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Fri, Sep 25, 2015, 7:04pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S3: Defiant

Definitely one of the great episodes. I remember when I was watching this as a kid, how excited I was that Riker appeared (though he was never a favorite of mine on TNG) and how my jaw dropped when he "turned evil".

They should have dropped all of the teaser. Those were some precious minutes they stole and I found the ending to be a bit abrupt and kind of implausible. Riker accepts death in a Cardassian labor camp too easily, and what about the Maquis crew - they didn't put up any fight and just turned themselves in. Why?

I also disliked everything about Kira in this episode. Starting with that teaser, to her being schemingly, predictably swooned by Riker although she's supposedly in a monogamous relationship with Bareill, to her being taken on the trip. Riker doesn't seem to be a bad guy, he's going on a suicide mission, yet he doesn't have the decency to beam Kira off the Defiant before they go to warp?
Sure, she's a stand-in for the audience to figure out Riker's plan, but I could think of one or two way to do that without her. And without her asinine speech. If the Bajoran's really had no strategic approach to their resistance and just attacked the first target in sight, that would explain why the occupation was so smooth for the Cardassians.

I really liked the plot around Riker seeking his place in this world. It could - should! - have been explored more. And I definitely agree that there should have been (at least) one follow-up to this. Gladly more. Frakes is a trekkie, I can't imagine he wouldn't have been up for a few episodes.

My favorite moment of the episode was Riker vs O'Brien. I remember being totally thrown off by it. "What the hell was he talking about". I was sure I'd seen every TNG episode more than once and I couldn't remember any beef between the two.
Genius move, really. And so convincingly played by O'Brien, who reflected my level of bewilderment perfectly.

Another thing I *didn't* like was Sisko's line "I was in charge of the shipyard that built the defiant, I helped design her."
Sure, Benjamin, sure.
Between Dax, Bashir, O'Brien and Sisko we seem to have four of the greatest minds of the Federation. Why did they all end up at godforsaken DS9?!? When they were assigned, the wormhole hadn't been discovered and the first episode gives off a vibe that assignment to DS9 may be considered punishment.
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