e-mail is back. You may resume sending mail to

Main-page accesses have surpassed the 300,000 mark!

September 17, 1999: URGENT ADMIN NOTICE: Due to extreme ISP problems explained here, I will not be able to receive any mail at for the next 2-4 days. Nor will I receive mail sent to, since that address simply forwards to I am not sure if any mail sent to during this outage will be eventually delivered, but my guess is that it WILL NOT, and instead will simply bounce. Until I give the all-clear, please send e-mail to This outage does not affect anything at this Web site, which is hosted independently of my e-mail.

September 14, 1999: The VOY season 6 page has been added (of course, there's nothing on it yet). Site map indexes have been updated.

September 13, 1999: And here it is finally: my last-ever posting for Deep Space Nine, the DS9 Season Seven Recap. This officially marks the end of my 1998-99 reviewing year. I'll see you surprisingly soon for the launch of Voyager's sixth season, which is in a little more than a week.

September 4, 1999: Obligatory check-in — The work on the DS9 season recap is well under way. It's been a slow, steady, extremely leisurely process the past few weeks (I simply haven't felt the need or motivation to tackle it with single-minded obsession), but it's coming along. I expect to have it done and posted sometime during the week of Labor Day (September 6).

August 28, 1999: Lest people think the still-incomplete text-only archive would never be updated, I have added two seasons of old reviews. More will hopefully be added between the time I post my DS9 season recap and the time VOY's new season starts up.

August 22, 1999: Wow, I don't think I've ever been this late with a season recap article. Rest assured: The DS9 season seven recap will be posted. When, I'm not certain. I've barely started writing the thing, believe it or not, because I've been swamped this summer with work, play, and general non-reviewing activities. You can be guaranteed it will be posted before Voyager's sixth season starts on September 22, but I'm not sure if I'll have it done before the end of August. I haven't felt motivated to sit down and get cracking, and I'm not sure why. I'll get to it soon, though. On the other hand, I have finally updated the information on my personal pages, which was about six months out of date. Visit them to find out what I'm up to IRL these days. (Site now also includes the all-new Jammer Car Files.)

August 10, 1999: I've written an article for Trek Nation, containing some of my thoughts about the future of the franchise. Take a look.

August 2, 1999: My in-depth Fifth Season Recap article for VOY has been posted.

July 17, 1999: I've modified the color scheme for the hyperlinks, toning down the "brightness factor" and making them somewhat more subtle. The modifications make use of cascading style sheets, a handier, more updated tool in Web design.

By the way, don't expect the season recap articles for quite some time, perhaps even until well into August (although not necessarily). I've been chipping away at the task slowly and admittedly not very steadily. One of the articles is under way but a long way from being finished, and the other one isn't even started.

July 7, 1999: The review for VOY's season finale, "Equinox," is finally posted.

July 5, 1999: Counter reaches the 275,000 mark.

July 2, 1999: Just for fun—I'm in a graphics mood, not a writing mood—we now have a new main logo. Basically the same, only better.

July 1, 1999: The agreement with my hosting service is under way; the new banner ads are now operating.

June 28, 1999: Goodbye, DS9—my final episode review for the best of the Trek series has at last been posted. Here is my extremely lengthy reaction to the sendoff show, "What You Leave Behind."

June 25, 1999:

Yes, Star Trek: Hypertext has moved yet AGAIN; this time we have our own domain name, Pretty neat that this site finally has its own registered domain, but why do we keep moving around?, you might be asking.

As with the last move a mere three months ago, it wasn't really my intention to change URLs again. Here's the story: Since late March, my site has been a sub-site hosted by the TrekZone Network, which included TrekSeek and TrekToday. The network was run by two parties in a partnership. TrekToday was owned by one party, Christian Sparborth, while TrekSeek was owned by the other. The two worked together to comprise Trekzone.

About a week ago, Christian informed me the partnership was ending and new plans were in store: TrekToday would become its own entity, opening its own parent site, called TrekNation. Physically, my site was hosted on the server with TrekSeek. However, virtually all of my server administration and correspondence lay with Christian, who would no longer have any contact or administrative duties with TrekSeek.

So, Christian invited me along as a member of his new Trek Nation network, and offered me a free domain registration. I was happy to take the offer, although this means you will have to update your links and bookmarks again. Sorry.

As I said a few months ago, I hope I don't have to move this site again, but I might also add that permanence on the Web is hard to come by unless you have money to spend or relationships with Internet host providers that promise never to change. That certainly hasn't been the case for me. Things change, Web sites move. So it goes. Welcome to our new location.

I now also have an additional e-mail address,, but my other e-mail address, is not going away. In fact, one points to the other, so they're the same for all purposes, practical or otherwise. :)

June 20, 1999: An update on the status of overdue reviews: I won't bother with excuses anymore. Suffice it to say I haven't had the time I thought I would this past week to finish out the season, and it has truly been frustrating. I won't bother making any more "promises" on the release date of the reviews, since I've been unable to meet my deadline for the last two weeks. I would again guess it would be sometime this week, but I don't want to continue to look like an idiot by proposing deadlines I can't meet. Sorry once again, please bear with me, and stay tuned. Thanks.

June 12, 1999:

Apologies once again for the lateness of my reviews. If you want full-fledged excuses from the files of my personal life, here they are: I just changed jobs, and I just moved. And, no, I'm still not completely unpacked.

Granted, I only moved a few miles, and I changed jobs within the same building, but moving furniture and everything else one owns takes time away from other things. And my bizarre change in hours (flipping back and forth between days and nights) has temporarily rendered futile any realistic hope for conventional order.

Bottom line—the reviews for the DS9 series finale and the VOY season finale are still not written, and I don't expect them to be until sometime next week. It could be as early as Tuesday or as late as Friday before both are done.

June 6, 1999: Counter surpasses 250,000 hits.

June 4, 1999: Posted the delayed review for VOY's "Warhead."

May 31, 1999: Posted review for DS9's "The Dogs of War."

May 24, 1999: Posted review for DS9's "Extreme Measures."

May 23, 1999: The VOY "Relativity" review has been posted.

May 20, 1999: The review for another rich DS9 installment, "Tacking into the Wind," is posted.

May 17, 1999: Posted reviews for DS9's "When it Rains..." and VOY's "11:59." Sorry, again, that these were late. I'm hoping reviews from last week's shows will be up in a more timely manner.

May 13, 1999: (2:00 a.m. CDT) I'm still trying to catch up with the reviewing mayhem of the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, other real-life constraints have been gobbling up my free time and have thrown my reviewing schedule off. You may have noticed I still haven't posted reviews for DS9's "When it Rains..." or VOY's "11:59." Both reviews are in the works. Hopefully I will have one or both finished before I leave town this evening for a one-day trip. If not, it might be Saturday or Sunday before those reviews are posted, which might not bode well for the timeliness of the reviews following that, either. Bear with me...

May 8, 1999: Posted reviews for VOY's "Juggernaut" and "Someone to Watch Over Me." My apologies for these reviews having been delayed.

Also, counter surpasses 225,000 hits.

April 30, 1999: Posted review for DS9's awesome "The Changing Face of Evil."

April 28, 1999: Posted review for DS9's "Strange Bedfellows."

April 19, 1999: Posted review for DS9's "'Til Death Do Us Part."

The Trek BBS, a Web-based discussion group where I moderate the DS9 forum, is now open. If you want to talk about the series, stop on by. However, I will still not discuss spoilers for upcoming shows (although you can find them on the BBS), nor will I read spoiler posts. I'm going to try to remain spoiler-free for the next eight weeks.

April 13, 1999: Posted review for DS9's "Penumbra."

April 8, 1999: Posted review for VOY's "Think Tank."

April 7, 1999: A milestone: The total number of simultaneous e-mail subscribers on the Review Mailer surpasses 1,000!

April 6, 1999: Updated the links page and awards page [removed]. Reviews of new episodes will follow soon, according to my best estimates ... for what those estimates are worth. :)

April 5, 1999: NETWORK NEWS — Yes, that's right, I have a (gasp!) BANNER shown on my page—the first ever. The nice people here at have fixed me up with some scripting that provides links to the sites here on the Trekzone/Trekseek/Trektoday network. I didn't know about them before joining the Trekzone Network (possibly because the network is new), but it's good stuff. The banner exchange is part of the hosting agreement I have here at Trekseek. Warp Eleven is another site hosted here on the Trekzone Network; it's a news site, so beware those spoilers—I know I have to!

March 31, 1999: Posted review for VOY's "The Fight."

March 26, 1999: 200,000 HITS since March 1, 1999!

March 23, 1999: Welcome to our new location at, part of the Trekzone network. Perhaps explanations are in order...

Okay, so here we go again. Just a little less than one year after moving to, I've been forced to make another move. Believe me, folks, I didn't want to move. It's a hassle for me to have to update search engine entries and I'm sure it's a pain for people who maintain correct links to this site as well. I apologize to those who maintain links (especially moderators of sites like Psi Phi, who maintain many individual links), and I thank you in advance for updating them at your convenience.

The reason I moved is simple. All Information Systems, the Web-hosting company that hosts, wanted to charge me what I consider a ridiculous amount of money to keep my site there based on its volume of traffic. Subsequently, the people here at Trekzone made me a site-hosting offer I couldn't refuse. Here's hoping this is the last move I'll need to make for a very long time.

Please note that nothing on the site has changed, and for simplicity's sake, I'm retaining my e-mail address, Trekzone is hosting this site, but this site is still completely independent in content and opinion.

March 17, 1999: Advance warning: There's a very, very good chance that this site will be moving in a matter of days. Apparently, this site has become increasingly popular over the past few months, and the download bandwidth is far exceeding the current agreement I have with my Web provider. They want to charge me a large sum of money to upgrade my account—money that, frankly, I could put to much better use. I'm currently in the process of setting up an account elsewhere that offers more flexible bandwidth options for a more feasible price. When the deal is set, this site will move—again, alas. Stay tuned.

March 16, 1999: Posted reviews for DS9's "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" and VOY's "Course: Oblivion" and "Bliss."

March 2, 1999: Posted reviews for DS9's "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang" and VOY's "The Disease."

March 1, 1999: Useless statistic: Two-year anniversary of the hit counter = 181,000 hits.

February 28, 1999: Posted review for VOY's "Dark Frontier."

February 24, 1999: Posted review for DS9's "Chimera."

February 22, 1999: Counter surpasses 175,000 hits.

February 21, 1999: At long, long last (hey, it's only two months late!), now that the movie isn't even playing at most theaters, I've posted my delayed-and-promised review for Star Trek: Insurrection.

February 17, 1999: Posted reviews for DS9's "Field of Fire" and VOY's "Gravity."

February 9, 1999: Posted review for DS9's "The Emperor's New Cloak."

February 8, 1999: Posted review for VOY's "Bride of Chaotica!"

February 6, 1999: The Review Mailer returns, now moderated through

February 1, 1999: Effective immediately, there will be a hiatus of the Review Mailer. Please see this bulletin for details.

January 31, 1999: Star Trek: Hypertext unveils its new design!

Some words on the redesign: I hope you enjoy the new look — I personally like it much better! A redesign for this site was something that I've long been meaning to do, and a few weeks ago it just happened — I sat down after work and started playing around with graphics and hammering out the way I wanted it to look, and before I knew it, I was past the Point of No Return. I had put in too many hours over too many days to turn back or continue to put it off for the future. I wanted it finished and posted, and it quickly became an unstoppable freight train: I would have it unveiled as soon as my schedule would allow. It took a few weeks of tedious, multiple-hour shifts to get everything fine-tuned. But here it is!

I aimed for something that melded old and new — improved visual design and somewhat simplified navigation while maintaining the same overall feel of the old site. In other words, although the site has received a facelift, it's more the same than it is different. There was a lot I liked about the old site. And, of course, there was plenty I didn't like. The stuff I didn't like has been removed or replaced with stuff that works. The organization was something that worked and has not been changed. Except for the Star Trek: First Contact review, not a single page has changed URL. (Almost all graphical-image files, however, have been shuffled around, so in the unlikely event that you, for whatever reason, maintain links to images on this site, you will have to update them.)

The main-menu page has received the most attention. It used to involve too much vertical scrolling and too much empty space. Both problems have been corrected. The center of the page now contains all the information, organized in more visually logical and compacted menus. I also changed the background, which has long annoyed me. The old background was subtle on most PCs (and subtle was the original intent), but on most Macs and some other graphics platforms it looked awful. In any case it was mostly just dumb-looking. Now it's gone forever, replaced with the more simple and practical sidebar. I've always been a fan of the sidebar — whether it serves a functional purpose or not. Here it serves no specific functional purpose, but rather just an aesthetic one. Also, the main menu now makes use of image maps, perhaps the most advanced feature on the site. Not to worry: The textual site map navigator is still available at the bottom of the menu pages for those who experience problems with the image maps.

I have also added the (not yet complete) text-only archive. In keeping with my philosophy that this site should be compatible with virtually any Web-browsing platform, the text-only review archive is for those of you who (heavens forbid) don't like graphics on the Web. It's rudimentary (the graphical version is of course the primary focus of the site), but it should facilitate printing for those of you who prefer to print out the reviews rather than read them on the screen. It might be awhile before I get everything in there in text format. Right now it's a work in progress.

I have revised and rewritten parts of the overview page, as well as made some minor revisions and additions to the FAQ page, but other than the aforementioned and some general cleanup and minor tweaking, most everything else is the same. Please note that redesign efforts have not turned me into an Evil Web Designer. I still refuse to use frames (they simply aren't necessary or practical here), and I still don't employ animated GIFs, sounds, or pointless scripting. Keeping it Simple is still my intent here, so I hope you find this site simpler and more appealing at the same time!

Also on January 31, 1999: Finally, some long-delayed new articles! Posted reviews for DS9's "It's Only a Paper Moon" and "Prodigal Daughter" and VOY's "Latent Image." Expect the Insurrection review in the coming week, along with VOY's "Bride of Chaotica!"

January 29, 1999: Counter surpasses 160,000 hits.

January 26, 1999: I'm not dead, missing, bailing on reviewing Trek, or otherwise. And I'm catching up—I promise. New reviews WILL BE posted THIS WEEK. Maybe not all of them (I'm four behind right now if you count Insurrection), but two, perhaps three, will be posted for sure. Keep an eye out for them ... and also keep an eye out for a little surprise I've been working on...

January 11, 1999: Counter surpasses 150,000 hits.

January 7, 1999: Jammer celebrates his 23rd birthday.

TOS's third-season reviews are finally posted. That's right—the whole season. (I was beginning to think I'd NEVER get these finished.) Now I can turn my attention back to new DS9 shows and (I PROMISE) Star Trek: Insurrection.

By the way, Happy New Year. And a shout-out to everyone in the Midwest (USA) who enjoyed Blizzard '99, particularly those in the Chicago area. I had the good fortune of being in Chicago precisely when the 20 inches of snow fell, making this past weekend a most interesting one indeed. If I learned anything, it's that you should buy a snow shovel to remove vehicles from underneath multiple-foot-deep snow drifts before the storm hits, as they sell out quickly once the snow stops and vehicular-removal mania sets in. Being an Illinois native, I should've known this by now, but a reminder of personal stupidity from Mother Nature never hurts. But hey, I still managed to see DS9, so no harm done, right? (The review for "It's Only a Paper Moon" will be posted soon.)

Please note that with the new year comes the fact that in my area I will not be able to watch DS9 until the Sunday after the official "air week," meaning reviews will typically not be posted for 10 or more days after the earlier airings. So it goes, but this probably isn't a big change considering that I've been consistently five or more days later than my target posting dates since the season began, anyway. :)

Jammer's Reviews aka Star Trek: Hypertext went online in March 1995.

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