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Wed, Aug 23, 2017, 10:01pm (UTC -5)
Re: ANDR S2: Second Season Recap

Well, I did it. After realizing that I'd already seen more than four seasons worth over the past months, I decided to go for broke. I caught some missing eps as "Space" looped back to the start, looked up others online, and completed the set of 110 in order to offer up a post that ranked them.

My look is a bit different from Baron Samedi (and Jammer), in that I looked at long-term consequences in retrospect, using this five-point scale: Forgettable, Necessary, Adequate, Superior and Memorable. So some lousy eps with notable plot elements might be tagged "Necessary", while some eps decently produced but which felt repetitive (to me) might be tagged "Forgettable". They're all in there though, with a sentence or two explaining my reasoning.

If you're curious, here's the site:

Glad the "Coda" link seemed useful.
@Baron S: Your insight is probably correct, and things were so fractured by the end that I might have missed something. Also, agreed that there were some great moments into Season 3 (I even felt it wrapped up better than 2)... but possibly "Coda" should be read last by anyone simply for that nostalgia feel. How far we've come/fallen.
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Wed, Jun 14, 2017, 11:28am (UTC -5)
Re: ANDR S2: Second Season Recap

@Baron S: Want to add my thanks. The "Space" channel in Canada started reairing the show a couple months back, so I decided to partake. But not every day, so I wanted some sense of which episodes were worth watching. (I had seen it when it first came out, to a point.) So, excellent analysis into these late seasons, good on you for sticking with it! (Also, hey yeah, Sliders did kind of fall apart in a similar way, didn't it.)

I pretty much agree with your choices. (I didn't bother watching some of the lesser ones.) Harper really is the highlight of Season Five, and man did it get tiring, the others ragging on him all the time. (You build one time bridge...) One thing about that "Heart of the Journey" finale you didn't mention - apparently the Nietzscheans are still at war? With themselves or the Commonwealth or something? It was ridiculous and made no sense (hence why you perhaps wisely didn't bring it up) but since we see battles with their ships, and never the Magog, I have to ask why in the universe they didn't keep the World Ship destroyed (you're so right in that bringing it back was pointless), and instead claim the Abyss took over the Nietzscheans to perpetuate the conflict. That would have at least made sense, they could even have thrown in a line about getting at the race through Tyr's spirit or something.

I sort of like your thought that this is all happening in Dylan's head. The lunacy at the finish is oxygen deprivation or something. Oh, and when Rhade was apologizing to his wife at the end, I envisioned this exchange:
"Rhade, according to all we know, you were only missing four days. What's the worst you could have done?"
"You want the stuff on Seefra, or before that, when I was all about romancing this pacifist?"

As a bonus to ANYONE for reading this far down (assuming you don't already know about the following), Robert Hewitt Wolfe wrote a fanfic called "Coda" in 2005. It's a story told by Trance to Harper about a different sort of future... one which, we can presume, is what he had in mind from the beginning. Find it at this link:

It's definitely worth reading, but I'm going to offer up a few TL;DR insights for those who aren't inclined to copy/paste.

Spoilers. Really.

So, DYLAN unites the Commonwealth and TYR unites the Nietzscheans, and they fight a bunch. HARPER gradually loses his humanity (something VERY subtly foreshadowed in "Be All My Sins Remembered" of Season 2, with Beka's old flame Bobby having become a cyborg, the same Bobby who once got Harper interested in a data port... also in "The Dark Backward" from Season 3 when Trance can't find a future where Harper's life continues unchanged) and so Harper hooks up with the Consortium of Parts (from "The Sum of Its Parts" in Season One). REV BEM unites the Wayists. Four groups.

Meanwhile, BEKA reassembles the Engine of Destiny ("In Heaven Now Are Three" of Season 2 started this, presumably "The Shards of Rimni"'s Season 3 episode, where Dylan sought pieces of a vase, was a corruption of some script continuation). This means that when the four prior groups finally ally themselves against the Magog (I may be reading more into it, but think ROMMIE as the biggest warship had a hand in that), Beka's in a position to use the Engine to turn the tide of the conflict with her decision. TRANCE being a sun avatar is actually not that far off base (seriously, read "Coda").

And with that, the sun sets on "Andromeda". No, not "Mass Effect". We barely knew you.
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