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Tue, Feb 21, 2012, 3:27am (UTC -5)
Re: If You Haven't Already, Go Watch 'The Shield'

Even if its old but ife to say youre wrong about the realism in the show.
actually it is realistic in may ways.
besides the barn was called crash, the strike team is the lapd rampard devision which was center of an awefull curroption scandal.
of course some things are different - so the cases are fictional even similar to real ones, the gang names are also not real. some small parts wher ewrong too like color of the day and the biggest unrealistic part is that the crash was against gang and narcotics only - it was a special unit station not a regular

also that the same detectives investigate every kind of crome isnt realistic - thats why there many different departments and specialisations

anyway you may wanna research that topic yourself. many ex cops have already written a lot about it

also the number ofarrests the rampart unit did was real too - but also their crimes - they did what the striketeam did every little thing of it (maybe not the money train but similar)

anyway of course they didnt had a guy like vic macey or a character like that but the level of violence, kind of crimes, the racial situations and all that stuff thats real

for example in exact that neighboorhood a family got killed because the father too the wrong exit on the highway and try to find a way out - a mexican gang shot em for violate their territory

of course the stories itself never happend they are made up but the enviroment is real
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