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Wed, Feb 13, 2019, 10:53am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S1: When the Bough Breaks

I never understood why Picard wasn't like, "Well, you can't have *THESE* kids, but you're more than welcome to adopt as many children as you'd like from Federation orphanages."

Bring out ship after ship of human or at least federation-affiliated children to be raised by the Aldeans and learn their ways and how to operate everything.

Then, twenty years later, after the last Aldean dies off, the Federation has complete control over Aldea.

It was literally an invitation to take it all and Picard blew it.
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Sun, Aug 28, 2011, 2:35am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S5: Nothing Human

I'm watching this episode again, and the issues that bother me with it still bother me. I was hoping to google around and make sure I wasn't the only one, but from what I've read, no one has. I'm willing to accept the "instant perfect hologram" thing, they've done it all before in other Trek series. I'm willing to ignore a lot.

3 things bothered me that no one seemed to mention:

1. The first one was sort of touched on by other people saying "Why didn't they just change the physical parameters?", but let's take this one step further: How can anyone, let alone Torres (chief engineer and someone intimately familiar with advanced holographic technology due to repairing and upgrading the Doctor) not be able to separate a graphical representation and reality in her mind? Yes, I would find a holographic hitler as a nurse to be distasteful, but whatever, it's not hitler. It's tractor beams and force fields manipulating medical instruments. Everyone in the future knows this. Tom Paris knows this and even tells Torres it doesn't matter, but for her it does. For the Bajoran, it does. They shouldn't need to change his appearance because they're all "evolved" enough not to be spooked as easily as birds by a metal owl.

2. There is a REMARKABLE lack of urgency during this episode. Harry and the Doctor goof off while programming Moset, making small talk, introductions, all while their crewmate is dying in the infirmary. Time spent by the doctor trying to get this hologram made and supervising the creation could easily have been spent studying up on those same databases, especially when the most qualified person to make a hologram was laid out in a biobed.

3. This is my biggest issue with this episode, and no one has even come close to pointing this out: The database used in this episode was the EXOBIOLOGICAL database. While Krell may have been a war criminal who experimented on innocents, he came up on this search for his additional expertise in NON-HUMANOID EXOBIOLOGY. Any advances he made curing diseases were moot. The reason the doctor needed him was because the doctor very logically isn't programmed with information about non-humanoid species because he generally doesn't need to treat them.

Simply put, none of the research they ultimately deleted was gained at the expense of dead bajorans during the occupation.

Exobiology is a field Moset studied in and *contributed to* independently of his immoral acts. Hitler was a talented artist. Should we demonize art out of respect to the crimes committed by Nazi Germany? If Einstein had been a mass murderer, should we as a result completely abandon any field Einstein worked on and start from scratch? It makes no sense, and is completely irrelevant.

For Janeway to allow the deletion of such critical information from their databases (not just limited to known species but presumably heuristic routines used when encountering unknown lifeforms) is completely unacceptable. Especially considering the situation they face encountering nothing BUT the unknown day after day on the way back to the Alpha quadrant, abandoning that data is effectively suicide.

Fortunately nothing is ever truly deleted, and I'm sure she quietly went back and restored the databases from protected backups after the fact, so the mission wouldn't be compromised and her crew could get the warm squishy feeling of doing the "right thing". Win/win. That, or just rely more heavily on the borg databases with truly independently discovered conclusions about the same information.
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