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Tue, Aug 29, 2017, 8:54pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S2: Cardassians

Honestly this episode was pretty dumb, as everyone has pointed out it was filled with plot holes and the only thing worthwhile was garak and bashir sluething around. It had that shitty "Oh you're race is your culture" crap we always saw in the worf episodes in tng (Especially the one where he literally ruins a peaceful community because the kids there didn't reflect his own grade school bully recovering manchild personality. Oh thinking about fighting and killing all the time isn't genetic worf? How horrid!)

Also Grumpy_otter: The kids were clearly not persecuted or anything for their race and yeah, while the whole anti-cardassian thing maybe makes putting defenseless children with angry victims the boy understood the difference between the race he is and the culture of cardassians.Going on and saying that its wrong to teach the boy to hate cardassians is dumb considering its the bajorans, its kinda been shown the whole show that they will never forget what happened. The rest of the kids aren't exactly sitting around going "Well mom says the cardies are space nazi's but hey, hate begets hate haha."

I mean yeah, good people can be wrong but the whole thing was just thrown to the fast lane with such little notice and I'd think the episode would be a whole lot greater if they maybe did show the kid having actual doubts about being a cardassian amongst bajorans and that maybe, he didn't find the life with his current parents all that well. Maybe the father were dead yet the law forces the kid to move to cardassia. But we've literally seen sisko throw the kid to a parent he doesn't know, with a people he's disgusted by (and lets be honest, the cardassians from their pretty much deserve all the hate they get). I mean lets take the situation in reverse, sisko finds out that jake is an illegitimate son to a asshole clearly not fit to take care of them, the first thing sisko does after a quick court session after jake begs his dad to let him stay is to say with a smile "Well then kid, fuck off. Take the fast buss you don't wanna keep your dad waiting." because oh, his real dad is white, which means jake is half white and cant be with sisko and it pisses me off so much.

Also the twist with dukat wasn't even that clever.

4/10 had some good moments, couldn't save the aneurysm inducing ending.
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