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Sat, May 11, 2013, 7:38pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S2: The Thaw

Interesting how people the only people who dislike this show are the ones who seem unable to articulate why. I'm all for diverse opinions, but if you can't back your opinion up, it's stupid.

The only exception is the one comparing this episode to TOS sets, but that's just a matter of missing the entire point. The episode was supposed to look that way--mysterious and sparse. It's only a problem if it were in the real world, which it wasn't.

And to dumb all this down for the haters: Smart people seem to like it, but dumber people don't. Interesting.
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Mon, Nov 16, 2009, 4:10am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S7: Unimatrix Zero, Part II

Way too many of you guys didn't get the episode. Which I guess qualifies as a flaw, but not for the reasons listed. Shows rarely explain everything, so here's a list of reasons for all your objections.

1. A neural suppressor is not a device, it's a drug. One that the Doctor obviously created to combat being assimilated. It makes sense that this wouldn't have happened before, as, never before have they had a Borg to work with. Technology increases as it goes along.

2. The Borg have no firewall because they gain knowledge solely though assimilation. And no other species has done anything like that before. They are also quite arrogant: "Resistance is futile", remember? They don't know their own flaws. Heck, Picard was able to tell Data how to hack the system by giving a sleep command. (Apparently the Queen was not activated at that point. More on this later.)

3. Tuvok's brain, is different than everyone else's. Being a telepath is actually a problem here. It gives you a way to get into his brain despite the stuff blocking the probes. His inner strength could also be a problem. It means that, once the thought gets in his head, it's a lot stronger than everyone else's. So not only does it make sense froma plot view (Tuvok goes evil a lot), it makes sense from an in-universe view.

4. THe Borg Queen is an admission by the Borg that sometimes an individual is necessary to make quick decisions. You'll notice she's not always active, but only comes into play when she's necessary. Data and Picard beat the Borg beat them with the sleep command when she wasn't active. If she were, she could have overridden it. But now they knows that, whenever humans are involved, they need her.

As for her being assimilated as a child--remember, she has all the memories of every drone. I mean, if Seven can have residuals from those she assimilated, surely the queen has more. There's got to be at least one drone that was assimilated as a kid, So she can truthfully say "she" was. But, even if not, why couldn't the villain be lying?

5. The Klingon was probably not alone, and being Borgified, can get past all the security as easily as Janeway and Co did. With his individuality intact, he's essentially cut off from the Queen. He can use his willpower once he's killed enough drones (which don't expect anything. More on that later.)

6. The Unimatrix gene obviously makes it hard for the Queen to track what's going on. This one's explicit. The virus just activates the gene even when they aren't regenerating. Unfortunately, this disconnects them from the network and she can trace them. But it takes a little bit of time. Otherwise, why wouldn't she have just blown up all the rogue ships at once? And apparently, do to the arrogance-induced lack of security mentioned above, the cubes themselves don't have a contingency plan.

7. Of course they show no ill effects. Tuvok was the only one who was actually assimilated. And he's Vulcan, and isn't going to show his pain. For the rest of them, their minds stayed intact the whole time. It wouldn't make sense for them to have ill effects, other than maybe some physical problems. But Neelix has had nanoprobes in his system for a while, and it hasn't been a problem.

8. Voluntary assimilation: yeah, that does seem weird. It would make more sense if it were a life or death situation. But perhaps regrowing limbs and eyes isn't impossible with Doc's medical science. And the neural suppressant, by it's very name, would probably double as a pain killer.

9. Harry is a bit character. They were even going to get rid of him rather than Kes at the beginning of season 4. There's no reason he deserves a promotion now more than he did in the past. Also, don't forget the weird bureaucracy mentioned later that you can't promote an ensign in the field. Remember Tom's promotion is purely restitution for a demotion. (As could be Tuvok's--if you watch the early episodes carefully, you'll notice he originally had the bars of a full commander.) And, anyways, rank is pretty arbitrary out here. Kim's been getting leadership positions despite his rank for a while, as has everyone else on the bridge. The ranks don't mean much, other than indicating the captain's approval.

Yes, some of these are a bit fanwanky, like #4a, #5,#8, 9b. But the point is, if you don't come in looking for flaws, and take the time to think about the ones you do notice, you can resolve most things. I see no more plot holes than anything else I've ever seen.

If you want to get started on anything, talk about the acting. Yuck! I originally read these all in recap form, where they seemed a lot better because I could imagine how the actors sounded. Seeing the real thing is a disappointment. And this goes for all of Voyager, as well as Enterprise.
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Mon, Nov 16, 2009, 1:15am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: ENT S2: Second Season Recap

Why the heck didn't you link the reviews?
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Mon, Nov 16, 2009, 1:13am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: ENT S2: The Expanse

Of course they're messing with the timeline. The whole point of this is to launch the temporal cold war arc into full swing.

Oh, and almost no Mercator maps in the US have us in the center. It makes no sense. This type of map is designed around the concept of longitude and latitude. Of course the equator and prime meridian are going to be in the middle. The Japan-central map seems to defeat the purpose, too. But, then again, Japan is even more xenophobic that Americans.

And, anyways, of course they're going to attack the former US. For one thing, the characters are all American (check out their accents). And for another, the primary audience is American. To help us feel what they feel (that their home has just been attacked), they have to give use the same feeling. In fact, I suspect the reason christina is upset is because it didn't attack her part of the world.
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Wed, Jan 7, 2009, 4:49am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S5: The Fight

How the heck did yo not get that Chakotay was afraid of going crazy like his grandfather? That that was the whole problem? They spelled it out in the dialog, for goodness sake.

I am thinking that you spent too long trying to figuring out the weirdness of this episode, instead of making sense of what was literally there.
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