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Tue, Apr 16, 2019, 8:51pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Perpetual Infinity

Pfft unfortunately another utter mess of an episode for me.

I agree with @gooz chos on the characters. They're pretty much all starting to grate on me now. Pike was great but everyone ignores his orders and he's just too chill to care. Tillys "thing" has long since worn thin which a shame because i think the actress is decent. Saru at least gave her a look then just talked over her babble.

Not to be a SMG (if only that still meant Sarah-Michelle Gellar) basher but those ridiculous faces she pulls. People accused brooks and shatner (personally i loved them both) of overacting but MY GOD she takes it to new levels.

Whichever script writer wrote "science is cool" and "Hamlet, hell yeah" needs to be removed immediately.
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Sat, Mar 23, 2019, 4:41pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Project Daedalus

@bencanuck I see them but they're just extras/background really imo.

I wish the actual bridge crew really was a developed as Airiam was (briefly). Hopefully with time they will. We had a glimpse of it in this episode and Eden.

I haven't seen the newest one yet.
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Thu, Mar 21, 2019, 8:33pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Project Daedalus

@Alan Boi

I knew someone would have the numbers. I thought it was about 3:1 male in the previous shows so its probably a good thing its more even now.

It's kinda hard to tell with DSC/DIS?

Are we going by main credits? Screentime? Rank?

I mean you could easily argue that its just Michael haha. Anyway i couldn't sleep so I came up with a vague list. It seemed like they were fixing the fact i can't (be bothered?) to remember half these people in this episode at least.

I'm curious who people actually consider the main characters/crew? Much as I love Pike and Spock isn't half bad i can't really call them DSC crew personally.

Again this isn't some SJW thing or w/e. A vague observation which may well be inaccurate is more what it is. Anyway..

@Jammer Nice review as always. I too share your optimism about this show. Regarding stars i'd have this as 4 and last weeks at 3.5 personally but who's counting. I'm just hapoy for more vaguely Trek shaped Trek

Pointless list below:


Guests from Enterprise

Devna (f)
Ow? (Tactical) (f)
Airiam (f) - dead?
Replacement Doctor (f)
Mushroom Doctor (m) - dead inside?
Nahn (f) - left for dead by Michael?
Sarcastic Engineer (f) - emotionally dead?

Section 31
Georgio (f)
Tyler (m)
Useless Captain (m) - gonna be dead soon?

So i guess it's 2-2 by my own count of mains.

Or 8-3 (f-m) if you include speaking crew on the actual ship who aren't borrowed from TOS. I guess there's where my observation comes from.
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Thu, Mar 21, 2019, 6:26am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Project Daedalus

I really enjoyed this one and the last one. This show is really starting to feel very "Star Treky" to me now - it's not DS9/TNG/VOY/DS9 or even TOS, it is it's own thing now (oh and it's not JJ Trek either but since I personally find that nothing like any Star Trek I want a part of.

Now that I can actually remember the names of some of the rest of the crew I'm really hoping they don't go back to it being The Michael Show.

It's also a real shame they've killed off Airiam, she seemed to have potential to be a really interesting character given the backstory they were building. I wasn't really emotionally invested in her enough for the final scenes to induce a tear but they were exciting nevertheless.

This episode (and the last one) had me gripped from start to finish unlike like all that drivel with Culber-mushroom and that episode where they just change an entire planet after everyone pretty much ignores the captain.

I hope they can keep this up but a bit but then no Star Trek series has managed to hit it out of the park for many shows in a row so DIS has done a good job with these two.

Incidentally (and I'm not trying to be provocative or open and cans containing worms) BUT... Why is almost every officer female (in fact even the medical staff and the other engineer is) on DIS? It doesn't matter a jot to me, just an observation. After Pike leaves and Tyler goes off to the spin-off show (presumably) we'll just have Stamets and a bridge crew guy they cut to for a reaction shot sometimes. I think only TOS had that much of a dominance of one sex. Someone can maybe correct me though.
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Wed, Feb 27, 2019, 6:57pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Saints of Imperfection


Wow way to be massively condescending. I don't the need to justify why I like an episode or not in your terms.

That said I felt a vaguely emotional connection to Eden that I hadn't had in DSC so far (DS9 did this best as a series for me with epizodes such as The Visitor) so maybe intellectualism or otherwise isn't always really relevant when we're discussing our opinions of an episode.

People watch Trek for different reasons and what makes it True Trek or not is massively subjective obviously.

As stated. This episode did nothing for me as sci-fi or even as a good story with emotional attachment. It felt like a badly written/scripted/acted mess. The script is so bad sometimes I do wonder if even Hopkins or Streep could sell it.

I am still just about enjoying DSC somehow though.
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Mon, Feb 25, 2019, 8:30pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: The Sound of Thunder

It's all subjective but I'm really not seeing where the love is coming from on this one.

Started out ok but rapidly went down hill.

Pike needs to start court marshalling or demote some people. Apparently it's ok for everyone to just argue with him in front of the entire crew until he changes his mind. Then even if he does order them off the bridge they can go ahead and do whatever the F they want anyway. And why in god's name when they're at red alert did Michael wander off the bridge to track Saru down with a phaser.. didn't she think she'd be needed on the bridge? Can't call security maybe?

I think Pike is a great addition but they're undermining further episode by episode. I don't like the new Saru at all.

The prime directive was vaguely mentioned again then they went ahead and changed the entire balance of power on the whole planet. Who says the kelpians (sp) won't become the predator race again? Didn't they nearly wipe out the other guys before? I don't much care either way.

Michael was sidelined to ridiculous facial expressions again which is never a bad thing.

The Red Angles being a humanoid from the future in a time travel suit with futurist powers is a crap idea in my opinion and it better not be Spock in a suit..grr

I hate how this season is going. My interest in DSC is fading fast and I was trying my best to enjoy it and doing so reasonably well until the last 2 episodes.

It's weird watching another show with a big budget (like Westworld) after DSC (which I did) and seeing some actual acting and well written stories and scripts. It's a shame DSC budget seems to be being used on stupid visual effects i couldn't personally care less about.

Last week we had a shot of a camera following a torpedo to hit the shuttle. I may be in a minority but i actually prefered it in TNG/VOY/DS9 where the tactical officer just said "direct hit" and we saw nothing. Get on with the story.. we can assume a torpedo was fired - don't need a camera following it.

This week we had lot of pointless shots of the enemy ships and planetary thingies - who cares?!? Spend the money on actors/writers/script/editing.

Or even a Smaller budget show like SG1/SGA with non big-name actors that are actually well written and have tight scripts. I sincerely wish DSC had just some of that.

Oh well there's still time.
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Mon, Feb 25, 2019, 8:15pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Saints of Imperfection

God I hated this episode. For me 0 zeros and the worst of the series (yes not season).

I've been a defender of DSC on the whole but this might as well have just been 5 minutes of "lets see how we can use some technobabble to resurrect a character we barely cared about and shouldn't have probably killed off in a show with so few proper characters anyway".

Pike has done a great job so far but are they trying to make him look week and have poor judgement. Risking the entire ship for someone is probably dead and then risking it for even longer who has been dead for months and probably/maybe still is.. seemed to make him look a bit irresponsible rather than heroic.

And I thought section 31 was a pretty decent idea in ds9 but it's just gone beyond stupid in DSC now. They have ridiculously advanced technology that's somehow never used by mainstream starfleet even in 200 years time (or whenever tng/ds9 is)

I'm never really that nit picky about canon/technology etc as long as the story is good and or it has some good characters.

For me this was just a horrible mess from start to finish. None of it had any emotional impact on me whatsoever (i'm not going to go into the sexuality thing since it has no relevance). The actor who plays Stamets seems to devolve into the SMG school of acting when Hugh is/was around: Pull a ridiculously over-the-top facial expression for far too long.

I range between indifference and dislike for Michael and in this one it was just indifference - what REALLY got my goat was the constant ticking clocks where the whole ship was about to get eaten alive by spores or whatever and yet the kept having long goodbyes, pinky swears and other ridiculous things. I mean ok if they want to stand there and chat and die fine but their whole ship/crew will die while they have another hug. Nice.

I hope that's finally the end of the spore drive now. A mushroom garden spanning the universe isn't a great idea imo but anyway..

S2 started so well.. exciting enough opening with rather too much action and then the awesome Eden (my favoirite episode of DSC by a long way - not original perhaps but well excecuted and Michael managed to behave reasonably for a second)

God what an absolute stinker.

I'm still wading through an Enterprise rewatch when i can stay awake through an episode (i'm watching them in bed to be fair) but even the worse of ENT wasn't as bad as this mess with a couple of exceptions (dog in sickbay and trip with annoying woman)
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Tue, Feb 5, 2019, 10:32pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Point of Light

I'm really enjoying this season. S1 was a bit rough around the edges but no version of trek hasn't had that problem.

I always yawn a bit in klingon centric episodes in all variations of trek tbh.

I think theres a lot or nostalgic rose-tinted glasses here. A lot of tos/tng/voy and even my beloved ds9 was boring or crap in some was if we're brutally honest.

For me the main thing dsc lacks over ds9/tng/tos is a proper ensemble cast. Burnham just isnt interesting enough to carry the show. We need 5-7 fleshed out main characters plus some well written side ones (eg Garak ds9). Voy had the same problem to a lesser extent. Although they had some decent characters but just gave them nothing to do until it was endless 7/doc/janeway. And it was horribly written in general but i digress.

It "feels" enough like trek to me and I've seen all of it. Eden felt JUST like trek and i loved it - best dsc episode by far.

I even watch ENT to help me sleep sometimes.
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