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Wed, Jan 31, 2018, 3:37pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S6: Rightful Heir

Just a small note regarding Picard's behavior at the start of the episode; I was initially flabbergasted by the whole thing as well, but then I realized: Picard is treating Worf exactly how Worf would prefer to be treated by his superior officer. In a slightly more... Klingon manner, if you will.

Even among Starfleet personnel, Worf takes his obligations and duties very seriously. Obviously, a random officer may oversleep on occasion, they're only human - but Worf? For Riker that is so hard to fathom that he immediately runs to his quarters with two security escorts, thinking that something very-very bad must have happened. And he's right, at least to the point that for Worf really is bothered by the whole situation; not just his spiritual issues, which are the main point of the episode, but also the fact that these issues negatively affect his performance on the Enterprise as well.

So, what does Picard do? Instead of trivializing Worf's problems, the captain reinforces his earnestness and dedication, and pushes him to seek a solution, while also immediately offering him his full support in the matter. And as Worf's superior and comrade, I do believe that really is the best he can do.
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