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    Re: Site Version 8.0 (2024)

    Announcement: A new feature has been implemented. At the top of each of the index listings for the various series and sections, there's now a "quick filter" text box that you can use to quickly filter the list items to whatever words you'd like to search for. This simply looks within the text of each individual list item as you type in the text box and hides anything that doesn't contain a match. Pretty handy on long lists if you're looking for something specific.

    I created this because I wanted something to allow users to filter a very long blog archive list as I start moving the blog items from Jammer's Blog back over here to Jammer's Reviews. I then realized it would be useful on any of the index pages. You can search any text contained in the list items: date, title, description, even star rating (using the format "4 stars," "3.5 stars," etc.) because the alt text for the star graphics are also searched in the text.

    Tip: Be aware that this only filters items already available on the current page. For the season listing pages, this could potentially lead to some confusion, since there's a listing page for each season as well as a listing page for all seasons. So, if you, for example, click the "Season 2" link, the page for just Season 2 episodes will be displayed. If you then use the quick filter, you are only filtering within the items for Season 2. This might be what you want, but it might not be. The filter is most useful if you use it on the "All Seasons" listing pages.

    (Note: This feature requires JavaScript, and is hidden if JavaScript is disabled.)

    Re: LD S4: Old Friends, New Planets

    The review, likely the last for 2023, is now posted. This concludes another very busy year of reviews here at the site, with 61 in total this calendar year. Dates for new episodes have not been announced (presumably, Discovery will return for its final season sometime early in 2024), but I expect things will slow down considerably next year given the overall decrease in Trek content that will be coming out of Paramount+ and the delays from the strikes. As always, I will reassess the situation next year to see where things are.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, and feel free to tip your host if you're so inclined. Cheers!

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