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Sat, Feb 22, 2020, 6:24am (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

I don't usually leave comments but had to on this occasion just to say a BIG thank you to Jammer for his wonderful, powerful spot-on review. I only hope CBS are also reading...
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C.T. Phipps
Tue, Sep 17, 2019, 10:10pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S6: Birthright, Part II

Guys, it's a prison camp.

These guys were kidnapped from their colony, put in a detention camp, and forced to live there for decades. Their children have grown up in bondage and any hybrid children born aren't there entirely willingly if just due to the power dynamic. This is no different than Bajorans living under Cardassian rule.
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Sat, Feb 9, 2019, 3:03am (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S2: An Obol for Charon

When the smash-and-grab, Jason-Bounre--fever-pitch editing on Discovery is rewarded by additional subscriptions to All-Access, the producers feel that they have been validated in their approach to storytelling as a series of scenes that must be sped up to the level of incoherence. This is one reason why people who REALLY do not like this whipsaw style, and hate the show because of it, are doing themselves no favors by continuing to pay for it. It's vaguely the equivalent of the DieHard movies phenomenon: it took the last film in the series, which was beyond awful, to (one hopes) slow the grosses
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Mon, Jul 9, 2018, 1:10am (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S3: The Council

'Dave johnson's point about languages and the 'Universal Translator' is well-made, and valid.

It would be nice, however, to understand *if* the U.T. was being used in the scenes with the Xindi. Seems unlikely, as we have seen numerous scene of the Xindi talking to one another without any humans present.

You could also wonder how the words of the Aquatics and Insectoids are being expressed to Archer when see them as written subtitles. Although I'm pretty sure I recall Hoshi actually translating on the spot in those instances.

All in all, I agree with the original point that was made, but there does need to be some understanding of the mechanics of the U.T. to help out the staple Trek fayre episodes of encounters with species where cooperation is required, and communication is impossible.....

My own snipe? Just what is the purpose of the weird copper piping that the Reptilians wear? It doesn't appear to serve any purpose. I'm all for cool costumes and the rest but it just looks.....daft (in my opinion).

3.5 stars for the episode, for me.
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Sun, Dec 31, 2017, 5:12pm (UTC -6)
Re: TOS S2: Obsession

A much better episode than the previous one.
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Sun, Dec 31, 2017, 4:10pm (UTC -6)
Re: TOS S2: The Deadly Years

one positive thing: the make up used to make the ill crew members look old were quite good
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Sun, Dec 31, 2017, 4:02pm (UTC -6)
Re: TOS S2: The Deadly Years

good premise wasted by being slow and pointless
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Wed, Dec 27, 2017, 5:46pm (UTC -6)
Re: TOS S2: Journey to Babel

This is a nice episode with some fascinating stuff about vulcan/human family relationships. Especially Spock's struggle between his human and vulcan sides, imagine being willing to let your very own father die and alienate your mother. Logical perhaps, but not very emotional.
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Tue, Dec 26, 2017, 10:09pm (UTC -6)
Re: TOS S2: Metamorphosis

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Tue, Dec 26, 2017, 10:08pm (UTC -6)
Re: TOS S2: Metamorphosis

Okay so, this is was what the book Federations got most of its material from? Interesting differences in portrayals btw, the First Contact version is a drunken lunatic and this one is for the most part bland but decent. The argument could be made that living in a post nuclear war situation would make everyone a little liny and living in effective stasis for 150 years dull...
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Sat, Nov 25, 2017, 8:09am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Revulsion

So Seven knows everything the Borg know? Is that it? How can that be? I wouldn't think every single drone would remember everything the Borg knew once they were separated from the collective.

Voyager finds a ship full of dead people, with a hologram sending a distress call, and they drop off Torres and the Doc and leave. See you later! Hope everything works out while we are gone! Bye! Silly.

Why would this maintainence hologram have a full personality and emotions and be sentient and all that if they just have him locked in a room to clean out antimatter waste? The people who made him would be sadists if they did that, and probably deserved to die. And why are there emitters all over the ship for him if he never leaves that room anyway? And why would he go insane? He's a program. Unless he was programmed to go insane. How would he know how to create a holographic fish? He's pretty advanced for an antimatter waste disposal hologram. Makes no sense.

And as other's said, the hologram guy says everyone died of a virulent plague, but they don't ask one single question about it, or worry that Torres might get it. Torres can't go to the lower deck because of antimatter radiation supposedly, but the Doc could, so why wouldn't he investigate? And once he went all mental on Torres, they would have left immediately and waited for Voyager to get back. All that is very stupid.

Torres shut down all the emitters, but somehow forgot some I guess(?) and so the hologram shows up again, and he is still able to go anywhere in the ship. So what did Torres shut down exactly?

If hologram guy reached in and grabbed her heart somehow, and punctured it, she would not be walking around and acting all normal, she would be dead. Yet after that, and being clobbered in the head with a hammer, she can still run around and stuff.

And when Voyager gets back, they just leave the ship there and take off I guess, since no one says anything about it. Like maybe trying to contact the homeworld of the ship or investigating this species or this advanced hologram or their ship or anything. Nope, they just fly away.

The stuff with Seven and Harry was alright, but Wang can't act to save his life.

2 stars.
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Wed, Nov 8, 2017, 1:45pm (UTC -6)
Re: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

This might have been mentioned before, but I think there's some pretty good visual storytelling in that Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul fight.

When those lasers close in that hallway, and all three of them get trapped temporarily. Character reactions really show the difference between three of them: Qui-Gon Jinn sits down, calms himself and meditates, like a Jedi he is. Darth Maul keeps pacing like an angry lion in a cage, thirsty for blood, like a Sith. And then young Obi-Wan tiptoes anxiously and impatiently, waiting for the lasers to come down.
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Sun, Aug 20, 2017, 5:38am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S5: Nothing Human

Brilliant argument from @hobo. Using Borg technology seems to not be a problem for Voyager.
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Mon, Jun 19, 2017, 11:05am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S5: The Ascent

A bit infintile but funny the way Odo and Quark interact...
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Sun, Jun 18, 2017, 4:44pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S5: Things Past

Mostly agree with the review this time. I felt for Odo, realizing you made an error in judgement (even if it is not as severe as causing innocents to be executed) is a very unpleasant but sometimes necessary experience... 8-()
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Wed, Jan 4, 2017, 11:00am (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek Beyond

As for the movie, I found it absolutely boring. The Enterprise destruction was cool, but that is about the 20th enterprise destruction we have seen on screen so not particularly clever.

Now, Into Darkness is a flawed movie, no doubt, however, it is seriously fun on re-watch. whenever it is on TV I stop to watch it. I do not see see myself ever stopping to watch this again. There is just nothing fun and memorable.

another thing, it is one of the ugliest looking movies I have seen in a while. Lens flares suck, but JJ had an eye for how things looked on screen and I always find myself loving the look of his movies, but this one seemed soooo boring, brown, and bland. And what is the deal with Pines' haircut? YUCK.
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Wed, Jan 4, 2017, 10:56am (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek Beyond


I do not agree that the gay Sulu is obvious. Both my mom and brother do not "follow" star trek news, and after they saw the movie they thought the guy with Sulus daugher was his brother or something. They had no idea it was his lover until I told them.
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Wed, Jan 4, 2017, 9:11am (UTC -6)
Re: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

LOVED IT!! 1st 2 acts were OK to good, but man that last act was some of the best movie making I have seen in quite a while. Second best SW movie behind Empire.

One point to all the A-holes hating on Tarkin. I did not know he was CGI until AFTER i saw the movie. During the film I remember distinctly thinking to myself how incredible the lookalike actor they found to play Tarkin looks like the original. I had no idea it was CGI. If you think there was something wrong with him you brought some pre-conceived notions with you.

As for Leah, that wasn't even close to as good as Tarkin.
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Wed, Jan 4, 2017, 8:26am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S2: Tattoo

So why is this episode racist? I get the idea that they were primitives until white aliens fixed them, but why do people get so upset whenever "cultures" are represented on Star Trek? With this episode, many commenters here have used the word "stereotype", yet all of the practices shown in this episode WERE used by American Indians? So why is it racist? That reminds me of the episode "code of Honor". The episode sucks, BUT, all of the "steretypes" shown in the episode DO EXIST in even modern African cultures? Why is it racist to show things as they really are?
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Wed, Jan 4, 2017, 7:32am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S3: Flashback

fun goofy episode, it was nice to see Sulu even though he was hammy as Shatner, but my goodness was Grace Lee Whitney BRUUUTAL. Every scene with her just grinds to a halt...yuck.
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PS Wallace
Sun, Sep 4, 2016, 2:00pm (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek Beyond

I finally saw this film today; I have to condemn it, and in part I condemn it because I believe it to be a deliberate attack on those of us who believe in military service. This has been a trend with the JJVerse, and I have had it. One can believe in duty, honor, country, and still not want to be a Prussian sticking babies on bayonets as one goes marching through another invaded hamlet. This seems to be an idea foreign to Hollywood, and to those currently involved in Star Trek.

Let's just get this straight, so we all understand the stupidity involved in this plot--since the Trek canon timeline holds until the Kelvin incident, we can presume the following to be true for the Kelvin Universe as well: Earth was attacked by a Xindi weapon (an unknown species), barely escaped being annihilated by a super weapon from same; then fights a very bloody conflict with this race which (as we learn in "Balance of Terror") was never actually seen, and which no one knows anything about, and which race is hunkered down behind a neutral zone, activities unknown, after a treaty was signed (negotiated by subspace). It doesn't take a paranoid to think they might be back again one day (since I presume no one in the Federation is quite sure why they went to war in the first place).

This is also a universe with a Klingon Empire, with "Empire" meaning conquering planets (which Marcus verifies in Into Darkness). In the series Enterprise, Sovol said the galaxy was more dangerous than when Vulcans first started out. Pre-Federation Vulcans had a military, Pre-Federation Andorians had one. Perhaps the Tellarites did too. Presumably these guys had reasons for that besides fighting each other. But at any rate, at some point, I'm just going to have to say this to Simon Pegg--sir, you are a fool to think that the first thing the Federation is going to do after being formed, like the day after the end of the biggest war that part of the galaxy had seen in "modern times", is do away with anything military related--not because the Federation is trying to avoid being militaristic, but because I am fairly sure that the people of the Federation, some of whose planets have been nearly wiped out (and one of which, in the JJVerse, was later, Vulcan) can probably figure out what Hollywood apparently can't, which is that people without swords can still die upon them. And that not wanting to die on them is not evil. Unless you are some Progressive trying to invent a future world, now, and in doing so, and not understanding humanity, you get a lot of us killed with your tomfoolery.

I was the watch officer for my squadron on 9/11. We watched the entire thing on TV. Then we got ready to answer the call, because you know what aircraft carrier was on patrol off the coast of New York City the next morning, and which airwing? Mine. Because we were "the closest starship." I am heartedly sick and tired of the JJVerse trying to make anything more than "Coast Guard in space" into some dark militaristic scandal of Star Fleet (Into Darkness did this too). Why does the Enterprise have the dang weapons in the first place then? For big fireworks on whatever day is "Founding Day"? No. You can't have it both ways, Paramount. The Enterprise is armed the way a warship is armed, not a survey vessel or a Coast Guard cutter. Stop demeaning the military by pretending there can be no such thing as a Starfleet that has a warfighting mission as one of its functions. A great deal of historical exploration has been done by navies (British, French, American)., especially in the polar regions and Pacific; it is the American navy that often responds to humanitarian crises; and in time of war the Coast Guard becomes part of the Navy. A service can be many things.

I don't know if Simon Pegg ever read the Illiad, but I would advise him to take a look at it again, because when he and his kind think "military", it is quite clear they see Achilles, whereas I see Hector. The warlike man so un-warlike that his own child does not recognize him in his helmet--and yet ready to fight to defend.

As far as the rest of the film--I thought, up until the point where they took off in the Franklin, that it was going to be one of the best Treks ever. After that, the movie fell apart-like the clock timer was on, and no matter what they had to finish the movie in the next twenty minutes. The entire thing with Krall as Edison was shoehorned in, in a fashion that was too pat and too murky, the question of how the Franklin gets there gets unresolved, the deep richness that could be mined about the Franklin crew gets unexplored (do they cannibalize some of their crewmates to live longer? Do some resist? What happens in that sort of "Lord of the Flies" situation?) The destruction of the swarm seemed pro-forma and too quick, and Edison's motivation still unexplained other than I guess Pegg had another target in mind, a bank shot for the future.

Final plot hole--so, Jayla's great hiding of the Franklin--don't you think the people who arrived on a ship would notice it is missing? "Everybody remember where we parked." Or not.
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Mon, Dec 21, 2015, 10:20pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S2: Q Who

Ian, finally, someone like me with regards to trek music. Despite everyone saying how TNG got better as it went along, I find season 5-7 almost unwatchable because of the scoring. If you watch the borg episode from the season 6 and this one back to back, the season 6 one cannot even compare. whether it is acting or affects, but most importantly the music. Trek lost something huge in Jones (or at least the era).--Nick P.

Sir, I totally agree with you.
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Thu, Dec 17, 2015, 1:06am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S1: Skin of Evil

I'm gonna miss looking at Denise's butt. She definitely had the best body on the show.

Armus: cool concept. I wish us humans could dump our evil skin.
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Mon, Dec 14, 2015, 8:16pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S1: Too Short a Season

Gates McFadden's beauty saved this episode for me. God, she looks gorgeous here -GABRIEL

Agreed. Her makeup looked great. And her hair was a lighter shade.
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gordon phipps
Sun, Dec 6, 2015, 11:40am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S7: Emergence

I was bad
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