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July 7, 2000


Welcome to the new-millennium edition of Star Trek:Hypertext (yes, we can still cash in on The Year 2000 Cliché even halfway through the year). After almost 18 months of the previous design, I decided it was time for another Web site redesign. Most of the changes are cosmetic and not exactly huge; I've changed the primary font to the more modern-looking and always-popular Verdana on many of the info pages (though I've opted to leave the review text alone). I've also updated the logos and headers to be a little sleeker.

Image of the 2000 site design

The most dramatic change is on the main page, where I've tried to fix some of the clunkiness in the old design by continuing the widespread design trend of cramming as much text into as little space as possible, while still doing so in a way that's attractive and readable. Also note the more "aggressive" style of the design. Yes, it's the new sports car edition of ST:Hypertext. The ads are also more logically located at the top, rather than under the logo where they used to interrupt the page's flow. Personally, I like it all a lot better. I hope you do, too. Comments of course are welcome, as long as they're positive! (Just kidding — though I won't be making major reversals if you don't like it; sorry.) Change is good. Really. Rest assured that I've kept the overall design philosophy the same, and a great many things (most, really) have been retained. Like the January 1999 redesign, more is the same than is different.

There are some other minor changes to some of the infrastructure formatting (the Trek movie review pages have gotten some new design attention), as well as updated text on various pages like the copyright page, FAQ, and overview. It's not worth a blow-by-blow; just know that I spent a good chunk of time on little things that you might not even notice (like "top" links at the bottoms of pages, etc.) but these probably needed attention from a person who claims to be a self-respecting, responsible Web editor. Should you notice any broken links or such, please drop me an e-mail.

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