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Mon, Nov 12, 2012, 12:20pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S5: Night

Agreed with AJ: just like that decided to destroy the vortex.

Agreed with Eric: How are those aliens living there?
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Mon, Nov 12, 2012, 11:56am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S4: Hope and Fear

I agree with Elliot and Caitlin. I am surprised you got your hopes high. Just because there is a ship, doesn't mean they can go back. It is highly experimental as per the fake message itself. Also the moment Tuvok says, it is too convenient, I knew it won't work.
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Sat, Nov 10, 2012, 5:38pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S4: Demon

Jammer, Initially I thought you were just kidding. But if those comments are serious, sorry I couldn't agree. Who said they suddenly discovered they ran out of energy? And what is the problem Harry suddenly realized his potential and changed (it happens in real life).

Regarding energy spent in keeping temperature of the space station (and shuttle), you know that in space they are already doing that when the outside temperature is 2.7K compared to a comfortable 293K for people? And energy required to in full impulse or warp will be way way way too much. They might also have extremely tight temperature control (really required for space travel).

"I also don't recall them taking the shuttle back to the ship, but that's not exactly a surprise; they never show that."

They didn't show Tuvoc eating in this episode. Not everything needs to be shown.

Very lame review, unless you were just kidding. I have been reading your reviews recently and started to like a bit. This one spoiled.
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